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by Vaughn Aubuchon

WARNING: Many may find the ads below very offensive. Please leave now, if you are easily offended by dark humor.

eBay online ads have become very innovative.
Here are a few internet advertisements of exquisite taste, shown in 2005, for the Bolded search terms shown.

Online advertisers are constantly perfecting their ad quality.
Exceptionally useful items are now available.
Type your search terms into Google yourself, and observe the online eBay ads on the right hand side of the page, under "Sponsored Links".

Think up an exceptional search term - type it in, and see if it produces an eBay ad! It's Fun & Easy . . . . Oh, my. How could THAT happen?


   Standout Humorous
eBay Ads
    Which Have Appeared in Search Results

eBay ad - Athletic Sweat


eBay ad - Baby African

eBay ad - Discount Baby Mexican

eBay ad - Body Fluids

eBay ad - Boogers For Sale

eBay ad - Buy Asian Baby

eBay ad - Buy Babies

eBay ad - Buy Children

eBay ad - buy girls on eBay

eBay ad - Canada Baby

eBay ad - Chinese Women

eBay ad - Corpses

eBay ad - Crotch Rot

eBay ad - Crud

eBay ad - Dead Bodies Sale

eBay ad - Free Dead Cats

eBay ad - Dead People

eBay ad - Dead Pets For Sale


eBay ad - Dirty Thoughts For Sale

eBay ad - Meet Dead Singles

eBay ad - Disgusting

eBay ad - Drool Sale

eBay ad -Farts

eBay ad - Farts on eBay

eBay ad - Filth for sale

eBay ad - House Boys for Sale

eBay ad - Indian Women for sale

eBay ad - Innards For Sale

eBay ad - Italian Baby For Sale

eBay ad - Lies For Sale

eBay ad - Mormon Women for sale

eBay ad - Nothing for sale

eBay ad - Ooze For Sale

eBay ad - Poo for Sale

eBay ad - Poop for sale


eBay ad - Problems for sale

eBay ad - Pubic Wigs for Sale

eBay ad - Puke for sale

eBay ad - Severed Heads Sale

eBay ad - Discount Skin Growths

eBay ad - Stench for sale

eBay ad - Stink for sale

eBay ad - Turds for sale

eBay ad - Upchuck for sale

eBay ad - Used Condoms for free

eBay ad - Used Tampons for sale

eBay ad - Vampire Blood for Sale

eBay ad - Vomit Sale

eBay ad - War Victims for sale

eBay ad - Womens Sweat for sale

eBay ad - Wretched Sale

All the above are 51 ACTUAL SCREEN SHOTS of online sales ads for the search terms mentioned, taken on Feb. 1-5, 2005.
The self-policing high standards and prudent self-restraint of Adwords advertisers has resulted in remarkable ad copy.
It's interesting how a big online advertiser can generate such diverse advertising content.

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