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Facebook Sucks

Beware of Facebook BS
Vaughn Aubuchon

Facebook Sucks
I cannot believe how badly Facebook sucks.
I closed my account. It wasn't easy.
They have changed the way to close your account MANY TIMES. All of the online guides to opt out are obsolete, because Facebook has changed how to do it MANY TIMES.

Can't Do Anything
Several folks have been posting A-HO comments on my Facebook page. I wanted them gone. People coming out of nowhere, sh|tting all over my page. I studied Facebook for HOURS, to try to find out how to block them. HOURS. I could not figure it out. THAT IS ON PURPOSE. That left me with one alternative.

Get the He|| Out
I don't need this cr@p. I am done with mega-bastard, piss ant Mark Zuckerberg.

Screw Mark

Zuckerberg is in full-panic mode. He is DESPERATELY trying to stem the tide of people trying to GET THE HE|| OUT, and tries to stop them.

1. He sells your personal data for profit. You are nothing more than advertising fodder.

2. He served THOUSANDS of Russian ads to aid Trump, paid for in Russian rubles. He didn't notice. Hello, anybody home?

3. He THREW the election to Trump.

4. He will do anything for money.

5. Congress MUST kick his a$$.

6. Republicans won't do sh|t. Because they are all worthless t*rd-heads for the BIGGEST Rump. Corporate profits yes, people's rights NO!


Those are the facts, maam.
Chew on them puppies.


There is a lot of cr@p to deal with on the Internet.
Facebook is the WORST.
They sell your data to the highest bidders,
who bombard you with cr@p.
Eff 'em. All the way to Hades.


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