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Aimee Semple McPherson

Angelus Temple Photo History

Changes Over the Years
(This page is NOT intended for small screens.)
by Vaughn Aubuchon

Four Square Gospel Church
1100 Glendale Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90026



An Historical Photo Perspective
I have collected a few post card photos of Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, CA. Here are some scans of my postcards. I find it interesting to observe how the church has changed over the years. How many lives have come and gone during the service of this powerful edifice? How long will it be before we see Angelus Tower condominiums?

Aimee unveiling Angelus Temple cross
Sister Aimee - 1938

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Dr. Rolf K. McPherson, Aimee's son and longtime Foursquare Church leader, passed away on May 21, 2009, in Los Angeles, CA. He was 96.

During this exercise, the first fact that becomes apparent, is that MOST dates attributed to these photos are incorrect. This can be deduced by comparing dates attributed to the photographs. Building features do not appear one year, disappear the next, then reappear again. By comparison, and by the dates on the cards, I am attempting to recreate an accurate church photo history timeline.

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Page 1 Photos (12)


Temple Photo Description

(43) -

(41) -



(42)- #344








Pre-build artist's conception?

Angelus T. dedication 1-1-23.
Reserved seat pass

The antenna towers are installed.
Aimee McPherson sign installed.

L.I.F.E. prayer tower added.

Early 1930's

Temple Photo Description

(36)- #650

(40)- #650

(35)- #98

(45)- #98

(48)- T102

(00)- T102







Horizontal antenna

Horizontal antenna

Call Letters installed on towers

Afternoon orange

1. First T102

2. Another T102

Page 2 Photos (17)

Late 1930's

Temple Photo Description

(50)- #98
(37)- T102


(39)- #98
(70)- #109
(74)- #109

(00)- #618





1. Afternoon orange
2. Gold dome
3. Photo with wires
4. Man with broom
(Latest addition)

1. Cross added to top of the dome.
2. "Showboat"
3. "Barabas"

1. Souvenir post card - EPEA
2. Previous post card painted
3. Photo with wires

Early 1940's

Temple Photo Description

(35)- #98

(33)- #98

(49)- #42



(46)- #4

(34)- #5








New radio towers - 4 small antennas.
Lots of changes - Pinocchio
Four antennas - Aimee inset

1. Photo with overhead wires

2. Holy Fire Easter Service

1. Dr. Courtney - single antenna

2. Chaplain Howard Rusthoi

After 1950

Temple Photo Description






- ?
- ?
- ?
- ?
- ?

National Historic Landmark

Last KFSG radio broadcast.
Last radio antenna is gone.

Flickr Photos

Angeles Temple Website



290 - 450

California Postcard Co., Los Angeles, California - #27341
Angelus Temple 1922

1922 - My guess is 1922 - the earliest Angelus Temple post card (painting). (#43 - thanks to pc1555)
The main entrance (alcove #8) is obscured by the tree. If this is an artist's conception, perhaps this obscure depiction of the building was intended, to make the building look perfectly homogenous - since the doors may have not yet been designed. The elevated perspective shows the actual larger size of the second row of windows, which is not apparent in most of the other photographs and paintings, when viewed from a street level perspective.

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Western Publishing and Novelty Co. - #R-93357 - Theo Sohmer Los Angeles
Angelus Temple 1923

1923 - Postmarked November 1923 (previously thought to be 1928). (#41 - ranmarshall)
The temple opened its doors on January 1, 1923. No radio towers until the end of the year.

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1924 - KFSG (K Four Square Gospel) went on the air on February 10, 1924.
The towers must have been visible in late 1923 during their construction.
Here is a reserved seat pass for 1924 (guess).
Angelus Temple Reserved Seat Pass 1924 - front-Angelus Temple Reserved Seat Pass 1924 - back

California Greeting and Post Card Company, Los Angeles, California - #29165
Angelus Temple 1924

1924 - My guess is 1924 (previously thought to be 1922). (#38 - kenjudy)
The radio towers have been erected. Notice the absence of the prayer tower, and the absence of radio tower lettering. Some truncation of the left side of the building has occurred. The two black dedication plaques in the center of the picture actually are on both sides of alcove #8, not #7.

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Pacific Novelty Company, San Francisco, Los Angeles - #344
Angelus Temple 1925

1925 - My guess is 1925 (previously thought to be 1936). (#42 - pfrancis)
Elevated observer perspective. Note the American flag over the entrance.
The "Aimee Semple McPherson Four Square Gospel" sign has been installed.
The park is so dark - where are the paths?

1926 - In 1926, the new 5-story L.I.F.E. Bible College building was completed (Lighthouse of International Foursquare Evangelism), with the prominent new prayer tower highly visible. Somewhere between 1926 and 1930, the radio tower lettering was added.

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"Pub. by the M. Kashower Co., Los Angeles, Cal." - #650 - 25125
Angelus Temple 1932

1932 - Postmarked November 1933. (#36 - scview#1)
This interesting depiction seems to have turned Glendale Blvd. into a parking lot - how does that work? I see Park Ave., but where is Glendale Blvd.?

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"Pub. by M. Kashower Co., Los Angeles, Calif." - #650
Angelus Temple 1933

1933 - Postmarked November 1933. With Aimee painting inset. (#40 - scview#2)
Same shot as above, but different clouds, and added Aimee picture!
Sister McPherson-Hutton was married to David Hutton from 1931 to 1933.

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Western Publishing and Novelty Co. - #98 - 113609
Angelus Temple 1934

1934 - My guess is 1934 - (#35 - stevetique)
Giant white radio call letters "KFSG" have been added to the radio towers, along with "Angelus".

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Western Publishing & Novelty Co., Los Angeles, Calif. - #98 - 1A-H418
Angelus Temple 1935

1935 - My guess is 1935. (#45 - amsterdallas)
The main entrance is alcove #8.

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Tichnor Art Company, L.A. - #T102
Angelus Temple 1936 (1)

1936(1) - Postmarked Oct. 7, 1936. (#48 - beckyj29)
There is no cross on the dome. Elevated observer perspective.

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Angelus Temple 1936 (2)
Same painting as above, with different coloring.

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Western Publishing and Novelty Co. - #98 - 1A-H418
Angelus Temple 1937 (1)

1937(1) - Postmarked January 1937. (#50 - pc1555)

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Tichnor Art Company, L.A. - #T102 - 63780
Angelus Temple 1937 (2)

1937(2) - My guess is 1937. Stylized painting with golden dome. (#37 - lotsoflittlestuff)
Same painting as above, with new clouds, and color glorification.

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"Made in Germany"
Angelus Temple 1937 (3)

1937(3) - My guess is 1937. Still no cross on the dome. (#44 - dflywab)
Actual photograph - the overhead wires have not been removed.

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Angelus Temple 1937 (4)

1937(4) - My guess is LATE 1937.
Still no cross on top of the dome.
The "Aimee Semple McPherson" sign has been changed.

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1938 - Sign change, rooftop cross installed
Aimee unveiling Angelus Temple dome cross

Western Publishing and Novelty Co. - #98 - 8A-H284
Angelus Temple 1938 (1)

1938(1) - Postmarked August 1938. (#39 - mountainlassie) (another PC postmarked 1938)
How could this be postmarked August 1938 when Aimee did not put up the cross until 1939? Artist's vision?
Or, when did Aimee REALLY put up the cross? 1938?
The old "Aimee Semple McPherson Four Square Gospel" sign has been removed. A new "Aimee Semple McPherson Angelus Temple" sign has been added about 50 feet to the right of the old one. The new "Main Entrance" has shifted from Glendale Blvd. (between the two trees, alcoves #7 and #8) to Park Ave. (alcove #11). The painting shows 15 alcoves - there are 17.

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(no identification - #190)
Angelus Temple 1938 (2)

1938(2) - My guess is LATE 1938. (#70 - shelbysfeet27)
The cross on the dome is barely visible, just behind the overhead street light.
Angelus Temple 1938 - Blowup

The left hand sign reads:

Aimee Semple

SUNDAY at 7:00PM
WED. at 7:30    THURS. at 7:00"

The right hand sign reads:

Birthday   PARTY
OCT. 6 and 8 at 7:30"


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"Angeleno Card #190"
Angelus Temple 1938 (3)

1938(3) - My guess is LATE 1938. (#74 - 2dogtreasures) Sept. 28 occurred on Monday in 1936 and 1942. But in 1936, there was no cross on the dome, and in 1942, those towers had been long gone!?!?. My post card archaeology date-setting is not working.

The left hand sign reads:

"Holy Ghost Rally
Mon. Sept. 28TH"

The right hand sign reads:


Continuous Services
"B A R A B A S"

10 AM. 2.30.& 7.00 PM.



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"Souvenir Post Card - Not For Sale" - 1939 E.P.E.A. (Echo Park Evangelical Association)
Angelus Temple 1939 (1)

1939(1) - Date printed on card. Aimee photo inset. (#32 - materialtexture)
A cross has been added to the dome. Notice the telephone pole between the two cars, which has been painted out in the hand-painted photo below.

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Robert Kashower, Los Angeles, Calif. - #618
Angelus Temple 1939 (2)

1939(2) - Postmarked September 1939. With Aimee painting inset. (#47 - dadders2)
The last year with the old radio towers.

Angelus Temple 1939 (3)

1939(3) - Although the caption states 1935, I believe 1939 is more likely.
Notice the 4 sisters in the crosswalk.

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Western Publishing and Novelty Co. - #LA-98 - OB-H386
Angelus Temple 1941

1941 - My guess is 1941. Aimee inset. (#35 - stevetique)


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Aimee Semple McPherson1942
Western Publishing and Novelty Co. - #98 - OB-H386
Angelus Temple 1942

1942 - My guess is 1942 (represented as 1930). With Aimee painting inset. (#33 - remainstobeseen)
The "main doors" have been moved back to alcoves #7 and #8.
A 15-foot high statue of Aimee has been added above the marquee.
Can you find the window that has disappeared (obscured by ?)?
The 2 radio towers have been replaced by 4 smaller antennas.
All the overhead trolley wires, and electrical service wires are miraculously absent! Artistic license, I believe.
Gone are the 2 trees at the main front doors (alcoves #7 & #8), replaced by a new marquee.

Gone is the "Angeles Temple" sign from the top of the building.
The new "Aimee Semple McPherson Foursquare Gospel" sign has been moved about 60 feet to the left.
Notice the new traffic signal that has been installed - the kind which flipped up a green arm, and then a red arm. (interesting that the car proceeding through the intersection just went through a red).

What's on the marquee?
Angelus Temple 1942 Marquee
        VIVIDLY    ILLUSTRATED       SUNDAY   AT   7:00 P.M.


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Gardner-Thompson Co., Los Angeles, California - #42 - 48318
Angelus Temple 1943 (1)

1943(1) - My guess is 1943, with Aimee painting inset. (49 - Buy It Now)
A single tree remains on the right.
What's on the marquee?


Angelus Temple 1943 (2)
1943(2) - My guess is 1943.
The actual photo with all the overhead electric trolley wires.
Same shot as above - same marquee lettering.

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Angelus Temple 1944

1944 - My guess is April 1944 - the month I was born. (#65 - newmexkan)
Although someone has written Oct. 1946, Aimee was still preaching. This is not possible, since she died in 1944.
The best photograph for counting the 17 alcoves.

Aimee Statue Angelus Temple
April 1944 Marquee over alcoves #7 and #8 -

Holy Fire Service Easter banner
April 1944 Easter Banner over alcoves #4 and #5 -
EASTER Sunrise 5:30 A.M."

Aimee Revival Banner. . . .Aimee Semple McPherson statue
April 1944 Revival Torch Banner over alcove #11 -

Sister Aimee joined the Lord on September 27, 1944.

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Los Angeles Photo Post Card Co. - #4
Angelus Temple 1946 (1)

1946(1) - (#46 - polecathunter)
The representation of Aimee above the entrance has been removed.
What's on the marquee?

DR  HOWARD P COURTNEY           SUNDAY  7:00  P.M.

1946 Angelus Temple roof
Roof Access Belfry Tower
Removed - not seen in recent photographs.

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Angeleno Photo Service - 1030 SO. Alvarado, L.A. 6, Calif.-2 AND
Los Angeles Photo Post Card Co. - #5

Angelus Temple 1946 (2)
1946(2) - My guess is 1946 (represented as 1923) - (#34 - djbkg)
Down to a single radio antenna. ALL trees in front of the building are gone in this photo.
A star has been added to the prayer tower - Is it Christmas time?
What's on the marquee?
Angelus Temple 1946 Marquee
      "TILL DEATH DO US PART"          MUSICAL HOUR 7:00 P.M.

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1950's - ?
1960's - ?
1970's - ?
1980's - ?
1990's -
2000's - Sixty years of no post cards of Angelus Temple?
Its popularity died with Aimee. She WAS Angelus Temple.
She WAS the Foursquare Gospel. No one could ever fill her shoes.
Certainly not Jan Crouch, Joyce Meyer, Paula White nor any of their contemporaries.

2003 - KFSG leaves the air after 80 years on the air. Last antenna removed.

Angelus Temple 2006
2006 - The Temple at Sunset - Borrowed from Sister Aimee - be sure to visit her excellent photo collection of Aimee and Temple History.
The large Aimee Semple McPherson sign has been removed. Marquee removed. Angeles Temple sign installed. The last antenna has been removed.

Recent Satellite Photo of Angelus Temple

The International Church of the Four Square Gospel was founded by Aimee Semple McPherson in 1917.
Her maiden name was Elizabeth Kennedy. She was born in Salford, 4 miles from Ingersoll, Ontario on Oct. 9, 1890.
She died in Oakland, CA on Sept. 27, 1944.

Aimee Semple McPherson publications -
Bible Call - monthly news magazine
The Bridal Call - weekly newspaper (1917-1926) -
The Bridal Call Foursquare - weekly newspaper (1926 - 19??) (May 1926 = Vol.X No.1) -
The Foursquare Crusader - weekly newspaper (19??-19??) (June 1938 = Vol.XI No.52 - 11"x17")
The Student Lighthouse Review - L.I.F.E. Bible School monthly (1926-19??) (May 28 = Vol.III No.5)

DISCLAIMER: This web page is not associated with the Foursquare Gospel Church, Los Angeles, CA. It is based upon my memories from the 1940's and 1950's, with Brother and Sister Aubuchon (LA), Brother Dorrance (LA), Sister Dorrance (LA), Sister Twyford (LA and Stockton), and Brother Wheeler (St. Helens, Oregon). I last visited Angelus Temple in 1950, when I was 6. That was the day the goose terrorized me at Echo Park lake, across the street. Grampa saved me. I'm not a big fan of geese, to this day.


Sister Aimee on stage - 1939

On Stage 1939 - "The Iron Furnace"

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Background piano hymn: "Revive Us Again"
Chorus: "Hallelujah, thine the glory, Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah thine the glory, revive us again."

Louise Aubuchon, Foursquare minister - 1944
Beloved Sister E. Louise Aubuchon in 1944
1902 - 1992
Graduate of L.I.F.E. Bible College 1928.
Foursquare Minister in Los Angeles in the 1930's. She administered to the poor during the depression.. Aimee, through God, accomplished miracles in the 1930's and I believe that Grandma did too.
She preached in Spanish, but she was not a Latina.
She was a truth seeker of great proportion. I remember her studying the pre King James (1546 A.D.) scriptures, in the 400 A.D. Greek (Septuagint) and Latin (Vulgate). I studied some Latin, but Greek "is Greek to me".
She loved me dearly.


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