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Art/ Entertainment
Summaries (15)

DTV Converter Boxes Summary


Famous Art Painters Summary

How to Watch TV

Little Rascals Summary

MGM Main Back Lot

MGM Main Back Lot.PDF

Movie Star Death Dates

Movie Stars Death Dates

National Enquirer Lies

Our Gang Filming Locations

Top Movie Studios Summary

Top Broadway Theatrical Plays

Top Movies of All Times

TV Commercial Footprints

Why Comcast Sucks

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Biology Summaries (6)

Animal Cross-Species Summary


Biology - Sum. of Living Species

Cat Breed Summary

Dog Breed Summary

Gestation Periods Summ.

Human Elements Table

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Computer Summaries (22)

General Computer (8)

Macintosh Computer (8)

Semiconductors (6)


General Computer (8)


Disk Drive Reliability

Modem Diagram

Multiplication Tables

Networking Standards

PC Block Diagram

Powers of 2 Chart

Powers of 2 Char.PDF

Video Resolution Chart


Macintosh Computer (8)


Apple Airport Config. Diagram

Apple iMac Model Summary

Apple iPad Model Summary

Apple MacBook Summary

Apple G4 Power Mac Summary

LG 24M47H Monitor Review

Mac Hard. - Software Compat.

New iMac Migration Issues

Worst Mac Virus Malware


Semiconductors (6)


ASIC vs. FPGA Logic

CPU Evolution History

Electronics Distributors

Hollywood All-Jumps

Semiconductor Companies

Timing Diagram - Generic IC

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Economics Summaries (29)

General Economics (2)

Personal Insurance (6)

Personal Finance (18)

Personal Taxes (3)


General Economics (2)


Crude Oil Facts Summary

Postal Rates, US Historical


Personal Insurance (6)


AARP Offers Summary

California Auto Insurance

California Health Insurance

Medicare Enrollment Period

My Social Security Payments

S. S. Monthly Payments


Personal Finance (18)


Bad Collection Agencies

Credit Card Offers

Credit Reports Summary

Debit or Credit?

Gold Coins for Investment

IRA Transfer Form - Nicholas Funds

IRA Transfer Form - State Farm

IRA Transfer Form - Sunwest Trust

IRA Transfer Form - Union Bank

IRA Transfer Form - Yachtman Funds

Move Your Money Now

Structured Settlements

TV Charity Donations

Wells Fargo IRA Hassle

Wells Fargo Lawsuits - US

Wells Fargo Lawsuits - S.Cruz

Wells Fargo Parody Graphics

Wells Fargo Sucks


Personal Taxes (3)


Income Tax Inflation

State Taxes Summary

TurboTax Review

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Food Summaries (38)

Nutrition (15)
     Minerals - 5
     Vitamins - 10

General Food (7)

Manufactured Foods (8)

Salt in Food (8)



Nutrition (14)
Minerals (5) + Vitamins (10)


Amino Acid Summary

L-Arginine Summary

Magnesium Foods Sum.

Potassium Foods Sum.

Calcium Foods Summary

Coenzyme Q10 Supplements

Fish Oil Supplement Summary

My Daily Regimen

Vegetable Oil Summary

Vitamin and Mineral Chart

Vitamin A Foods Summary

Vitamin C Foods Summary

Vitamin E Foods Summary

Vitamin K Foods Sum.

Vitamin K - USDA Nutrient Database.PDF


General Food (7)


Costco Foods Review

Costco Wild Alaska Salmon

Fiber Foods Summary

Herbal Actions Summary

Pomegranate Juice

Sushi Guide

Wine and Cheese Summary


Manufactured Foods (8)


Artificial Colors

Breakfast Cereal Com. Chart

Carrot Cake

Chocolate Cake

Foods to Avoid

Sugars in Soft Drinks

Truth in Food Labeling

Yogurt Sizes Compared


Salt in Food (8)


Campbells vs Progresso Salt

Fast Food Salt Content

Salt in Amy's Soups

Salt in Campbells Soups

Salt in Progresso Soups

Salt in Safeway Signature Foods

Trader Joe's Salt

Too Much Salt

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Geography Summaries (15)

Biggest Features (6)

U.S. Geography (4)

World Geography (5)



Biggest Features (6)


Biggest Geographic Features

Highest Mountains

Largest Deserts

Largest Islands

Largest Lakes

Longest Rivers


U.S. Geography (4)


Counties, U.S. - by state

Counties, U.S. - Common Names

State Geography Guide

State Postal Abbreviations


World Geography (5)


Countries of Africa

Countries of Asia

Countries of Europe

Countries of the Americas

Strange, Ancient Places

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History Summaries (35)

General History (2)

Santa Cruz Local History (9)

California History (18)

Oregon History (6)



General History (2)


Presidents of the US

World Population History


Santa Cruz Local History (9)


Rispin Mansion (Exterior late)

Rispin Mansion (Exterior early)

Rispin Mansion Interior - 1

Rispin Mansion Interior - 2

Rispin Mansion Renovation

Santa Cruz Old Beach Photos

Santa Cruz Old Rail. Tunnels

Santa Cruz Old Laurel Tunnel

Santa Cruz Steamship Wharf


California History (18)


Palms, CA 90034 (13)

Doris Stephens Memorial

High School Yearbooks

Old Culver City Phone Books

Old Palms, CA 90034

Old Palms, CA Train Depot

1941 - Aubuchon L. A. Photos

1950 - Packer Family Photos

1952 - 3345 Mentone Ave., L.A., CA

1952 - 3401 Mentone Ave., L.A., CA

1954 - Old Palms Theater

1955 - 3559 Veteran Ave., L.A., CA

1956 - Charnock Road School, L.A.

1960 - Hamilton High, L. A., CA

Central California (5)

1925 - Camp 73, Big Creek, CA

1953 - Old Highway 99, Selma, CA

1961 - Class - Hillsdale High

1962 - Hillsdale High Yearbook

1963 - Adm. James H. Barnard


Oregon History (6)


1957 - Yankton School Oregon

1958 - Box 475, St. Helens, OR

1959 - Aubuchon Drive

1962 - Class - St.Helens High, OR

1962 - St. Helens High Class Roster

1970 - Guerin Ranch, Oregon

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Internet Summaries (45)

Google SEO (6)

Google AdSense (11)

General Internet Summaries (15)

SEO Summaries (7)

SPAM Summaries (6)



Google SEO (6)


My Scraped Content

My Stolen Content

Google Data Centers List

Google Failures Summary

Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Update List


Google AdSense (11)


My AdSense Collapse

AdSense-AdWords Block Diag.

AdSense Heat Map Revisited

AdSense Penalties

AdSense Publisher Tiers

AdSense Stop Words

AdSense Tips

AdSense Top-Paying Adwords

AdSense User Interest Categories

AdSense vs. Payout

Google Certified Ad Networks Review


General Internet Summaries (15)


CPM, PPC, and PPA Compared

Comcast Cable Speed Tests

eBay Buyers Guide

Hughesnet Internet Access

India Disclaimer

Internet Ad Networks

Internet Diagram

Large Desktop Pages

Mac WYSIWYG Editors

MS PubCenter Help Summary

Modem Speeds Summary

Mountain Internet Access

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Networking Sites

Web Hosts Compared


SEO Summaries (7)


HTML Color Table

Internal Linking Structures

Page Load Times

Search Engine Comparison Page

SEO Experts

SEO Optimization

SEO Rule #1


SPAM Summaries (6)


eBay Humorous Ads

Lottery Email Fraud

Nigerian Email Fraud

Phishing Email Fraud

Spam Email Report

Spam Filter Words

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Language Summaries (5)

Counting in Foreign Languages


English Usage Errors

European Languages

How to Speak British

World Languages Summary

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Local Summaries (40)


California (2 + 14)

Santa Cruz, CA (17)

Surf City Santa Cruz (7)


California (2)


California Piers and Wharves

California Radon Gas

California, Northern (14)


Comcast Channels - by Name

Comcast Chan. - by Number

Comcast Channels - by Prog.

Comcast Channels - by Subj.

Comcast DTA Boxes

Comcast Missing DTA Channels

Comcast Rate Increase

Why Comcast Sucks

Fresno Flowers

Josh Noland Hat Trick

Portable Air Conditioners

Satellite TV Options Compared

San Jose Sharks Ice Building

Sunnyvale, CA Dentist


Santa Cruz, CA (17)


Aptos Pony League Champions

Buddy Baseball Training

Kirkland Auto Batteries

Kirkland Auto Batteries (Canada)

Maverick's Contest Winners

Noland Builders

Nolands on the Wharf

Quail Ridge Farms

Santa Cruz COSTCO Floor Map

Santa Cruz COSTCO Floor Map.PDF

Santa Cruz, CA Dealer Ratings

Santa Cruz, CA Defense Attys.

Santa Cruz, CA Fast Food

Santa Cruz, CA Superior Court

Santa Cruz, CA Wet-Reckless

Surf City Santa Cruz

Surf City Surf Shop Brands


Surf City Santa Cruz (7)


Surf City Lawsuit

Surf City Santa Cruz References

Surf City Tee Shirts

Surf City Trademark Errors

Surf City Turf Battle

Trademark Bullies


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Medicine Summaries (51)

Blood Pressure (10) + BLOOD (5)

Heart Medicine (5)

Prescription Drugs (16)

General Medicine (15)



Blood Pressure (10)


Blood Pressure Chart

Blood Pressure Chart.PDF

Blood Pressure Monitors

Graphico Tensao Arterial.PDF

Lowering Blood Pressure

Omron Wrist Monitors Compared

Presion Arterial Gama

Presion Arterial Gama.PDF

Real Time Heartbeat

Systolic-Diastolic Pairs


Blood Parameters (5)


Blood INR Range Chart

Blood Test Results

Blood Type Summary

Cholesterol Range Chart

Blood Concentration Over Time


Heart Medicine (5)


Atrial Fibrillation Data

Atrial Fib 2 - Personal Data

Atrial Fib 3 - Information Places

Heart/ Blood Wiki Index

Human Heart - Schematic Diagram


Prescription Drugs (16)


Axiron Review

Prescription Blood Thinners

Prescription Drug Classes

Prescription Drug Lawsuits

Prescription Drug Risks

Prescription Drug Sales

Prescription Drug Side Effects

Prescription Drug TV Ads

Prescription Drug TV Ads 1

Prescription Drug TV Ads 2

Prescription Drug Warnings

Prescription Drugs Rejected

Prescription Drugs Unapproved

Prescription Heart Drugs

Pres. Painkillers Compared

United Health Care Sucks


General Medicine (15)


Cadmium Cancer

CPAP - BIPAP Device History

CPAP - BIPAP Device Summary

Diet Pill Summary

Leading Causes of Death Sum.

Medical Device Lawsuits

Medical Doctor Weight Scales

Medical Imaging Tools

Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Pre-Existing Conditions List

OTC Prostate Pills

Reading Glasses Compared

Shingles Virus

Sleep Apnea

STD Chart

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Miscellan. Summaries (5)

Phony Tag Lines


Post Office Junk Mail

Shoulder Exercises

Spark Plug Wire Testers

Tankless Water Heaters

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Music Summaries (6)

Church Hymns


Guitar Strings Compared

Most Famous Operas

Music Composer Summary

Musical Notes, Frequency of

Mus. Notes, Key Transpose

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Philosophy Summaries (3)

Categorical Syllogisms.PDF


Logic Fallacies Summary

Greatest Philosophers

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Politics Summaries (25)

2016 Presidential Candidates


Alternative News Media

Donald Trump Failures

Donald Trump Summary

Donald Trump Page Stats

Donald Trump Sex Accusers

Lobbyist Payments Source Sum.

Military Ranks Summary

Mitt Romney Nicknames

Most Hated Companies

Most Hated People

Never Sign Petitions

Political Party Traits

Political Spectrum

Red - Blue States Abortion Rights

Red States vs. Blue States

Screw the NRA

Think Tank Summary

U.S. Conservative SCOTUS

U.S. Deficit by Year

U.S. Foreign Aid Summary

U.S. Problems Summary

U.S.A. Destroyed

Who Sucks ?

Worst U.S. Senators

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Psychology Summaries (2)

Maslow's Needs Theory


Right Brain-Left Brain Theory

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Religion Summaries (10)

Angelus Temple, Los Angeles


Bible Word Count

Books of the Bible - Summary

Bhagavad Gita Summary

Christian Denominations

Koran Summary

Religion Comparison Summary

Religion Sum. - # of followers

Seven Deadly Sins Summary

Talmud Summary

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Science Summaries (29)

Astronomy Summaries (3)

Geology Summaries (6)

Metrology Summaries (11)

Nuclear Radiation Summaries (9)



Astronomy Summaries (3)


Solar System Summary

Star Gazer Constellation Guide

Star Magnitude Summary


Geology Summaries (6)


Diamond Grading Chart

Fluorescent Mineral UV Colors

Gemstone Hardness Chart

Geologic Time Summary

Preben Mineral Collection

Uranium Ore Summary


Metrology Summaries (11)


Alcohol Breathalyzer Summary

Allen Wrench Comparisons

BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer

EMF Detector Summary

GE Wattmeter - Reading

Measurement Scales Chart

Metric Conversion - Linear

Metric Conversion - Volume

Metric Conversion -Weight

UV Spectrum Expanded

Wrench Sizes Comparison


Nuclear Radiation Summaries (9)


How Radioactive Is It?

Nuclear Radiation Detection (1)

Geiger Counter Summary (2)

Geiger Counters Compared (3)

Ludlum Radiation Products (4)

Victoreen CDV-700 Schematic (5)

Victoreen CDV-715 Schematic (6)

Victoreen CDV-750 Schematic (7)

Weird Victoreen Meter (8)

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Sports Summaries (8)

Camping List


Golf Club Distance Summary

2014 U.S. Pro Sports Franchises

2014 MLB Baseball Teams

2014 NBA Basketball Teams

2014 NFL Football Teams

2014 NHL Hockey Teams

Track Records - Men vs. Women

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Telecom Summaries (5)

Area Code Guide


A.T.&T. Bill Cramming

Star Codes Guide

Unwanted Phone Calls

VOIP Phone Solutions

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Other Files (10)

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