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Nobody Loves You When You're Down and Out

 Music Tribute page by Vaughn Aubuchon

Feeling low? Gotcha.
Try listening to these.



   Song: "Nobody Loves You"
             "When you're down and out ..."
             "When you're old and gray ..."
      Twelve Renditions, Rat cheer

       "Hey, Shell !" -
        "Max used to play this in the early 70's.
         Do you remember? "
            I sure do. And a lot of other people.

Version - listed


1. Scrapper Blackwell version - 2.5M views v=626pNZB8xXE
1920's style - 5:04


2. Bessie Smith version - 117K views v=Zea-1Fzi9JQ
A classic - 2.59


3. Max Rabadon - - 0 views
Can we find a copy? From circa Hiway 9? Panasonic?
Pure straight blues style - 3:00

4. Allman Brothers version - 693K views v=0zWrxlcfJ3Q
Allman style - 4:35


5. Emmanuel Angel version - 20K views v=7Yeb5edi1C4
WHAT a guitar! Copenhagen - 9:53


6. Eric Clapton version - 145K views v=1JLMxzxKRg4
Clapton style - 3:55


7. Alberta Hunter version - 347K views v=YdaNlZhmHoM
Alberta style - 4:23


8. B.B. King version - 333K views v=MsrA2fMn0sk
BB King Style - 4:33


9. Sara Niemietz version - 157K views v=zrOD7BosbZw
She's got it - 3:18


10. Nina Simone version - 177K views v=Izh-mmqa108
Simone style - 2:43


11. Artie White version - 4K views v=Cp-rvX7S4kY
Detroit Style - 4:16


12. Steve Winwood version- 340K views v=VwqsmNR_Q1M
Ray Charles style - 2:57


13. Dixie's Guitar version - 91K views v=gjIlReZPPNw
A Lesson - 6:39





Nobody Loves You

by Vaughn Aubuchon

Feeling low?

My old friend Max Rabadon, turned me on to this song, in the early 1970s.

Max Rabadon and Lawrence Siquig (upstairs neighbor, coworker) were my guitar teachers in the 70's. They had known each other in grade school, long before I ever met them. We were coworkers at National Semiconductor in the early 1970s. I still have some tapes of us, with Joe Rogers on harmonica (also great guitar player, and powerful singer - Louise, Bobby McGhee, etc.).

They need to be transferred from reel-to-reel to digital MP3 format. We'll see.

All things pass away. NOT SO FAST, D@MN IT!
The profound influence of gospel piano is undeniable throughout these old blues tunes. And I otta know.

OLD Gospel Music = OLD Blues Music
I am not sure who gave what to whom, or which came first. Doesn't matter. The fact is that the good stuff - phrasing, cadence, rhythm, beat were common to each.

My favorite =
This One



Love this song ... since the mid-1970s.

Sometimes when you are down and out, you need to look back, and replenish yourselves with positive memories of the profound music of yesteryear.

Such as, the ever-so-blue, powerful sounds of the past.


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