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2019 -
The New Google Reality
Google Issues Summary

A list of Growing Google Problems
by Vaughn Aubuchon

This page is a summary of Google Issues, which are getting worse, as time goes by. Most of this data comes from Webmaster World, the best forum available for Internet issues.


Abject GREED



Traffic Manipulation  

AdSense Broken


Lack of Oversight

Bad Faith

My Advice


10. WMW Google Discussions

Google Glossary

     Recent Google Failures -
       Found on Webmaster World -
       Google's 2019 motto should be:
       "All your base are belong to us."

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1. Google GREED -

     Rapacious, unbridled, unprincipled.
       Cause = Capitalism, shareholder demand
       Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

       Google now wants to milk everyone dry,
       in order to generate never-ending,
       ever-increasing profits
       AT ANY COST.
       They are blind to the brick wall
       in front of them,
except the founders.


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2. Google ARROGANCE -

    Google thinks they own the Internet -
      - (they do),

      which means they find everyone's work
      product, TAKE it, and use it against the
      originator, to -
          1. Make huge profits, and
          2. Deny profits to the originator.

     Internet Vampire -
         - BIGGEST thief of Internet Content
         - Uncompensated, unacknowledged,
           unabashed, unregulated.


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3. Google SERPS -

     Totally screwed up, and getting worse.
       - Many times, JUST Google ADS
         above the fold.
       - Irrelevant crap served - They don't want
         you to find what you want, because then
         you will leave Google, and deny them
         more profits.

     New G Strategy -
         - NEVER let the visitor leave -

           Keep on Google property as long
           as possible.
           - Google-owned properties, and
           - Google financially-backed properties

           - Google "YouTube"
           - Google "Ads"
           - Google "Answer Box"
           - Google "Knowledge Graph"
           - Google "Knowledge Panel"
           - Google "Interesting Finds"
           - Google "People also ask"
           - Google "Top Stories"
               - MOST of the above frequently
                 give garbage answers.
           - Maximize ad serving

     TOTAL POWER over your ranking.
          They rank you WHEREVER they want
               - based upon your value to THEM,
          NOT based upon inherent PAGE MERIT.
               - With NO transparency whatsoever.

     We are told that links are the most important
             factor for ranking.
     Yet, one day, you have 50,000 links,
             acquired over 16 years,
             the next day only 25,000,
             as reported by G.
             How is this possible?   IT ISN'T.
     The BIG G just decided to wipe you out,
             on any whim that makes them
             more money.
Because you aren't buying ads!
     (The first SERP demotion (wipeout), for
      non-ad-buyers began with the Florida
      Update of 2003 for "money-terms".
      I have extensively documented this).


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      Google Traffic Throttling
          - Killing search for profit
               - Google Traffic Caps by site
               - The BIG Switch
               - They flip it On and Off, daily,
          - All day long, every day.
          - Absolutely phony, contrived traffic.

      Using AI to grab publisher's money
          - Shutting off converting traffic.
          - Sending tons of JUNK traffic.
          - Redirecting to G Properties

      Denying webmasters visitors thru artificial
            means, NOT based upon merit,
            but based upon G profits.
            Google profits are the ONLY criteria.


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5. ADSENSE no longer works

      Google now wants ALL the Money

           - They Were Paying Out TOO MUCH!
           - Now paying LESS and LESS, daily.

       Site Payment Caps Now
          - More clicks result in clicks removal.
          - G DECIDES what your income will be,
            based upon your value to THEM.

      Clawback - Payment reversal
           - Now constant, all day, every day -
           - AND at month end
      They simply decide, arbitrarily and
             unilaterally, just how much to pay you,
             without transparency (explanation).

     Ad Targeting
          - Well-targeted ads have been removed.
          - Untargeted Ads everywhere.
          - Garbage ads -
             - Download crud, download cr@p.
             - Big green arrows

     Ad Formats
           - Auto-ads run amok
              - NO USER CONTROL
              - No respect for container size
              - No respect for ad size
              - MUST USE CSS to limit ad size
              - Pain in the A$$
              - I don't use CSS - NO auto-ads for me!
           - Disabled backup ads feature
                - "Screw what you want,
                    you get AdSense ONLY!"
           - Huge blank spaces
                Google WON'T collapse blank space
                   - Looks like CR@P!

      CPM ADs
           - Can no longer REFUSE CPM ads
           - Years ago, you could opt out - I did.
           - Google now FORCES you to serve
             CPM impressions, which pay small
             fractions of a penny - almost nothing!
           - Google NOW DEMANDS to use
             YOUR Real Estate for FREE!

      Invalid traffic - Payment denied -
           1. Accidental Clicks
           2. Click Bots
           3. Click-bombing
           4. Multiple clicks from same person
       - BUT, no specific reason is EVER given.
       - Google just didn't like it.

ADSENSE no longer works
     B. for ADVERTISERS -

     Failing to provide value for advertisers.
          - Allowing ads on cr@p websites.

     Dropping ROI -
           - Advertisers going to Facebook,
             Amazon, others

     Accounting -
          - Non-transparent return of invalid clicks.


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6. Google DUPLICITY -

**  Google Encourages Content Theft
        - ten's of thousands of thieves. Since Day 1.
        - ALL thieves do it for ONE reason

       To make AdSense money -
          - using stolen content.

          - Denying original content.
          - MFA Sites - Made for AdSense

            NOBODY KNOWS better than Google
            who the original creators of content are.
         - THEY IGNORE IT to make Money.
         - Disingenuous profiteers
         - Monopoly RAPE - because they can.

  Stolen Content = HUGE G PROFITS.
  Stolen Content screws legitimate publishers,
  to the tune of Billions of dollars. Right now.

**  Google Competes w/ "Partners"
       - How does this grab you?
       - Google has encouraged their employees
         to create their own websites, for
        "Educational" reasons.
        How many THOUSAND of Googlers have
        their own websites, WHICH COMPETE
        WITH YOURS?
      - WE don't get to know.
      - THEY spin the dials, so whose website is
        going to be favored in the SERPs?
     - GUESS! Guess real hard.
      - (I know much more about this, but I will
        save it for court - never give up your
        best info).


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      Monopolies require regulation.
       - Where is the oversight for
          G's illegal tricks?
       - ABSENT, at present, except in Europe.
             It won't be that way forever.
             People are getting wise.

     I.E., which overseer, outside the company,
     has access to the balance sheet reconciling -
      - 1. Removed publisher income due to
           "Invalid Clicks"
      - 2. Actual returned funds to advertisers
            per transaction.
NOBODY. That's a problem.

     Google is NOW squeezing EVERYBODY -
          - First were users
          - Second were Publishers, and
          - Third are now Advertisers.


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8. Google BAD FAITH

    Endless BS from J. of Swit.
      - "Keep them spinning like tops."
      - "Always give nebulous advice."
      - "Use Auto-ads" - NOT for you, for them.
      - "Use Native Ads" - NOT for you, for them.
      - "Create Structured Data" - for them to use.
      - Do you use GA? A very high price to pay.
             - they know all, and use it against you.

     Useless advice daily.
        - IF you take G's advice, you will lose.
        - List in process, examples from WMW.
        - The harder you try, the harder they laugh.
        - The game is rigged, children.
        - Test your IQ. Just look around.


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9. MY Google ADVICE

     NEVER, Ever Believe Google
        - When they say "Recommended"
        - I have wasted 100's of hours, by
            blindly following Google's advice.
        - When they say "something" is best,
           They MEAN best FOR GOOGLE.

     Examples of Bad Advice -
        - Use AMP
              - Fraught with performance issues
        - Use Auto-ads
              - Random bag of BS
        - Use Google Analytics
             - Just freely give them ALL your data
             - They use it against you
        - Use Gmail
             - They READ it all, and act upon it
             - Ain't no privacy here!
        - Use "Matched Content"
             - WORST performing ad type
        - Use Multiple ads
             - Google "Search" may even BAN you!
        - Use Rich Snippets
             - HELP them STEAL your data.
        - Use Structured data
             - HELP them STEAL your data.

      Test, Test, Test all your actions -
        - Small scale only
        - NEVER jump in "whole-hog."
        - NEVER test with your best pages.
        - Observe negative outcomes - take heed.
        - Don't be a Google "Patsy"

        - "It will get better, if I just wait."
        - WRONG! It ALWAYS gets worse,
            as they try to squeeze more pennies,
            out of everything, and everybody.


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   10. Google Discussions
     ALL Data Below from Webmaster World

AdSense Failures

1. AdSense Data Suppression
     Analytics Shows Stats HALVED
     AdSense HIDES Your Data
     Valid Clicks Disappear

AdSense Clawback
     The MONTHLY Click Theft
     For "Invalid Traffic"
     No Transparency

AdSense Click Removal
     The DAILY Click Theft
     For "Invalid Traffic"
     No Transparency

AdSense Earnings Cap
     Google Decides What to Pay You
     The Little Guy Gets Screwed

AdSense Forces CPM Ads
     Can No Longer Reject Them
     Rams Them Down Your Throat
     Why? PPC pays over $1, and
     CPM pays less than 1 penny.

New AdSense Restrictions
     1. All ads to be created "responsive"
     2. No more "text only" or "display only"
     3. No more "text ad styles"
     4. No more "alternate URL"
     5. No more "ad experiments"
     6. No more "asynchronous code"

7. Etc., etc., etc.


Google Failures

1. Google Disappearing Links
     50% of Your Links Can Vanish in a Day
     UNNATURAL Behavior

Google Domain Crowding
     Shutting Others Out
     Boosting the Big Ad Buyers

Google Fined in Europe
     U.S. - Anything Goes
     Europe Won't Tolerate Behavior
     2017 - June $ 4.2 Billion (SE)
     2018 - July $ 4.3 Billion
     2019 - Jan. $ 1.5 Billion (Android)

Google Hoards Visitors
     To Make MORE Money
     And Deny Publishers

Google Ignores EU GDPR
     General Data Protection Regulation
     Fined BILLIONS of $

Google SERPS Suck
     Bing and DDG Now Far Better
     Big G Is Going Ad Crazy

Google Steals YOUR Data
     Uses It To Make Money
     And Deny YOU Payment

Google Traffic Shaping
     Google Removes Buyers with AI
     and Keeps Them For Themselves

Google Traffic Throttling
     Google Caps Your Visitors
     For THEIR Benefit - Power Mad

Google Zombie Traffic
     Sending Non-converting Traffic
     Determined by AI

xx. Etc., etc., etc.

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  10. Google Glossary
           GOOGLE Related Terms

AdSense Terms

Google Alternate URL -
       Specify an ad from another
       source other than Google.
       This option was removed in Aug. 2019.
       Google now demands total dominance
       of your ad space.

Google Async Code -
       The ad code loads
       independently of other code, not
       dependent on other code loading first.

Google Auto Ads -
       Google decides how many ads to put on your pages, how stupid they will look, and where to put them. Too many, and Google Search will drop you - very dangerous. And unbelievably hypocritical and self-conflicting.

Google Worthless CPM Ads -
        Pay a fraction of a penny.
        Cannot be refused.
        Free real estate for advertisers.
        Publishers relegated to doormats.

Google Publisher Clawback -
        Earnings removal
        NO Transparency

Google Click Removal -
        For "invalid traffic"
        Arbitrary, no explanation

Google Earnings Cap -
       Earnings limited by site
       Small sites must not be rewarded.
       Documented over time

Google Bombing -
       Many clicks from the same visitor.

Google Invalid Traffic -
       1. Click-bombing
       2. Ad too close to navigation
       3. Accidental clicks (min. ad view time)
       4. Clickbots
       5. Undefined - NO explanation

Google MFA Sites -
       Made For AdSense -
       Sites created solely for the purpose of
       running AdSense ads to make money,
       most of the time using stolen content.

Google Responsive ads -
       Work poorly - must be manipulated
       to work properly
       Google ignores container size.

Google Zombies Traffic -
       Visitors sent by Google who have zero
       buying intent, after Google filters out
       the buyers for themselves using AI.

Web Scrapers -
     Nefarious web sites which STEAL content from legitimate websites and represent it as their own, for the purpose of running AdSense ads to make money. Google LOVES IT, and is THE WORST offender, by ignoring and promoting the activity, due to huge profits.



Google Terms

     European Union
     General Data Protection Regulation

GMB - Google My Business

Google Analytics -
     G records all your data, and lets you see some of it, keeping the juiciest bits for themselves, to guarantee the most profit for THEM, not you.

Google Domain Crowding -
     Many pages from same site on first page
of your SERPs - diversity suppressed. Top-paying entities polluting reality - Amazon, YouTube, other Google properties, etc.

Google EAT -
     Expertise, Authority, Trust - External factors used by Google to determine ranking, because they have no ability to evaluate the truth and accuracy of actual content. The PHDs at big corporations may exhibit E and A, but forget about the T - money controls their mouths.

Google QRG -
     Quality Raters' Guidelines
     166 page document to judge web pages.
     These low-paid web critics have the
     power to boost your site, or send you
     into oblivion - highly subjective.

Google Page Rank -
     Google ranking based upon incoming
     links from other websites.

Google Traffic Shaping -

Google Traffic Throttling -
     Censorship, absolute bias

Google Zombie Traffic
     Sending Non-converting Traffic
     Determined by AI

Gorg - Google Borg -
     The huge AI-driven automaton designed to make your money their money, by using algorithms based upon profit for Google, NOT web-page merit.

NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming

No Follow Links - Barry's Take

Rich Snippets -

     Search Engine Optimization

     Search Engine Results Pages

     User Generated Content

     Your Money or Your Life
     - Moving corporate crud to the top
     - Truth takes a back seat to money


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     Vaughn's Other
     GOOGLE-SEO Related Pages

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ALL data is believed to be CORRECT.
ALL my opinions are believed to be correct.
Soon, we may see confirmation from
ex-Googlers, fed up with what they have witnessed.

I think we are seeing a Google mole right now -
his monaker is "Bill Lambert - Google mole".
John Mueller's denial sounds like a Trump denial.

Reported errors will be addressed forthwith.

Please read WMW daily.


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