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U.S. Problems

Current U.S. Political Problems

A Brief Summary
by Vaughn Aubuchon

The United States of America - still the shining city on the hill?
I don't think so. Here are the reasons why.

Throughout the history of the United States, we have been told that we are the moral high ground in the world. Our values and methods are portrayed as ideal, and certainly superior to all other countries in the world.
This page is a partial list of existing problems created and caused by United States corporations and government.


      Summary Chart Index

1. Government Failures
--- A. Domestic Policy
--- --- Control of Spending
--- --- Corporate War Against Citizens
--- --- Control of Corporations
--- --- Control of Financial Institutions
--- --- War on Drugs
--- --- Control of U.S. Border
--- --- Absurd Subsidies
--- --- Unfair Tax System
--- --- Crumbling Infrastructure

--- B. Foreign Policy
--- --- Military World Domination
--- --- Military/ Industrial Complex
--- --- Perpetual Lies
--- --- Foreign Wars
--- --- #1 Arms Supplier
--- --- Secret Prisons


2. Evil Corporations
--- --- Phony Corporate Media
--- --- Unregulated Evil Banks
--- --- Evil Corporations
--- --- Fascism


3. People Failure
--- --- Culture Disintegration
--- --- Tea Party Maniacs
--- --- Duped Republicans
--- --- Government Censorship

4. No We Can't
--- --- Failures of Donald tRump
--- --- P***y Grabber-in-Chief


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     Summary Chart

1. Government Failures


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     A. Domestic Policy

National Debt

A staggering 15 Trillion in debt for your grand kids to pay off.
But don't worry - total worldwide economic collapse will solve that.

US Citizens

Attacks on the middle class from all sides.
NAFTA - A royal screw job for American workers.
Attacks against Social Security - which pays ITS OWN WAY.
Attacks against Medicare - which pays ITS OWN WAY.
Attacks on labor unions - which protect American workers.
Wisconsin politicians need to burn in Hell.
Green cards for foreign workers, shutting out qualified U.S. workers.
Predatory mortgage lending - rampant fraud.
Countrywide is STILL generating fraudulent loans.

Is Fascism

Bribes control our congress.
Lobbyists pay off politicians to assure corporate control.
This is BRIBERY which should be ILLEGAL.
BP tells the US government what to do.
Exxon-Mobil tells the US government what to do.
Citizens no longer tell the government what to do - democracy is dead.


Since the repeal of the Glass-Steagell act in 1999, U.S. banks are unregulated, running wild, and bilking customers in every conceivable way.
Mortgage lenders are STILL creating fraudulent mortgages.

The War
on Drugs

A huge self-perpetuating anti-drug infrastructure demands to be paid - it is not about stopping drugs, it is about maintaining a legion of highly paid, spying, jackbooted thugs, who impose their own brand of religion-inspired morality - kill the druggies.
"If I am repressed, then by G0D, nobody else should be unrepressed".
The long dead Anslinger and Hearst are STILL determining our fanatical marijuana laws.
--- Rape! Murder! Insanity!
--- And of course, male breasts, testicular cancer, etc. No basis in fact.
--- "Needs more research" -
--- What about the 5-year study LaGuardia report of 1944? Ignored.

for Profit

Corporate private prisons for personal profit -
CCA - Corrections Corporation of America
CSC - Correctional Services Corporation
Wackenhut (G4S)


Immigration - Lack of control of the U.S. border.
Cheap labor for corporations, at any cost to U.S. citizens.
A drain on U.S. resources - health services, law enforcement, etc.


Paid to the richest companies - big oil, big agribusiness, big banks
Taxpayer funds given to corporations who don't need it.
Why? Lobbyists.

Tax System

The heaviest burden is placed on the middle class.
A 71,684 page tax code insures that the rich pay very little.
There are 9,834 sections, averaging 7 pages each.


Effectively a 1-party system, which excludes all others.
Ron Paul and Ralph Nader don't have a chance - they are excluded.
ANYONE who is reasonable and does not suck-up is excluded.

FDA Failure

The FDA is staffed by food industry insiders, and former pharmaceutical executives.
     --- A revolving door of corruption - wolves are guarding the hen house.
     --- Drug injuries are downplayed and hidden - profits first.


Education just doesn't matter any more.
Critical thinking - what is that? GONE!
To hell with public education - let them eat cake.


Rusting bridges, crumbling highways, collapsing sewers

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     B. Foreign Policy - Warfare
              "My Country First, Right or Wrong"

1. U.S. Military

Over 700 U.S. military bases in 63 countries, to assure U.S. domination of the entire planet.


2. Military/
Industrial Complex

All war, all the time.
Eisenhower was dead-on about the US Military-Industrial Complex, over 1/2 a century ago. He saw it coming.
The Pentagon wastes TRILLIONS of dollars, and cannot even account for where the money went.

3. Perpetual
Lies About

Activities, events, civilian casualties, friendly fire casualties, secret prisons, WMD

4. Perpetual
in Foreign

Afghanistan, Chili, El Salvador, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, etc.

5. Iraq and
Afghanistan -
They don't
want us there

The U.S. is generating more enemies than they can possibly kill.
We have killed far more civilians than combatants - the effect of this is obvious.
We have turned previously neutral people into enemies, for years to come.

6. Warfare
by drones

Nineteen-year-old video gamers operate the drones in Pakistan, blasting away anything that moves, from a "bunker" near Las Vegas, NV.
The U.S. Military can now kill anybody, anywhere on earth, at any time, without any authorization or oversight by the Executive, Legislative or Judiciary branches.
This generates many new enemies, and will continue to do so.
"If there is war between Pakistan and America, we will stand by Pakistan." - Hamid Karzai, Oct. 2011

7. Warfare by
Hired killers

Blackwater - NOT subject to military law - Not subject to ANY law!
Mercenaries are paid 10 times what our soldiers are paid.
Halliburton - no bid contracts - the crony system prevails.

8. Arms
Cluster bombs

Land mines

The US is #1 since 2003 - largest arms supplier in the world.

The US still produces and deploys cluster bombs, while most nations of the world have outlawed them - The U.S. does NOT occupy the moral high ground.

The US has STILL not banned land mines - the most indiscriminate killers of all. The U.S. does NOT occupy the moral high ground.

9. Secret
the World

According to the UN - Thailand, Poland, Romania, Afghanistan, Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Lithuania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Djibouti, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Italy, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

10. Black Ops

The U.S. government uses "black operations" to kill people all over the world. YOU don't ever get to know what they are doing, IN YOUR NAME, and how they are doing it. HUGE secret military budgets, accountable to no one.

The young and poor, the poorly educated, the dis-enfranchised,
the woefully uninformed.

Old, rich men send young, poor men off to die, for profits.
Many join the military because it is the best option they have.
They become propagandized killing machines.
After serving, the government is done with veterans, and stonewalls them, by denying them proper medical care, mental counseling and compensation.

A Veteran Dies by Suicide Every 80 Minutes

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     Foreign Policy - Hegemony

IMF Plunderers

Through the use of crushing debt, the International Monetary Fund systematically destroys developing nations, both financially and environmentally. No rule of law.

Fossil Fuel Global Warmers
--- Big oil polluters.
--- Big coal polluters.


250 - 450


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     2. Evil Corporations

Investigative Journalism
Is Dead

Just 6 corporations control everything that most citizens ever read, hear, and watch -
General Electric - $157 Billion
Disney - $36.1 Billion
News Corp. - $30.4 Billion
Time-Warner - $25.8 Billion
Viacom - $13.6 Billion
CBS - $13 Billion

Instead of reporting facts, they now ALL push conservative propaganda.
As a result, US citizens are becoming more stupid by the day.
Knowledge is power.
Your government does NOT want you to have it.
Corporate mainstream media is bought and paid for - true journalism is dead.
EVEN Hillary Clinton said that Al Jazeera is the most accurate news service.

Mix your media (sources of information), or become a manipulated dunce.
Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources.


Evil Banks

The U.S. government gives them YOUR money!
They KEEP any profits - YOU PAY for any losses.
U.S. capitalism has turned into Fascism, pure and simple.


BP tells the US government what to do.
Monsanto wildly creating uncontrolled GMOs,
Monsanto produces crop seeds which produce infertile seeds --- new seeds must be purchased from them EVERY year - cute trick.
BPA - Bisphenol A - A female hormone which screws up male hormones.
     --- BPA feminizes male children
     --- On almost all commercial receipts, and many tin can inner linings.
Antibiotics in cattle and milk with unknown consequences.
Growth hormones in cattle and milk with unknown consequences.
Phthalates in plastics are feminizing the male population.


Means "Rule by corporations"
The New World Order
Lobbyists have replaced citizens - screw the people.


250 - 450


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     3. People Failure


Our culture is turning to crap - witless, degrading junk.
Vile rap crap, reality shows, Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and the Kardashians, where a big bottom, and mindless pursuit of fashion makes you a star.
While keeping up with the Kardashians, your country is being stolen.



Too brainwashed to realize they are acting against THEMSELVES.
Critical thinking does not exist among the tea folks.
They are piffed off, but at the wrong people.

have been

There should be about 1 million Republicans.
Instead, there are over 100 million - ALL of these are people have been manipulated into acting against their own best interests, by listening to Rupert Murdock's phone-tapping Fox news. Unbelievable.


Government censorship of US citizens - domination and manipulation.
"If you read WikiLeaks, you're breaking the law."
   --- US government to Federal workers.
TOTAL CENSORSHIP is your government's goal.
If you do not know what is going on, you can't do anything about it.


250 - 450


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     4. Donald Trump, Conflict Creator

The Great Deceiver
From "Yes, We Can" Obama to
"No, We Won't" Trump

In alphabetical order,
here are a few of
Trump's failures

Administration transparency - Hide everything, reveal nothing.

Afghanistan escalation - EVERYONE says it is just plain nuts.

Assassin - Is the White House now Assassination Central? He can now kill anyone, anywhere, any time, with NO consequence!

Bank bailouts - with taxpayer money.

Big Pharma - secret drug deal - no transparency.

Border protection - Trump "Build the damned wall"

Trump tax cuts - Cash for the rich, screw the middle class, punish the poor.

Campaign Promises - Failing all of them.

Condemnation of Wikileaks, - First, he loved it.

Earmarks - "OK for me, but not you" - sheer hypocrisy.


Guantanamo Closure - No effort whatsoever.

Health care - Screw Americans, enabling the vicious thieves.

Israel lobby - Israel does whatever it wants.
Kingdom repression, Saudi Arabia does whatever it wants.

Still no prosecution of Bush war criminals.

Unemployment - Riding Obama's coattails.

War on Drugs - A colossal failure, so Trump escalates it through Pence.
- He attacks medical marijuana - screw cancer patients, screw MS sufferers.

Trump is the modern day corporate Stepin Fetchit.
He wants to suppress information, and continue his Fascist regime.
Trump has now out-Bushed George Bush.
It is all about what large corporations want, and NOT what the people want.

Even the US Supreme court has caved in to Fascism.
--- No limits or conditions for corporate political contributions - legalized bribery.

Worst since Jimmy Carter? At least Jimmy wasn't an habitual liar, and corporate suck-up.

300 - 450


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     5. Most Vexing Issues


I'll let YOU prioritize. Here's mine.

Climate Change Denial
- Highest worldwide CO2 EVER
- Fossil fuels, coal, oil, carbon
- If we don't turn the corner VERY soon,
     all our grandchildren are doomed.

Time Person of the Year -
Greta Thunberg

Moral Failures

- Intolerance of Others
   - Politics - Willful Denial of FACTS
                   - Democrats with no guts
   - Race      - Brown skin is inferior
   - Religion - Maybe yours is wrong
   - Sex        - NOT everybody is like you
   - War on Women - Health and Financial

- Money Calls ALL the Shots
   - Corp. Profits Over Everything Else
   - Amazon kills Mom and Pop shops
   - Facebook Zuckerberg, Russian Money
   - Google corrupted by Cash

Government Failures

- Corp. Monopolies - Media, Oil, Pharma

- Old White Men w/ Bad Attitudes
     - and the idiots who vote them in
Senators     - Representatives

Eternal War -
Industrial/ Military Complex
     - Ike called it in 1961

Runaway Executive Branch
   - Failure of Public Schools
   - Evil Betsy DeVos

FDA Failures
     - Industry - Government incest

Leadership Failure

   - Republican leaders with Trumpitis
   - Biased Judicial - rigged SCOTUS
   - Infrastructure being ignored
   - The tyranny of certain religions
   - White law enforcement run amok
   - Recalcitrant South - still mad they lost

Voting Rights Suppression
   - Voter Suppression
      - False info dissemination
      - Gerrymandering
      - Purging of voter rolls
      - Reduced polling places

Modern Annoyances

Lack of Civility
     - Culture degradation
     - Me First, the heck with you
     - False narratives

TV Commercials
    - The same thing 5,000 times
     - Browbeaten to death
     - Must MUTE 100's of times per day

Health Care Gouging
     - Financial rape by big pharma
     - Financial rape by for profit insurance

360 - 450


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