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San Jose Ice Rink

Solar4America Ice, San Jose, CA Building Map

San Jose Ice Rink Guide
(NOT an official Solar4America Ice web page)
by Vaughn Aubuchon

Here is a map of the inside of the Solar4America Ice Building (formerly Shark's Ice) at 1500 S. 10th St.
Get a feel for the building, before you visit the first time.

Shark's Ice
1500 S. 10th Street
San Jose, CA 95112-6410
(408) 279-6000

The map illustrates the location of the North Rink, East Rink, Center Rink, and the South Rink. Visitors are able to watch the San Jose Sharks practice in the South Rink.

Also shown is the location of the Shark's Shop, snack area, the elevator, the party room and Stanley's Bar. Hockey games in the North, East and Center rinks can be viewed from the warmth of Stanley's Bar. Locker room numbers and locations are shown in

Note there is no "West" rink; instead, there is a "Center" rink.

Please excuse my crude drawing, but you might find it useful.


Shark's Ice Building MAP San Jose, CA

Please visit the Official
Solar4America Ice San Jose page -

Building Facade
1. Center Rink,
2. East Rink   ,
3. North Rink,
4. South Rink

5. Fitness center/Weight room,
6. Lower Level Banquet and Party area,
7. Full Service Pro Shop,
8. Snack bar,
9. Cashier/reception area.

An aerial photo of the building lies below, which illustrates the parking available..

Shark's Ice Building ROOF San Jose, CA

The aerial map (satellite photo) above is produced,
if you search Google for
solar4america ice, san jose.
Zoom in 5 times for the building photo above.

The author is NOT affiliated with the San Jose Solar4America Ice organization.
I created this page because it did not exist, and I felt it should.

Every time I visit, people ask me, "Do you know where the East rink is? "(or North, or South). Here's a thought. As a minimum action, how about putting up signs, that label each rink? Maybe a big map at the main entrance?

Although the author has tried to be as accurate as possible, errors are possible.
All reported errors will be corrected as soon as verified.

Solar4America Ice previous names -
1. Shark's Ice . . . . . . . . . (2010's)
2. Logitech Ice Center . . (2000's)
3. Ice Center of San Jose (1990's)


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