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Santa Cruz, CA
Criminal Defense Attorneys

by Vaughn Aubuchon

Here is a list of Santa Cruz, California criminal defense attorneys. Top local lawyers are included.

The criminal attorneys below are listed alphabetically. Also included are links to each lawyer's web page, practice specialties, and information reported by Google.


     List of
     Santa Cruz, CA Attorneys

Santa Cruz
CRIMINAL Defense Attorney

Website /
Google Search


Attorney Mary-Margaret Bierbaum
In practice since 1983

Santa Cruz Law

Google search for Mary-Margaret Bierbaum


Attorney Madeleine Boriss
In practice since 1980

Madeleine Boris Law

Google search for Attorney Madeleine Boriss


Attorney John R. Coniglio
In practice since 1999

John Coniglio

Google search for Attorney John Coniglio


Attorney Andrew C. Janecki
In practice since 1992

Andrew C. Janecki Law

Google search for Attorney Andrew Janecki

DUI, Drug

Attorney J.P. Lavallee
In practice since 19xx

J.P. Lavallee Law

Google search for Attorney J. P. Lavallee


Attorney Lisa K. McCamey
In practice since 1996

Lisa McCamey Law

Google search for Attorney Lisa McCamey


Attorney Ben J. Rice
In practice since 1982

Ben Rice Law

Google search for Attorney Ben Rice

Drug, DUI

Attorney Michelle Dee Spencer
In practice since 1993

Michelle D. Spencer

Google search for Attorney Michelle Spencer


Attorney John W. Thornton
In practice since 1995

John W, Thornton Law

Google search for Attorney John Thornton


Attorney Howard M. Van Elgort
In practice since 1980

Criminal Lawyer Santa Cruz

Google search for Attorney Howard Van Elgort


Santa Cruz
CIVIL Attorney

Website /
Google Search


Attorney Michael Cougar
In practice since 1985

Michael Cougar Law

Google search for Attorney Michael Cougar


Attorney James C. Eschen
In practice since 1984

James Eschen Law

Google search for Attorney James Eschen

Business Law

Attorney Wendy Morgan
In practice since 1990

Wendy Morgan Family Law

Google search for Attorney Wendy Morgan

Family Law

Attorney Donald Schwartz
In practice since 1980

Donald Schwartz Law Offices

Google search for Attorney Don Schwartz


Attorney G. Dana Scruggs
In practice since 1980


Google search for Attorney Dana Scruggs

Personal Injury

320 - 450


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Santa Cruz Law Enforcement Links



831-454-2420 - Main

Santa Cruz County
Sheriff's Department

831-454-2177 - Women's

Sheriff Search Page (gone)

Jail Inmate Locator

Online Services (gone)

Daily Arrest Logs
(last 10 days only)

Courthouse Location
Santa Cruz County Superior Court
701 Ocean Street (at Water St.)
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
The Santa Cruz Court does NOT provide online criminal case information, or an online criminal calendar.


Breathalyzer Summary

S80 Breathalyzer Review

Santa Cruz, CA Crim. Defense Attorneys

Santa Cruz, CA Superior Court Guide

Santa Cruz Wet-Reckless Arrest


The author is NOT affiliated with any Santa Cruz California government organization.
I created this page for several reasons -
1. The Lawyers' Referral Service does NOT provide the name of a single lawyer - you get whomever happens to get "cycled in" at the time.
2. The Santa Cruz County Bar Association does NOT provide the name of a single lawyer.
The lawyers listed above were selected by presence in the online community.
Although the author has tried to be as accurate as possible, errors are possible.
All reported errors will be corrected as soon as verified.


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