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Email Spam

Spam Email Report

by Vaughn Aubuchon

Here, I offer an inside peek at the SPAM Email that I have received. Let's shine a little daylight on this huge burden of unwanted email.

A Spam Email Filter Education Page.
How to avoid common Spam Email techniques.
I offer a number of Anti-Spam Hints at the bottom of the page.


     Email Spam Frequency by Category

Number of

General Spam


Quick reject pile - all spam not fitting into any of the below categories, at first glance. If I looked at them all, many would fit nicely into one of the categories below.

Debt, ink, mortgage, refinance, software, etc.

Drug Spam


All the expensive drugs

Virus Spam


Once identified, these are easily spotted by file size, plus general look and feel.

Chinese Spam


I say Chinese because most of them are from China. However, in here I have included ALL Spam emails that contain all question marks (?s) in the Subject line (foreign characters).

Nonsense Subject Line

(still counting)

A single word related to nothing.
A single dollar amount related to nothing.

Member Enlargement Spam


Grow a larger appendage.



Re: is the beginning of the Subject Line - They are trying to trick you into believing that this is a Reply to your previous email to them. Bogus! Spam


Go away, already. They will pound you into oblivion.

No Subject Line Spam


By definition, an email with no subject line is Spam. The problem is, that some of your friends are not diligent, or informed. You will sometimes be throwing away real emails from them unopened. Too bad. Educate them.

Social Engineering Spam

(still counting)

SUBJECT LINE: Congratulations, Great seeing you again, Hey, Hiya, How Are You?, Howdy, How's It Going, It's Been Awhile, It's Me, Miss Me?, Your sister called me, Where have you been?, etc.

Africa Email Scams


These are all heavy-text spam emails from individuals who claim to be related to recently-demised, very rich African dictators, officials, bankers, etc. They just need a teeny bit of help from you to get multi-million dollar sums into the US. They say they will give you 10-30% if you help them.

All they need is your account number .... he-he-he ...

WHF Spam


I never asked for this, and I'm not going to spend a SECOND of my time to make it go away. Beware who you send a SINGLE email to - you will be slammed with their unrequested, unwanted newsletter FOREVER. Spam


Forget about the opt-in, opt-out bull. If you don't ever want to receive Costco "Special Offers", you DON'T HAVE an email address. Get it? This applies to ANY business that you patronize. Nope! No email. Sorry.

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330 - 600

Africa Email Scams
Africa Spam Report
NEVER REPLY to these "Africa Please Help" emails.
The next email will be a request for your account number, SSN, mother's maiden name, etc.
I guess there is 1 person in 10,000 who is stupid enough to do this.
Or maybe they just think that there is! But millions of us have to suffer.

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Chinese Junk Email
Chinese Spam Report
Why would anyone open "Foreign Language" emails?
Why would spammers send out foreign language emails?
On the miniscule chance that I might speak Chinese?

Aren't spammers wonderful?
Set your filter to reject "multiple question marks" in the Subject Line.

top of page Junk Email
Classmates Spam Report
Why would anyone continue opening "" email? will pound on you forever after!
Unless you are obsessed with the past, or a particular individual - then more power to you.
Set your spam filter to reject "Classmates" in the Sender field.

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Drug Junk Email
Drog Spam Report
Be very careful about these "Drugs" emails
For instance, some "Canadian Ph@rmacies" ship from Mexico.
I do however, think that Canadian Ph@rmacies are great for saving money -
just make sure you check it out, and use a reputable company.

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Enlargement Junk Email
Enlargement Spam Report
Don't open these "Appendage Enlargement" emails - unless you want to laugh!
Contrary to these claims, you CANNOT grow a longer appendage, without surgery!
And if the need is that great, you need to examine other parts of your life -
length isn't going to make you a better man, if your brain is off-kilter.

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General Junk Email
General Spam Report
"Don't wait another moment" ... Yeah, right.
Open these typical, recent, questionable emails at your own peril.

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Nonsense Subject Line Junk Email
Nonsense Spam Report
Never open these "Totally Unrelated to Anything" Subject line emails.
You instantly know by the Subject Line that they are spam.

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No Subject Line Junk Email
No Subject Line Spam Report
Never open these "No Subject" Spam emails.
(Tell your friends they MUST include a "Subject Line", or you won't see their email -
not everybody checks the sender, when they are receiving 50 to 100 bogus emails each day.)
Set your filter to reject a blank Subject Line.

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"Re:" Subject Line Junk Email
"Re:" Spam Report
Never open these "Re:" Spam emails.
(No! NONE are actual replies to any email that you have ever sent!

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"Social Engineering" Junk Email
Social Engineering Spam Report
Don't open these phony "Old Friend" Spam emails.
Pretending to be your friend.

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Virus Email
Virus Spam Report
NEVER OPEN "Virus Detected" Spam emails!
Set your filter to reject the word "Alert" in the Subject Line.

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WHF Junk Email
WHF Spam Report
Be very careful who you email.
George Mateljan just won't go away. I never asked for the persistent bulletin.
Set your filter to reject a "WHF" in the Subject Line.

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Anti Spam Hints - How to Block Spam Email

1. Never click on the "Remove Me" link at the bottom of any email.
This tells the email spammer that he has a valid email address. BINGO!
Your name instantly goes on a bunch of NEW spammer email lists!!!

2. There is currently a trend among email spammers to construct a phony "Sender" name,
by combining an English name with an ethnic name. Examples above might include Doyle Federico, Lizzie Igpoke, Mabel Cka, Regenia Hiroko, etc.
Oftentimes, one can spot a phony email with just a glance at the "Sender Name".
Such as listed above - Lew Ddihdfl, lexxzgjixmnzw, potion Ali, or Mock waddle, etc.

3. Other Sender names are far more obvious. Examples above include "heretofor, inimical, parking, reach-out, snail, wholesale, etc.
Do not open emails from these obvious Direct Marketing Association idiots.
The DMA has a strong lobby, which assures continuing harassment and email pollution.

4. Most email virus attacks are directed toward Microsoft applications for two reasons -
A.) 95% MS market ownership gives virus writers the most bang for the buck, and
B.) The security problems with Windows are legend, making virus attacks easy - SP2 is a cruel joke.

A recent email virus which attacks PCs, does NOT EVEN have to be opened to infect your computer -
you simply have to RECEIVE the email, and BANG, you are infected.
Current file extentions of email attachments which can contain viruses are -
.bat, .cmd, .cpl, .dll, .exe, .pif, reg, .scr, and .vbs.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER open ANY attachment files with these extentions if you use a Windows PC.

Although there are viruses for the Apple Macintosh, they are a fraction when compared to PC viruses, and typically far less destructive.

Spam Word List to use in a spam blocker.


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Spam email Report

Spam Word List


The opinions stated above are my own, and not of my ISP, or anyone else.
I hope that you find this Block Spam Email Info Page useful.
It can help you in implementing an anti spam filter.
Thank you very much for your time.


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