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EMF Detector Summary

ElectroMagnetic Field Detectors
by Vaughn Aubuchon

Below, I present an EMF radiation detector buying guide. If you are concerned about EMF protection, you may want to purchase an EMF meter. These devices measure the low frequency radiation (ELF) emitted by 50 or 60 cycles per second power lines, house wiring, and household appliances.

Are you planning to buy an ElectroMagnetic Field detector? Here is a list of EMF Detectors currently being sold on eBay. I have listed the manufacturer, Model #, power source, and "Buy Now" price, to aid in your purchase. Try the "Less EMF" website first - they seem to have the best prices.

At the bottom of the page, I have included a table of the
Tesla Scale vs. the Gauss Scale, with comments.


EMF Detectors*
ELF Zone


Gauss Master

Cell Sensor

$ 13

$ 25

$ 35

$ 35

Battery Type
(1) 9V

(1) AAA

(1) 9V

(1) 9V


EMF Detectors - front

EMF Detectors - back

     EMF Detectors Sold On eBay

Model #/ Manufacturer
Model Description
U.S. $

1. ELF Zone
Extremely Low Frequency
ElectroMagnetic Field Detector

Enzone Corp. (defunct)
Davie, Florida
The 800 # now goes to an adult site.
Made in Korea in 1994

Arrived DOA - the positive battery terminal had corroded, and was broken. A new battery fixed it right up. My analysis as a former technician and engineer - these things have been sitting in storage too long, with batteries installed. Obviously not checked before shipment.
3 LED readout - Safe, Caution, Danger
Contains 2 integrated circuits

Purchased from Less EMF

No meter

No sound, not nearly as much fun


2. ElectroSensor
ElectroMagnetic Field Detector

Made in China

The head rotates greater than 180º
Quite sensitive, works well
10 LED readout from 1.5mG to 30mG
Contains 2 integrated circuits

Purchased from Less EMF

No meter

No sound, not nearly as much fun


3. Gauss Master
ElectroMagnetic Field Detector

Made in China

Extremely sensitive
Dramatic sound like a shrieking banshee
2 Ranges -
- Hit button once - 10mG full scale for 5 min.
- Hold button down - 1mG full scale
Auto shutoff in about 5 minutes
Contains 4 integrated circuits

An apparently identical unit is sold, with the name "Dr. Gauss". The circuit board of my unit says "Dr. Gauss".

Purchased from Less EMF
I recommend this EMF unit, and this seller. Fast shipment. Excellent!
This thing is great. I lay it on the passenger seat while I am driving, and it squeals when driving under certain power lines. It screams like a banshee in my pocket, when walking through the Sears television section. Large screen televisions with the heavy glass tubes (CRT) are the worst, by far. It's that huge auto-degaussing coil that encircles the CRT - a broadcast antenna, if you will. One living room I measured was FULL of 60 Hz EMF noise - with the big TV TURNED OFF. Also, some electrical panels are far "hotter" than others. You won't believe the hot tub readings - way off the scale. If you want high sensitivity, plus DRAMA, buy one of these.

Must wait for auto shutoff

This can be a problem, if you are in "stealth" mode, and don't want to draw undue attention, such as when you are in the Sears TV department.


4. Cell Sensor
ElectroMagnetic Field Detector
Cell Phone Radiation Detector
CellSensor Website (I think)

Remote sensor cord - 3 feet long
Also detects cell phone radiation

Sound output - volume control
2 Ranges -
- Hit button once - 50mG full scale
- Hold button down - 5mG full scale

I have yet to order a unit.


Note that other types of EMF detectors are available on eBay,
but the devices listed above are among the most popular.

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     EMF Measurement Scales -
     Comparison Chart



1 T
10,000 G

You don't want to be here very long.

100 mT
1,000 G

You don't want to be here very long.

10 mT
100 G

Adverse long-term effects?

1 mT
10 G

Overhead HV power lines (220,000 Volts)

100 µT
1 G

Overhead HV power lines (6,000 Volts)

10 µT
100 mG

Wall near my head when in bed
(outside service box),
near microwave oven (off), near certain TVs (off)

1 µT
10 mG

Full scale for the Gauss Master - Mode 1

0.1 µT
1 mG

Full scale for the Gauss Master -
Mode 2 (very sensitive)

0.01 µT
100 µG

Very low level

0.001 µT
10 µG

Extremely low level

Although the author has tried to be as accurate as possible, errors are possible.

I could not find a concise EMF Detector summary like the above. So, I made this EMF radiation detector comparison chart, to help myself understand the technology and pricing available. I hope that it helps you.


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