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Blood Pressure
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Vaughn Aubuchon

Buy a wrist blood pressure monitor and use it religiously.
I use an Omron Wrist Monitor #BP650 and a #BP652.



Why Use A Blood Pressure Monitor?

1. To measure high blood pressure frequently, as an aid to lowering BP

2. To establish a blood pressure trend, and take necessary action if the trend is bad

3. To measure HRV - Heart Rate Variability - Use as a blood pressure monitor.
--- Particularly useful for those with atrial fibrillation, such as myself.

4. To learn how stress, exercise, and certain foods directly affect your BP.

5. The new wrist LCD heart monitors are convenient and accurate.

   Using A B.P. Wrist Monitor

Develop A Routine
My Routine:

I take 4 successive readings, an average of 4 times daily, using my heart rate monitor.
The 4 readings in-a-row give a relative indication of HRV - how much does your heart rate vary over the short term.
Taking 4 readings also provide a means to check repeatability - of both me, and the monitor.
After you learn to trust the heart rate monitor, you begin to know that the variations are YOURS, and not the machine's.
Here is a summary of
my heart rate variability.

Keep A Record
Here is a sample of my Blood Pressure Record/ Heart Rate Record
You most certainly will be able to relate your BP/ Pulse readings to your exercise, and lack of it.
See if you can also directly relate the readings to what you eat.
All readings are kept in an Excel file, (samples referenced above) for over 12 years now.
For all the data,
in MS Excel format (file size = 1.2M),
here is
My Personal Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Data. Enjoy.


Omron BP652 Wrist BP Monitor
Omron BP-652 Wrist BP Monitor

Doctors frequently bad-mouth these wrist BP monitors as being "unreliable". NOT TRUE!
They simply must be used correctly.
It is the USER who is not reliable.
Absolute height is the most important factor, as well as repeatable height.
Always follow the same routine.
Wait 5 minutes after you sit down, before beginning.
Take 4 slow, long breaths before you push the button.

Wrist blood pressure monitors are convenient and automatic.

The Omron blood pressure monitor ($70-Costco) is reliable, repeatable and accurate.
You no longer have to wonder every day - now you can KNOW.
Buy one today, and USE IT religiously. If you care.

My Personal
B. P. Monitor Summary Data

My Personal
B. P. Monitor Atrial Fibrillation Data

My Personal
B. P. Monitor Atrial Fibrillation Summary

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The author is not a doctor.
Statements on this page may NOT be correct.
These are just my personal thoughts.
The sole purpose of this page is to OPEN YOUR EYES,
and encourage further research on your part.

I hope that you have found this heart rate monitor page helpful.
Thank you very much for your time.


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