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by Vaughn Aubuchon

My personal pet peeve -
ANY Movement on my computer screen NOT caused by me.

I HATE FLASHING content on the Internet, more than anything else.
It drives me nuts, while I am trying to read the content.


Welcome to -
Annoying Flashing Content


Flashing Crud

Flashing Drivel

Flashing Mania

Flashing Bullspit

Flashing Annoyance

Flashing Here

Flashing There

Flashing Everywhere

pole      pot



At least, when the annoying flashing is at the
top of the page, you can easily scroll past it.

Someone screaming in my face
yelling "Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey."
"Beat the stupid user with a hammer."

animated shark

Do sellers actually expect to sell MORE,
by using these techniques?
Many of us make mental notes to NEVER,
EVER respond to such obnoxious prodding.



 betty eyes

Movement on the
left of the screen
is bad.
Slide your
browser window
to the left
to get rid of it.



Whirling Beanie - Animated GIF
Movement on the
right of the screen
is bad.
Slide your
browser window
to the right to
get rid of it.

Man digging hole - animated GIF

300 - 450


Search Engine Optimization
RULE #1 is


Do not annoy your visitor with vexing distractions -
No flashing, blinking or movement of ANY kind.

If you are obnoxious to your visitor, you have lost.
(I realize that this is not SEO, per se, but if
your intent is to attract and retain as much web traffic as possible,
your first consideration should be NOT to piff anybody off).

A web page with annoying distractions is NEVER optimized.

I am on the Internet 10 hours a day, 6 days a week.
I detest ANY MOVEMENT WHATSOEVER on my screen,
other than that caused BY MYSELF.
I no longer tape card stock to my screen so I can read text
(in forums, I skip the posts of annoying newbie posters with animated avatars).

"Here is something I want you to read, but while you are reading it,
I am going to poke you in the eye with a stick, until you stop."


So Mr. Marketer, take heed.
You will NEVER sell me anything, if you produce constant movement on my screen.
I will leave IMMEDIATELY.
Some of the largest companies' sites are the worst offenders -
They have no clue - just in your face, and down your throat.

And to every other webmaster -
Just because you CAN do something, does not mean that you SHOULD!
Flash me, and I am GONE, if I can't easily scroll past your worse-than-useless distraction.
Distraction for the sake of distraction.
Graduate from the Bush League.


Your visitors want to read what you have to say,
NOT observe how irritating you can be.

Crazy mouse - Animated GIF

NO blinking text either!

Do you agree, or
do you prefer rude, thoughtless, incessant waving in your face?

Thanks for Visiting !

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Tips! -
1. Scroll downwards immediately if an obnoxious ad is blinking at you from the TOP of the screen.

2. Shift your whole screen to the RIGHT to temporarily ban obnoxious ads blinking on the RIGHT side of your screen.

3. Shift your whole screen to the LEFT to temporarily ban obnoxious ads blinking on the LEFT side of your screen.

4. If the ads blink on BOTH sides of the screen, leave immediately - you are being assaulted.
TV Remote Controls have a mute button - the web has the back button.


Don't force your visitors
to have to use these tricks,
just to stop the vexatious movement.
Annoying doesn't sell.

Distraction - LOOK HERE! - Hey, YOU!


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