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Sunnyvale, CA Dentist

by Vaughn Aubuchon

Dr. Jon B. Luhmann, D.D.S.
693 E. Remington Dr., Suite B
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 732-1580

History - Pain Control Specialist

Directions - Tooth Illustration



Smiling Tooth
This is a personal referral to my dentist in Sunnyvale, CA.

If you live near the the San Jose, CA area, and want to find an
EXCELLENT DENTIST, I would like to recommend Dr. Luhmann, Doctor of Dental Surgery. Here's why -

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My Long-Time History with Dr. Luhmann

* Highest Quality - I have never lost a cap

* Unsurpassed Patient Manner
   Jon is never rushed - Always patient.

* Softest hands in the business -
   your pain will absolutely be minimal
   Novocain insertion almost undetectable

* Want to replace those ugly, notorious mercury
   fillings with beautiful, white porcelain?
   Jon is your man for cosmetic dentistry.

* Great sense of humor - important to me

* Courteous and efficient office staff

* Office - fantastic tropical fish, great magazines


I have been going to Dr. Luhmann since 1975.
All work that he has performed on me has been of the highest quality.
Thirty years later, after various moves, I still gladly drive the 40 miles from Santa Cruz, CA to Dr. Luhmann's office. Abandon your marginal San Jose, CA dentist, and drive a few more miles for dental perfection.

My old friend has also been with Dr. Luhmann for over 30 years (1972). He has always been very pleased with Dr. Luhmann's work as well.

Being an engineer, I appreciate quality, precision and perfectionism. Dr. Luhmann reminds me of myself - he simply won't do less than his best.

* Outstanding Standard-of-Care
   The Number One dentist attribute.

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Pain Control Specialist

Dr. Luhmann is a pain control specialist.
This means that he is a highly-trained sedation dentist.

If you want to find a San Jose, CA area dentist,
and you live in Silicon Valley, CA,
I strongly recommend that you call

Dr. Jon B. Luhmann, D.D.S. -
California 94087 dentist

(408) 732-1580
Thank you for your time.


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Sunnyvale Dental Pain Center

Dr. Luhmann's office is located 1 block from El Camino Real,

693 E. Remington Dr.,
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Map to Dr. Luhmann's Dental Office

Map to Dr. Luhmann's Dental Office
Dr. Luhmann's new office is marked by the YELLOW dot.

I prefer a Google Map to Dr. Luhmann's office.

How about a Yahoo Map to Dr. Luhmann's office.

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The Sunnyvale Mouth and Facial Pain Center office is a short drive from Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Monta Vista, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Saratoga and Sunnyvale.
It's a little bit farther from San Jose, Milpitas and Palo Alto, but well worth the effort. There is plenty of parking.

Reward Yourself - You Showed Up!
After your teeth cleaning and x-rays,
(and not unexpected, but perhaps in my case, appropriate chastising for marginal prophylactic efforts), SPLURGE - In-n-Out Burger is across the street.


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Big Tooth
               Human Tooth Anatomy
Anatomy of A Tooth
Courtesy of the National Institute of Health

Some folks, when searching, may mistakenly type in Luhman, Luman, or Lumann. Others may type in Luhmen, Luhmenn, Lumen, or Lumenn.

(NOTE: I hope I haven't gone overboard, but this guy is great.
Thirty years with Dr. Luhmann, and I have never lost a root.
And I have some beautiful stumps. Thank you, Dr. Luhmann)

MY advice, not Dr. Luhmann's:
NEVER CHEW on POPCORN KERNELS! You will crack your teeth. Popcorn kernals have cracked my teeth, TWICE.
NEVER CHEW on ICE CUBES! You will crack your teeth.
Small stones can be mixed in with beans. Chew slowly.
Beware of chunks of bone, in fast food hamburgers. Chew slowly.
I have cracked THREE teeth at McDonalds - enough of that.
Floss as if there are an infinite number of tomorrows. DAILY!
Think about your grandchildren - teach them to floss too.


This is an unpaid, unsolicited, and unannounced salutation, accolade and recommendation to not only Jon, but also to his excellent long-term staff Barbara, Debbie and Kristen.

Dr. Luhmann has not approved of this web page.
This is solely the opinion of a satisfied customer.

(signed) Vaughn Aubuchon . . .
Longtime patient of Dr. Luhmann
Top Sunnyvale, CA dentist and family man


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