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Spam Email Filter

Email Spam Filter Word List

by Vaughn Aubuchon

Here is a list of some very popular words found in unsolicited email, that can be used as spam-blocking words.

Put the words below into your email filter list, to substantially reduce unwanted email. These trigger words have worked well for me.

Your unwanted message words may be different, based upon many factors, but this should help to get you going in the right direction, and help you recognize and reduce email Spam.



General Spam Words

There are many approaches to blocking unwanted email.
One anti-spam method is to employ a simple word filter, using a bad-word black list, as shown above.
Other email blockers rely upon anti-spam software which analyzes the characteristics of each message.


I receive far more obnoxious Email Spam than REAL email.
Here is a list of real and fake keywords found multiple times in the Subject Line of deceptive spam emails, over the last 4 months.
Use them to filter out 96% of the unwanted spam ads.

Subject Line
Spam Filter Word List

Spam Filter Stop Words

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Spam Word List


The words above are shown in graphic form to avoid stop-word SPAM filters.
1. Copy the words above into your spam word filter.
2. Turn "Case Sensitive" OFF, to catch all combinations of capitals and lower-case letters.
3. All spam keyword misspellings are intentional, as received from the spammers.


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