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Comcast Remote Control Comparison

by Vaughn Aubuchon

The old Comcast xfinity remote controls were very well designed, for use by HUMANS.

The new Comcast xfinity XR15 remote control was designed without consideration of human factors, as described below.


Old = Excellent
RC 1475505
New = POOR
Comcast xfinity RC1475505 Remote Control
Comcast xfinity XR15 Remote Control
Shown ACTUAL SIZE on Desktop
Hand gripping area is normally the BOTTOM HALF.

RC 1475505
Size - Great
Designed for Humans by
Human Factors Experts.
Size - Too small
Designed for Robot by Robots.

1. Backlight - Not needed

Backlight - Goes off TOO fast
                - Must shake it
                   to turn on again

2. Buttons - EASY to push
             - Can feel when pushed

Buttons - HARD to push
             - Little travel

3. Chan. & Vol. Buttons -
             - Very well-placed

Chan. & Vol. Buttons -
       - Must reposition in hand
            (same as their XR11)

4. Functions - 3
             - Cable, TV, Aux.

Functions - Cable ONLY

5. Last Channel Button -
         - One push, works great,
            just like it should

Last Channel Button -
      - Multiple pushes required
      - Must sort through LAST 8
             channels watched
      - works like cr@p

6. Moral arbiter - NO such issue

Moral arbiter - SCOLDS you for certain words, even though they provide SEVEN XXX channels! HYPOCRITES! BS!

7. Mute - EASY to get to
         - MOST USED BUTTON!

Mute - HARD to get to
        - Must reposition in hand
            (same as their XR11)

8. Navigation - EASY Buttons

Navigation - NO BUTTONS
   - Must push VERY HARD
           on TINY bumps!

9. Orientation Footprint -
        - Asymmetrical 
        - Can feel in the dark
          to know how to pick it up

Orientation Footprint -
       - Symmetrical 
       - Room light must be on

          to know how to pick it up
             (same as their XR11)

10. Picture-in-Picture - YES

Picture-in-Picture - NO
             (same as their XR11)

11. Power Button - LARGE

Power Button - TINY

12. Shape - ROUNDED edges

Shape - SQUARE edges

13. Size - - Just right

Size - - TOO SMALL

14. Zoom - YES
          - (both Hor. and Vert.)

Zoom - NONE
             (same as their XR11)


Simple = NO
Easy    =

All these features are WORSE, NOT better.
So, just exactly, WHAT are you making Simple, Easy and Awesome?

Marketing BS?

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Disclaimer: Comcast HAD a great remote, but their new voice remote was designed by a non-human. The new voice functionality is nice, but the PHYSICAL DESIGN is TERRIBLE!

After all, if you are a monopoly, there is NO INCENTIVE to do anything well. Just throw ANYTHING out there. Let them eat cake.

Do you agree?


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