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Santa Cruz Youth
Baseball Lessons

by Vaughn Aubuchon

Does your child want to take private baseball lessons? Do you live near Santa Cruz, CA?

For skill, sportsmanship, and a great attitude
Call Buddy Carrigan
831-234-2985 (cell)
Two times SCCAL league champs (Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League)
All Santa Cruz County Coach of the Year - 2010

If you live near the the Santa Cruz, CA area and are looking for EXCELLENT BASEBALL INSTRUCTION, I would like to recommend Buddy. Buddy provides individual baseball training for all levels of youth baseball, in Santa Cruz County. Buddy is also knowledgeable regarding baseball scholarships, and has helped young players to obtain sponsorships.


Buddy Carrigan and pitching machine

Buddy-Ball - 30 Years of Coaching Experience

Sportsmanship :

Above all else, treat everyone fairly.
Sometimes overlooked in Little League.


Objective :

Learn basic baseball skills at a fun and interesting level.
Instill character and build confidence.

Build Skills:

Fielding, hitting, bunting, pitching, alertness, strategy, tactics
Keep your eye on the ball

Experience :

Buddy has 30 years baseball coaching experience at all levels, including Little League, Pony, Colt, Palomino, and summer JC.
Currently coach of the Palomino Seals
Currently coach of the Colt Braves

Have Fun :

Winning is not everything, but wanting to is.

Perspective :

If it isn't fun, let's not do it! - Excellent sense of humor


$ 45 per hour

Buddy's baseball knowledge is quite possibly unsurpassed. Buddy knows just about everyone associated with Santa Cruz baseball, for the last 30 years.

Buddy can also offer advice on various teams, as well as local baseball politics, such as, who is too serious, and who is using ringers, who is problematic locally, improper manager influence, etc.

Buddy has seen it all - Get the Skills - Get the Facts.
Get California baseball scholarship help, and advice.

Pinto League --- 7 and 8 years old
Minor League -- 9 and 10 years old
Major League - 11 and 12 years old
Pony League -- 13 and 14 years old
Colt League --- 15 and 16 years old
(Buddy is currently the manager of the Colt League Braves.)
Palomino League - 17 and 18 years old
(Buddy is currently the manager of the Santa Cruz Palomino Seals.)
Federation League - Adults

If your child would like Little League Baseball training and instruction, and you live in Santa Cruz County or Monterey County, CA, I strongly recommend that you

Call Buddy Baseball
(831) 234-2985 (cell)
Ask for Buddy Carrigan - the baseball man - sports coach and mentor.
Send an email to

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Buddy's High School, Oneida, New York
Buddy's High School, Oneida, New York
Buddy's Old High School, Oneida, NY


Some Rule Differences Between
Little League Rules and
Major League Baseball Rules

Rule 1.04 - The Playing Field
       Distance Between Bases
       * Little League - 60 feet
       * Major League - 90 feet

       Distance from Front of Pitcher's Rubber to Tip of Home Plate
       * Little League - 46 feet
       * Major League - 60 feet, 6 inches

       Distance from Front of Pitcher's Rubber to Outfield Grass
       * Little League - 50 feet (recommended)
       * Major League - 95 feet

       Size of Pitcher's Rubber
       * Little League - 18 x 4 inches
       * Major League - 24 x 6 inches

       Size of Bases
       * Little League - 14 x 14 inches
       * Major League - 15 x 15 inches

Rule 1.08 - Benches
       On-Deck Area
       * Little League - Not permitted
       * Major League - Usually located just outside dugout

Rule 1.10 - The Bat
       Maximum Length
       * Little League - 33 inches
       * Major League - 42 inches

       Maximum Barrel Width
       * Little League - 2 1/4 inches
       * Major League - 2 5/8 inches

       Metal Alloy Bats
       * Little League - Permitted
       * Major League - Not Permitted

Rule 1.11 - The Uniform
       Jewelry or Other Metallic Items
       * Little League - Prohibited.
       * Major League - Prohibited for pitcher only.

Rule 2.00 - Definitions
       Strike Zone: Top of Zone
       * Little League - Armpits
(the BATTERS armpits, not yours, Ump!)
       * Major League - Halfway between shoulder and belt

Rule 3.03 - Substitutions
       Re-entry Rule
       * Little League - A starter may reenter, at any point in the batting order, provided the reentrant's substitute has played six consecutive outs and batted at least once.
       * Major League - No re-entries permitted. A player removed from the lineup may not reenter.

Rule 3.17 - Bench Personnel
       Bench Restrictions
       * Little League - Only manager, 2 coaches, and uniformed players are permitted on bench. Bat boys, etc., are not allowed.
       * Major League - Trainers, bat boys, and any listed coaches are permitted in dugout.

Rule 4.05 - Base Coaches
Who May Be a Base Coach
       * Little League - Uniformed players; one adult base coach is permitted.
       * Major League - Non-roster players permitted, but must be in uniform.

Rule 4.10 - Ending a Game
     4.10 (a) - Duration of Game
       * Little League - 6 innings.
       * Major League - 9 innings.
       Note: All references to the 9th inning in the Baseball are changed to the 6th inning in Little League.

       4.10 (c) - Regulation Game
       * Little League - 4 innings (3 1/2 if home team leads).
       * Major League - 5 innings (4 1/2 if home team leads).

       4.10 (d) - Tie Games after regulation minimum played.
       * Little League - suspended games (but see Rule 4.12).
       * Major League - written up as a tie, played off at later date.

       4.10 (e) - Games Called Prior to Regulation
       * Little League - suspended game if at least 1 inning completed, otherwise "no game."
       * Major League - "no game."

Rule 4.11 (d) and 4.12 - Regulation Game Called
       If score is tied at end of inning, visitors score, home team does not retie, then ...
       * Little League - Suspended game.
       * Major League - Tie game, must be replayed in its entirety.
          If home team leads at end of inning, visitors tie or take lead, home team does not reverse ...
       * Little League - Game over, score reverts to end of previous inning, home team wins.
       * Major League - Suspended game.

Rule 4.13 - Doubleheaders
       Two Games Involving Same Teams on One Day
       * Little League - Not permitted, unless first game is completion of previously suspended game.
       * Major League - Permitted; second game begins 20 minutes after first game ends.

Rules 4.15 - 4.18 - Forfeits
       Administering a Forfeit
       * Little League - Board of Directors must rule on validity of any forfeit
       * Major League - No rule

Rule 6.05 - Batter Is Out
       Dropped Third Strike
     * Little League - Batter is out on third strike, whether caught by catcher or not
       * Major League - Batter not out on third strike dropped by catcher unless first base is occupied with fewer than two out

Rule 6.10 - Designated Hitter
     Additional Player in Lineup, Batting for Pitcher
       * Little League - Not permitted
       * Major League - May be adopted by a league (currently used in AL, not in NL)

Rule 7.03 - Home Run
Minimum Distance for Home Run Over Fence
       * Little League - 165 feet
       * Major League - 250 feet

Rule 7.08 - Runner Is Out
       7.08 (a) (3) - Slide or Avoid
       * Little League - Runner is out if no attempt made to slide or get around fielder with ball waiting to make tag
       * Major League - No rule

       7.08 (a) (4) - Head First Slide
       * Little League - Runner is out on headfirst slide except when returning to a base or in rundown play
       * Major League - No rule

Rule 7.13 - Leaving Base Too Soon
        Position of Runners at Time of Pitch
       * Little League - Runner may not lead before pitch reaches home plate. If violation, no runner may advance farther than forced by batter's action.
       * Major League - No rule

Rule 8.01 - Legal Pitching Delivery
     Pitching from "the Stretch"
       * Little League - Complete stop not required
       * Major League - Must come to "complete and discernible stop"; penalty, balk (rule 8.05 (m))

Rule 8.06 - Visits to Pitcher
       Position of Manager
       * Little League - Must not cross foul line when visiting pitcher
       * Major League - No rule

       Number of Visits Allowed
       * Little League - Must change pitcher on third visit of inning (or fourth of game, in tournament rules)
       * Major League - Must change pitcher on second visit of inning


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