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Cadmium Cancer Risk

No Disclosure
Vaughn Aubuchon

What Risks Are Associated with common Garden Hose Fittings?

Recently, I purchased a garden hose Y-splitter with valves from Orchard Supply Hardware, made by Backyardpro brand. I got home, read the cancer warnings, and started thinking. I came up with the following carcinogen questions. What is your position on freely sold, UNDISCLOSED, cancer-causing chemicals? This web page addresses our current inadequate truth-in-labeling laws, regarding cancer-causing chemicals.


Garden Hose Y Adapter - front
Y-Adapter - front view

Garden Hose Y Adapter - back
Y-Adapter - back view

This Y-adapter has spent about one month in service, and is beginning to tarnish.
Every time you operate the valves, you rub your finger over the cadmium surface.
Cadmium absorption through inhalation is the worst, but intake can also occur by ingestion and skin absorption, especially in the presence of water.

I sure hope that no one is running drinking water through these things.
Looking inside, the plating is clearly exposed to the water flow.
Where the he|| is the warning, "Don't run drinking water through here".
Nonexistent. Disturbing.


Backyard Pro Brand - Two Hose "Y" Adapter -
Adaptor del Cierre de la Manguera

Backyardpro Y-adapter label - front

Backyardpro Y-adapter label - back

Label shown at 90% of actual size
Note that the
smallest print is the cancer warning.
Let me blow it up for you.


Cancer Warning Label

Point 1. Nondisclosure -
"WARNING - This product contains one OR MORE chemicals KNOWN to the state of California to CAUSE CANCER and BIRTH DEFECTS or OTHER reproductive harm. WASH HANDS after handling."
(I added the BOLD RED capital letters.)
"Este producto contiene o mas productos quimicos sabodos al estado de California para causar defectos del cancer y de naciemento o dano repoductivo."

REWORDED by me - "We are not going to tell you what the Proposition 65
List of cancer-causing chemicals are. Therefore, you CANNOT know what the dangers are, and you CANNOT find out."
Many of the chemicals are FAR worse than others.
They are saying, "This stuff is BAD, but we are not going to tell you HOW BAD!" ACK!


Point 2. "Wash hands after handling." -

Lavese las manos duespues de dirgir.
The MANUFACTURER ADMITS that we sure don't want any of this crud on our hands.
So you think that telling me to wash my hands ABSOLVES you of any responsibility?
I've got news for you.
Many of us don't want to touch your crud,

My sister died of minimal benzene exposure, electromagnetic radiation, and/or 1955 Los Angeles smog.
Others have had similar experiences, with undefined, but suspected chemical exposure deaths.
We are one class of folks who won't tolerate deceptive, secretive crud, in order for you to make more money.

Point 3. "This Product Is For Outdoor Use Only." -
Este producto esta para el uso al aire libre solamente.
Why? Are toxic fumes emitted? Is the noxious chemical transferred by touch? Leached by the water?
We don't get to know. So we can't do anything about it!

Point 4. My Speculation -
They won't tell me, so I am going to guess. Cadmium. The entire metal surface of the device has that weird, greenish/ pinkish, shiny golden appearance so typical of cadmium plating on cheap base metal.
Check out the Google results returned for the search cancer cause cadmium plating epa
Try a few other cadmium cancer searches yourself.

What if i guessed wrong? What if the chemical is benzene, the most powerful leukemia chemical known to man. What is the residue after evaporation? Science has known since 1897 that benzene destroys bone marrow. It wasn't until 1978 that benzene was banned in most household products in the USA. Many law firms are bringing benzene leukemia actions as we speak.

Did I guess wrong again? What is the actual plating?
Is it really nickle, another heavy metal? A bad boy in its own right.
Years ago, it used to be something that you really DIDN'T want in your right front pants pocket. Possible nickel balls syndrome could result.
Lead? Arsenic? Polonium-210? Guess some more.

". . . one OR MORE chemicals . .". Also not named.
Does your metal product contain recycled radioactive medical metal waste, as has occurred with products from Mexico in the past? Cobalt-60, wasn't it? Is "just-a-little-bit" radioactive OK? Are we being told? No.

Plutonium is not the only substance that relies upon the BIG LIE, "really small amounts won't hurt you". Science and history tell us otherwise.

Point 5. Failures -
China, and others, will sell us anything the government allows. No protection here.
OSH Hardware will sell us anything the government allows. No protection here.
State and Federal Governments WON'T ALLOW us to know. No protection here.

Point 6. Corporate Power -
Money is everything - business as usual in America.
Lobbyists pay off your congressmen, not to make much-needed laws, which CAN ALLOW US to see what we are being sold.
I want to know what is in EVERYTHING I buy. I don't want some BS warning that I am getting something BAD, but I
DON'T GET TO KNOW what it is.

We are not going to get full disclosure unless there is a groundswell of public OUTRAGE!

Point 7. Thank GOD -
That we at least have the warnings we do have. California rules!

FIGHT BACK. DON'T buy ANY of the cr@p products with VAGUE, mealy-mouthed warnings.
Scream at your local congressman. Raise he||.

Think about your children. And grandchildren.

Thank you for your time.

Update 8-8-06
The following additional OSH garden hose products also contain the California Cancer Warning.

34" Extended Watering Tool
Brass Female Coupling
Brass Male Coupling
Hose Protector
Impulse Sprinkler with Spike
Sprinklers (9 different types - metal and plastic)
Sweeper (solid brass - why a warning here? - Nelson below has no problem.)
Zinc Elbow Adapter

Hose Replacement Fitting

Sweeper (solid brass)

Note: I am not picking on Orchard Supply Hardware - actually, they are my favorite store in the world. But I am concerned about what they are selling. If you are buying any of the many toxic chemicals that OSH sells, that is one thing - you can expect to get cancer.

But if you are buying garden hose fittings, most folks don't expect them to be carcinogenic. I have subsequently noticed that other brands sold elsewhere do not have the warning label. I think OSH needs to take a closer look at this. The more cancer warning labels I see on OSH's cheaper products, the more suspicious of OSH I become. And wary. If we don't watch out, it won't be long before every d@mned thing in our environment contains "cancer-causing chemicals".

China and the US government don't care. Maybe OSH should.

California Proposition 65 - Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986

Cadmium Facts.PDF

The author is not a doctor.
Statements on this page may NOT be correct.
These are just my personal thoughts.
The sole purpose of this page is to encourage further research on your part.

I hope that you have found this Truth-In-Labeling page helpful.
Thank you very much for your time.


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