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Corporate Greed

The USA Destroyed -
2019 Financial Collapse

by Vaughn Aubuchon

The late, great United States democracy is no more. It has been destroyed by money. Money controls all.

Ever since corporations were given the "rights" of "personhood", our democracy has continued to be slowly destroyed from within. David Walker is the ONLY person of sufficient courage to state the TRUTH about the coming financial collapse. And, he is (was) THE AUTHORITY; the Comptroller General of the United States.


1. Financial Collapse - Walker

Democracy Destruction

Collapse Timetable

Revolution ?

Collapse of Civilizations


     1. The U.S Financial Collapse
            of the United States began in 2008

Aug. 13, 2007

Learn From the Fall of Rome, the US Warned - Financial Times

Aug. 14, 2007

Decline and Fall -

Aug. 18, 2007

Could America Be the Next Rome? - Roanoke Times

Aug. 23, 2007

Financial Bankruptcy, the US Dollar and the Real Economy - Online Journal

". . the biggest deficit in America is the leadership deficit".
". . burning platform of unsustainable policies with fiscal deficits ."
Source: David Walker, the Comptroller General of the U.S.

Who Agrees? Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal reserve, for one, and Senator Fred Thompson, for another. Nobody else is talking. It is the most controversial political subject there is.

Latest News from David Walker

David Walker, CEO, Peter G. Peterson Foundation

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     2. Sources of Democracy Destruction -
         Corporate Power
           The EVIL FACTORS

           (The following views are mine alone,
           and not those of David Walker.)



There are 24,000 corporate lobbyists in Washington, DC, whose sole function is to bribe congressmen - give them millions of dollars, to get their way. IN EVERY CASE, this activity is detrimental to US citizens.


All congressmen are rich. You don't become a congressman unless you are rich. This country of the rich, is controlled by the rich, for the rich.
Forget about "Mr. Deeds Goes to Washington." It was pure fantasy, and will not happen in your lifetime. Pie-in-the-sky optimism. Naive idealism.

Moral Decay

The country is UTTERLY LACKING in leadership. Self-gratification rules all, so-called popular music has become vile filth, and sex and drugs are the primary pursuit of many of the populace. Self-restraint is untaught and unknown. Our schools are failing miserably. US prison population rates are the highest in the world, per capita. Most offenses are related to drugs.



There is no more independent journalism. You don't get published unless you espouse the corporate line. "Investigative journalism" no longer exists. Truth can only be found on the Internet, and you must look hard to find it.


We are all bombarded with corporate propaganda daily. Election issues are muddied by organizations who sound like they are for something, when in fact, they are totally against it. Deception abounds. To make an informed decision, Americans must study each issue in minute detail, if they are not to be deceived. Precious few have the time to do this. Even fewer, the inclination. So they vote for slogans, which are totally misleading, and are meant to be. They identify with a group, and do what they are told. How could George Bush possibly have been elected twice? Unfathomable.


Illegal immigrants are pouring into this country, and taking the jobs of US citizens. Don't listen to the lie that "They are only taking the jobs that Americans don't want." This is the propaganda of corporate interests, so that they can become richer. Jobs that used to pay $15 per hour now pay $5 per hour. THAT'S the reason that Americans "don't want the jobs."

Free Trade

Jobs are shipped offshore, with reckless abandon.
So that corporations can achieve cheaper labor.
Foreign sweatshops abound. American workers don't count anymore. Only corporations.


With the use of "voting machines", falsifying election results has become far easier. The election of 2004 confirmed this in Ohio and Florida, in spades. Expect more of the same, only worse. Neocon manipulators now determine elections, not the people. How could George Bush possibly have been elected twice? He wasn't.

The Underlying Problems:

The folly of insupportable foreign wars
The folly of runaway deficit spending
The plethora of interest-only mortgages
The peaking of the national debt held by China and Japan
The executive branch run amok - Congress impotent.
The explosion of the Deficit.


360 - 450

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     3. Collapse Timetable - The Order of Events

(I have no idea how this will actually play out,
but I thought that I would take a shot at trying to
predict the sequence and timing of the collapse, just for drill.)


* 3 bank failures


The vaporization of foreign lenders
China Dumping Treasuries?
Collapse of the dollar
Dollar Hits New Low
The steadily rising price of gold

     Gold Hits 16-month High
The only tool US leaders have is distraction.
     The Upcoming Bombing of Iran


* 30 bank failures


Collapse of the Real Estate Market
Runaway Mortgage Defaults
     Home prices continuing to drop
Oil Prices
Food Prices - Food Riots
Airline Bankruptcies - reduced routes, higher prices
Collapse of Financial Institutions -
Collapse of Bear Stearns - Government bailout March 2008 - $29 B
-- GM Hits 53-Year Low - June 26, 2008
Collapse of IndyMac Bancorp - Government bailout July 2008 - $9 B
     Consumed 1/5 of the total insurance fund! ("100 more coming")
     WaMu and National City next?
Failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - Government bailout July 2008
     "$200 B" is bull - it is much closer to $1 Trillion
-- 10th Bank Failure of 2008 - Aug. 2008
-- Lehman Bros. failure - 158 years old - Fed refuses rescue - Sept. 14
-- Merrill Lynch - 94 years old - 48 hour sale - Sept. 15
-- Dow Drops 500 points - Sept. 15
-- AIG Insurance - Government bailout - Sept. 17 - $85B
-- Goldman Sachs - Government bailout - Sept. 22
-- Morgan Stanley - Government bailout - Sept. 22
-- Washington Mutual seized - fire sale to J.P. Morgan - Sept. 25 - $1.9 B
Sept. 29, 2008 -
Black Monday
-- Four European bank failures - Sept. 29
-- Wachovia for sale to Citibank - Sept. 29 - $2.1 B
-- Congress fails to pass bailout
-- Dow Jones Crash - biggest drop in history - Sept. 29 -777 points
-- Wells Fargo ups Ante for Wachovia to $15.1 B - Oct. 3, 2008
-- Dow Drops 800 in one day - Oct. 6, 2008
AIG Gets $37.9 B MORE - Oct. 8, 2008 - Another party next week
-- Dow Closes Down 679 - Oct. 9, 2008
-- Wells Fargo Wins Wachovia for $11.7 B in stock - Oct. 9, 2008
.. "unmerciful disaster, followed fast and followed faster" . . .
. . . . . The Raven, Edgar Allen Poe

Failure of XYZ, who'll be next?
More robber barons WALK WITH THE MONEY - YOU PAY!
Wall Street consists of 100% crooks.
Socialism for the rich - NONE for you! YOU PAY for their greed!
They keep the profits - YOU pay all their losses!
Health insurance companies reject claims, while the execs grab millions.
THIS COUNTRY IS RUN BY THIEVES! Your kids don't have a chance!
The U.S. Congress screws everyone, for the lobbyist money.


* 140 bank failures




Continuing housing collapse - no help for homeowners.
Health insurance companies drive thousands into bankruptcy.
Runaway Unemployment - many no longer looking
Benefits run out for millions
-- True Unemployment Hits 17% - Oct. 2, 2009
Runaway Inflation - the dollar continues to drop.
-- 98th US Bank Fails - Oct. 2, 2009
"Hundreds more" to follow
-- FDIC Is Broke - Sept. 26, 2009

-- Gold hits $1,040 Oz. - Oct. 6, 2009
Oil will no longer be traded in dollars, but in gold.
Entire financial system is a sham, of repackaged bad debt.

First collapse of the stock market has already occurred
- Oct. 2008
China has stopped buying our debt, due to the imminent
     collapse of the treasuries market, accompanied by the
Collapse of the bond market

Distraction is the only remaining tool of US politicians
"Dancing With the Stars" isn't going to be quite enough,
and neither are "Kate and Jon".


* 157 bank failures

The Triumvirate of Failure - Supreme Court Caves In to Corporations
     The third branch of government to fail
     The second was the Executive - George W. Bush saw to that - "
signing statements"
     The first was the Legislative - Congress
bought by lobbyists

Corporations run amok
-- BP Renegade Gusher - No end in sight
- April 20, 2010
Total destruction of the Gulf of Mexico

Bank failures accelerating
Bank Failures Up to 81 for Year - June 7, 2010
Home foreclosures accelerating
-- Gold Hits a New Record - $1,250 oz. - June 8, 2010
-- Home Foreclosures Hit A New Record in May - 44% - June 10, 2010
Commercial real estate collapse accelerating

Further friction with China over Taiwan, censorship
China workers are
demanding higher wages - June 10, 2010

Rise of protectionism - Sept. 29, 2010 - Eventual collapse of International Trade

Current stock market levels are absurd.
Bank Failures Up to 128 for Year - Oct. 1, 2010

-- Gold Hits Record High At $1,320 an ounce - Oct. 1, 2010

Pakistan now hates our guts - Oct. 1, 2010
Too many civilian deaths caused by Nevada video gamers remotely piloting drones in Pakistan,
raining death and destruction on anything that moves. The backlash will be terrible. The military doesn't care - they require maximum conflict to keep them in business.


* 92 bank failures

The peaking of consumer debt
-- Mass Debt Default
China has already stopped buying US Treasuries - soon-to-be bad paper
City Bankruptcies Will Increase - J. Dimon
Unlimited billions being poured into Afghanistan
Fukushima Cesium 137 headed for California waters - no more seaweed for me!
-- Consumer Confidence Hits New Low - Aug. 30, 2011

-- Gold Hits Record High At $1,920 an ounce - Sept. 6, 2011

-- Bank Failures Up to 71 for Year - Sept. 16, 2011
Continuing debt crisis in Europe
Greece still in trouble
Berlusconi says Merkel not effable - Glory be!


The continuing battle of the "Haves" against the "Have Nots".
--- The widening income gap

The continuing demise of Citizen's Rights.
--- Birth control, unions, guns for every idiot



Russia attacks US Elections -

Trump fills the White House with SCUM.
Lunatic EGOMANIAC President Trump
will ensure CHAOS for 4 years.

Republican obstructionism
--- Congress is crippled by the Tea Party

The decay of the SCOTUS - Gorsuch is Scalia.
Lying, drunken, woman assaulter added.

The collapse in Iraq and Afghanistan.



Another 911 is planned by the Right Wing Neocons to assure Carte Blanche - just like the battleship Maine, Pearl Harbor, Tonkin Gulf, and the first 911.
Israel attacks Iran - Russia will come to the aid of Iran - US response?

North Korea has handed over the perfect excuse for Trump, for him to declare war. Yea for the defense industry. BOO for us.

Which branch of government will be the first to fall?
The Legislative - Owned by Lobbyists, Spec. Interests
                          Republican Obstructionism

The Judicial - - - Taken over by the Right wing
              Justice for the Rich only - Gorsuch, Kavenaugh

The Executive - - Turned into cr@p by Trump
TRUMP WILL DO ANYTHING to distract from the investigation of his many crimes.

The peaking of the US Stock Market - get ready for 2020.
HUGE OPPORTUNITY for down bets.




Crude oil continuing to rise due to world demand
Severely reduced airline routes, 55 MPH auto speed imposed
Collapse of the airlines and trucking - fuel too expensive
World economic depression
Gold will reach $8,000 an ounce. And beyond.

The suspension of the Constitution, with martial law imposed.

The rise of a barter economy
Difficulty getting food
No gasoline available - Electric vehicles and horses only

People will be defending their foreclosed homes with firearms - the government will not be able to do anything about it, nor will the troops want to - possession will determine ownership. Well-armed rural residents will be defending themselves from hordes of city-dwellers seeking food and water.

What's Next?

Will there be a major catastrophe (blind asteroid)? Hard to say.

Will our crossing of the galactic plane (every 100 million years or so) result in the flipping of the Earth's magnetic poles (every 200,000 years on average)? Possibly.

Will the sun come up tomorrow? Probably.
But, who knows for sure? Stuff happens.

The sun has been acting very weird.
Will 2019 be the ultimate year for solar flares,
and wipe out our electrical systems?

The worst scenario of all (as related by the astronomy guy Neil Tyson) might be a very large asteroid approaching us from the direction of the sun, which can not be seen or detected. A 100 million-to-1 shot, but we might win the lottery. "It could happen" . . . Judy Tenuta, AND Neil Tyson
She's right. Bye-bye now.


400 - 500

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     4. Revolution
           Nah. The guys calling the shots need that
           corporate lobbyist payola-based system.

The Declaration of Independence clearly states, and I quote, "that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government."

But who is going to do this? Certainly not the congressmen, whose very existence is based upon sucking at the corporate lobbyist teats.

How can we change the current state of affairs? I don't think we can. We are all doomed to corporate servitude. There is nothing we can do, although some try, such as
Ralph Nader.

Are we truly in the "last days", described by the prophets of the new testament? Is our destruction immanent? The US Comptroller General says that the collapse of the American financial system is inevitable, and in the near future. The COMPTROLLER GENERAL OF THE U.S.! WHO IS MORE QUALIFIED to make such a statement?


We are truly a nation of sheep.
Americans are too self-consumed, undereducated, under-informed, and under-motivated to do anything about the crisis. The system will collapse long before Americans will do anything about it, or even realize it's happening. We cannot "spend our way" out of this one. Even the rich are doomed. There is no escape.

Eat, drink, and be merry. Take on more debt. You will be able to pay it off with cheaper dollars. Except you won't be able to get enough cheaper dollars.


Nothing. We are doomed.
We have already gone too far with unsecured debt, and bogus securities.
We just don't know it yet. It cannot be reversed.
Everyone in the WORLD will be deeply affected.
There is no solution. There is no escape.
The financial pessimist point of view. Realistic? Could be.


Nothing. We are doomed.
We have already gone too far with carbon emissions.
We just don't know it yet. It cannot be reversed.
Rain forest destruction is being accelerated.
Everyone in the WORLD will be deeply affected.
There is no solution. There is no escape.

NOTHING is going to slow down demand for oil from China and India.
Chinese air pollution has ALREADY been detected in California.
"Ozone is only one of many pollutants from Asia that reach the United States. Instruments regularly detect mercury, soot, and cancer-causing PCBs."

The environmental pessimist point of view. Realistic? Possibly.


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     5. The Historical Collapse of Civilizations

Approx. Period
# of Years


1000 BC - 323 BC
680 years


550 BC - 330 BC
220 years


27 BC - 476 AD
500 years


1299 AD - 1922 AD
700 years


1402 - 1806
400 years


1583 - 1921
340 years


1776 - 2019
243 years

United States - not so long, by comparison, but we live in a highly accelerated age.

ALL great civilizations of the past have fallen.
Why do you think that the US is any different? Your patriotic ego?
That won't help. It will only hasten the fall, by keeping you in dreamland.

Quoting David Walker - The undeniable, inescapable truth is -
We are repeating the identical 3 sins that doomed the Roman Empire -

1. "declining moral values and political civility at home",
hedonism, entertainment culture, consumption culture, corporate greed, government by lobbyist, impotent Congress, leadership failure, Donald the destroyer, crazed lunatic POTUS, the modern Caligula

2. "an overconfident and overextended military in foreign lands"
false pretenses Iraq war, Afghanistan war is now the longest war in US history, war privatization for profit (Blackwater, Prince), more contractors than soldiers, talk of bombing Iran, thousands of new terrorists, war at any cost, and

3. "fiscal irresponsibility by the central government"
NAFTA, tax cuts, massive deficit spending, unsupportable social programs, foreign debt.



200 - 450

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The top 20% of the world's nations consume 80% of the world's resources.
The United States is 5% of world population, but
we consume 25% of the world's oil.
Not any more. Competition for scarce resources is rapidly growing.

Basically, the biggest problem facing the world is
exploding population.
It is the root cause of global warming, and will continue to be.

What have been the solutions to overpopulation historically?
War, disease, and famine. Pick one. Or two. Or three.


Which will come first?

1. WAR - Greed for oil will continue to result in unending war (exploding
oil demand from China and India).

African genocide is in full swing, starvation in Somalia.

3. DISEASE - A mutant virus will create an unstoppable disease (
bird flu H5N1? MRSA?).

4. GLOBAL WARMING - Global warming will create widespread famine. (heartland flooding, reduced production)

5. ACT OF GOD - Blind asteroid from the direction of the sun - there will be little warning

6. ALIEN INTERVENTION - Will they stop the nuclear insanity. Some suggest they have already acted to prevent nuclear annihilation.

Am I a fun guy, or what? Facts is facts, ma'am.

Disclaimer: Take this page with a grain of salt. I have no idea what will happen.
But I thought that it would be interesting to speculate.
I write about many things - why not a doomsday scenario?

What is your opinion of our rapidly expanding financial crisis?
What are YOU going to do about it? I feel powerless, so I am going to drink beer.

Burying shekels in the back yard is not going to cut it, this time.


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