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Soquel Rental Wanted

by Vaughn Aubuchon

To Become Available

I am looking for a quiet Soquel Rental.

This page is a rental-wanted request, with an
   - online pre-interview of a
   - unique potential tenant.

1. Objective
      1. Long Term
      2. Ideal Scenario
      3. Rent Amount
      4. Time Frame

2. Tenant Description
      1. Credit Scores
      2. Tenant Description
      3. Tenant References
      4. Tenant Abilities

3. Contact


Last updated Sept. 18, 2019.


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1. Tenant Objective 

Renter :

Vaughn Aubuchon
Credit Score = Excellent

1. Target
Rental Preferences

#1 Objective - LONG TERM
  - I am seeking a modest cabin, cottage,
    or isolated 40' trailer.
  - Parking for my Sable and 1964 Spitfire.
  - I require Internet - Comcast is OK.

A rural setting in the Soquel area is preferred, but not required.
I will also consider the Capitola, Live Oak and Santa Cruz areas.

2. Possible

You may be a person with a property to be maintained, as well as rented for income.

Given the right situation, I could very well be your ideal tenant.

Other possible areas - Capitola, Live Oak, Santa Cruz

3. Rent amount

Best deal I can find
  - Depending upon -
     - a. Internet access
     - b. Privacy setting
     - c. Some kind of TV
     - d. Square footage

     - Location (nearness to town)
     - A washer and dryer would be nice.
     - A carport/ garage would be nice.
     - I have no pets, but I do love dogs.


4. Time Frame

I would like to move sometime before Nov. 2019.
I can move with a 20-day notice.



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2. Tenant Description

1. Tenant

Credit Score - 795
This is the average of the 3 top credit bureaus -
Equifax, Experian and Transunion.

Net worth - Substantial

2. Tenant

Single, retired electronics engineer
 - Nonsmoker
 - No pets, but I do love dogs.
 - Dependable, honest, very quiet,
 - Clean, healthy, stable, capable.
 - Friendly, good sense of humor,
 - Family in Capitola and Santa Cruz.
 - Steady income

Although retired, I work from home for fun, and I am on the Internet 5 hours per day (webmaster, researcher).
My website -
Vaughn's Summaries

Since I work from home, I could provide a daytime security presence (as well as night time) for your property.
I am also very good at fixing things, without bothering my landlord.


3. History -

I always pay my rent on time.

Stable - For the last 10.5 years, I have lived on Soquel-San Jose Rd., with great landlords. Recently, I have switched to paying quarterly, in advance, easier for everyone.

My Resume -
Resume of Vaughn Aubuchon

4. Abilities
(what I can offer)

I like daily physical activity,
  and I can provide the following -
  - (if desired) -
  - Garden Watering
  - Lawn mowing, leaf blowing
  - Tree-trimming
  - General repair, general upkeep

When not working outside -
I am an Internet Webmaster.
Research, data collection, analysis and presentation are my focus.


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3. Contact

Contact :

Contact :

I may not be available, but -
my answering machine
is always ON.

Dial 1-831 (if required)
then 464 then 8684.

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4. Photos

Vaughn's Current RentalCurrent Rental with Cars -
600 sq.ft.
I will consider a smaller place.

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Soquel Renter Want Ad
Quiet Soquel rental wanted by retired adult male.
Credit score = Excellent
Ideal tenant.
Seeking a Soquel residential rental,
Soquel area cottage rental.

Thank you for your time.
Here are some nice places around town -

Alfadel Lane
Allred Lane
Cherryvale Ave.
Coldbrook Lane
Laurel Glen Rd.
Little Creek Rd.
Los Robles Rd.
Main St.

N. Rodeo Gulch Rd.
Old San Jose Rd.
Olive Springs
Rancho Soquel Dr.
Soquel Creek Rd.
Soquel San Jose Rd.

I made this page to help me find an appropriate area residence. Hopefully, a little advertising will help to make me happy, and YOU happy, as well.

It is all about diligence, communication, potential match and ... a bit of luck.
And meeting expectations.

Thank you very much for your time.



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Have A Great Day!
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