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Why Religion?

by Vaughn Aubuchon

Why Did Man Invent Religion?



1. Death - He became too aware of his mortality, and couldn't cope with it, so he invented an "afterlife". The basic premise of EVERY religion is an afterlife, or denial of death.

1,955 M  - Christians -- Heaven
1,126 M  - Moslems --- Paradise
    793 M - Hindu ------- Reincarnation
    325 M - Buddhists -- Nirvana
      13 M - Jews -------- Gehenna

Man simply does not want to let go.
He decided that he must worship something - a bull, an ox, a man, the sun, something ... a God.
A Superior Being.

And then the concepts began to diverge - Some worshipped a stone, some a river, some ancestors, some statues, some artifacts, some buildings, some edicts.

The Jews pick from their 3 or 4 divisions, the Protestants from hundreds, the Catholics from 2 or 3, the Muslims from their 2, etc.
Most choices are at least hundreds of years mature, so the behavior and expectations are well established.

One simply picks and marches. Done.


My Issues with Christianity

1. Ascribing petty negative human traits to
    an "Almighty" God -
   - A Jealous God -
     The FIRST 3 commandments
     are the God commandments -
        1. No other Gods before me ...
        2. ... no graven images
        3. ... name in vain
   - A Vengeful God -
         Eternal Torture
         - so willing to punish Severely
         - so willing to punish Forever
         - In a Lake of Fire
This is my biggest issue - viewing God as having human frailties and demands. This is not giving God much credit for being superior - viewing him as needy and demanding, jealous and vengeful. You want to worship THAT? Can't you be more imaginative, and view God on a higher level?
Being beaten into submission, and threatened with damnation, fire and brimstone does not appeal to me.

2. Christians are EXCLUDED
- Jews CHOSEN by God to prevail
         Others will never like this - why should
         Gentiles, who SPECIFICALLY were
         NOT chosen, worship the God of Israel?

Marrying the Old Testament of the Hebrews, to the New Testament of the Greeks, never made any sense to me. The Jews never recognized Jesus as a Messiah, and consider him a fake. Christians read "Lord" in the Old Testament as "Jesus", which was never the case, since he was born hundreds of years after the Old Testament was completed.

3. The GREATEST Sin = Unbelief
      - Authority MUST RULE!
      - Yes, well, you had better believe it!
      - Crusades - Convert, or die!
      - Kill the Infidels - Comply or die!

4. The Bible must be taken literally
      - Errors of Rigid interpretation
      - Obvious issues with timing -
        Creation, centuries, eons, lifespans, etc.

5. Bible Iterations, Can't quite get it right -
      - "God's word" was written by men
      - Dozens of Translations,
      - Many
Ecumenical councils (21), where
        MEN VOTED on what was to be
        Official Canon (belief).
Apocrypha,      Antilegomina


6. Believing by faith, ignoring logic
      - Cognitive dissonance
      - Knowing that something cannot be true,
        yet insisting that it must be believed.

7. Seeking Credibility thru Miracle Claims
    "If these things happened,
        then it all MUST be true."
      - Creation story, from dust, and a rib
      - 30,000 feet deep flood
      - Virgin birth
      - Water into Wine
      - Bread and Fishes
      - Rising from the dead
They don't call it "leap" of faith, for nothing.

8. The failure of prayer is ALWAYS blamed
     on lack of faith -
     it is NEVER the fault of God.
     How convenient. YOUR fault, Christian.
     You have failed. Again.
     "For man has fallen short ... "

   The word please is never used in prayer -
       one would think, when beseeching
       the Almighty, that ...
       Apparently, one must never beg,
          One must only ask, with dignity.

Surely, begging would imply more sincerity.

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