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Let me count the ways
Monopoly Fraud

by Vaughn Aubuchon

In 2008, when I moved to an area where there was no cell service in Soquel, CA, I was forced to get a land-line. AT&T was the only choice. It was a living hell for 11 years, until I finally moved to where there WAS cell service, in 2020.

After I suffered so long with them, I thought it was finally over with the b@stards. Think again. Wrong. They are STILL TRYING TO S©REW ME!



1. ATT BAD Number
         Last guy was a bill skipper.

2. AT&T Long Distance
         Can't call, but cell phone can!

3. Bill Cramming (off page)
         ILLEGAL Phony charges!

4. ATT Slamming
         ILLEGAL Provider Change!

5. ATT Throttling
         ILLEGAL Data Limiting!

6. The Final Insult
          UNWANTED Credit cardS
          with AUTOMATIC CHARGES

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   1. AT&T BAD Number

It all started when AT&T assigned me a BAD number. This number had previously belonged to a guy who never paid his bills. For 11 YEARS, bill collectors would hammer me daily, trying to collect money from Curtis C.

No matter how many times I explained it to them, the bill collector computers continued to autodial me. It was unstoppable. It drove me nuts. I was driven to scream vile obscenities at them all. It still didn't help, or matter. These leeches make a living hounding people to
collect time-barred, expired debt.

AT&T CLAIMED to vet previously used numbers, and delay their reassignment, to protect new customers. That is a LIE. They don't give a d@mn.



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   2. AT&T Long Distance

My credit was PERFECT.
They said I MUST deposit $300 with them, if I wanted to make ANY long distance calls.

I never did, and I never did. In 11 years.


I used the "code" numbers instead.


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   3. Bill Cramming

TOO much to say here.

Please visit my page on the subject at

AT&T Bill Cramming.

AT&T was successfully sued for bill cramming, and had to pay $105M for doing it in 2014.



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   4. AT&T Slamming

Slamming is the ILLEGAL practice of changing a person's communications provider WITHOUT PERMISSION.

ATT Slamming

AT&T was successfully sued for slamming their customers.



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   5. AT&T Throttling

Throttling is the ILLEGAL practice of LIMITING your data in an "Unlimited Data PLan.".

ATT Throttling

AT&T was successfully sued for data throttling, and had to pay $60M for doing it in 2019. their customers.



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   6. AT&T FRAUD

The final insult,
when I cancelled my phone -

They -
1. Overcharged me on my last bill

2. for the sole purpose of creating a positive balance

3. so that they could issue me an UNWANTED credit card, Sunrise Banks Mastercard, with a balance of $31.86, and expires on 9-20

4. and begin charging me $3 monthly for having it.


5. 1 month later, they send me ANOTHER d@mned Mastercard from Sunrise Banks, and my balance has sudddenly become $15.31, and expires on 11-20!



Right next to the card is a "Note", which says
"Please note that the $3 monthly fee does not apply during the period during which the card is valid, and is entirely avoidable
with any use of the card within the valid through period."

Obviously, ANY use of the card will ALWAYS be within the valid through period.

If I am stupid enough to use the card, I can avoid the fee?
Then, I am charged the fee for every month thereafter?

If I NEVER use it, I won't get charged? BULL! I have already been charged.

Someone needs to shoot these bottom-feeders.
Where is Elizabeth Warren?

We need her desperately, to execute these scoundrels.


G!@ D!@#

x!@ x!@# x!@ x!@, A.T.&T.

Can you believe this?

Still wonder why AT&T sucks?
Wonder no more.

The dinosaur refuses to die, and continues to screw people, by generating profits through illogical, immoral and illegal means.


My advice -
GET THE HE|| AWAY from AT&T as fast, and as soon as possible. Don't be stupid.

I stick pins in an AT&T voo-doo doll, daily.

The king of nickle-and-diming!

Desperate. And EVIL.

The opinions above are those of the author alone, and no one else.
I found all the public company information above by using Google search.
Although the author has tried to be as accurate as possible, errors are possible.
AT&T screwed me in multiple ways. So, I made this ATT Sucks web page, to tell everyone about my experience.


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Have A Great Day!
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