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Privacy Policy

by Vaughn Aubuchon

   1. I collect NO data.
No need to "Opt-Out". I don't want your email address, or other personal information. No SPAM from me, ever.


   2. No Cookies
I do not spy on your behavior using cookies - you will never be tracked by me. My web host does use a cookie, but this is for server log purposes only.

   3. Web Log Files
I don't care what your IP Address is. (The one exception to this is if I am attacked, in which case your IP and other associated information will be of great interest to my associates.)

   4. Google Ads
This site does not collect any data from visitors, other than standard server logs.

That's it. Have you seen a shorter Privacy Policy?
An Exception - Indirect Tracking - Certain subtle information on this web site is intentionally misstated. This helps me to identify those who steal my content, or intentionally cause me to have other problems.

The longer the "Privacy Policy", the more you should worry. Typical privacy policies run about 1,500 to 4,000 words.

My privacy policy is quite short - less than 200 words.

Have a private day!

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