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UV Radiation

UltraViolet Spectrum Frequencies

Wavelength Summary Chart
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by Vaughn Aubuchon

The following chart illustrates the Electromagnetic spectrum. The UV portion of the chart has been expanded to show UV frequency bands and nomenclature.


This chart is intended for those who want to have a better grasp of the UV wavelengths. The UV bands are defined by wavelength.
Band      Nanometers
UVA - - - 320-400 nm
UVB - - - 290-320 nm
UVC - - - 220-290 nm
FAR UV - 190-220 nm
VAC UV -  90-190 nm


Exploded UV Spectrum Chart

The higher the frequency of Ultraviolet waves, the more damaging they are to human skin and eyes. DO NOT stare directly into a short-wave UV light source - your eyes will become sunburned internally - and very painfully. Frankly, I wouldn't be very keen on staring into ANY UV light source - especially the sun.


Although the author has tried to be as accurate as possible, errors are possible.

I could not find a UV-expanded Electromagnetic Spectrum chart like the above. So, I made this ultraviolet wavelength chart, to help myself understand the relationships between the different wavelengths of UV radiation. I hope that it helps you.

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