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1950's Oregon

Yankton Grade School,
St. Helens, Oregon

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by Vaughn Aubuchon

Here are some old Photos from Yankton Grade School, St. Helens, Oregon.

Are you about 75 years old?
Were you born in 1944?
Do you know or remember any of these kids?


1957 Class
(High school class of 1962)
7th Grade Graduation Photo -
Yankton Grade School
St. Helens, Oregon  97051

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Yankton Grade School - Class photo 1957
(posed by height, tallest in back row)
1957 7th grade - My class :

Back Row - Mike Haney, Linda Olsen, Nancy Farrington, Don Howard, Larry Kelly, Alta Olsen-George*

Middle row - Mrs. Rutledge, Vaughn Aubuchon, Clarice Van Dolah, Lavina Patterson, Dale Werings, Linda Peoples, Robert Obermeier*, Louis King, Jean Lord

Front Row - Jack Olson*, John Howard, Charlotte Briggs, Glee Corley, Carolyn Haun, Robert Bowls, Sharon Olson-Oliver*, Lauralee Middleton-Ihler*, Kathie Cave

light blue = passed away
* = attended St.Helens Senior High School, St.Helens, Oregon, Class of 1962, 40th reunion in July 2002, pictured below.
Many thanks to Sharon Olson-Oliver for her additions, corrections, and other news, or should I say "olds".

Robert Obermeier - 1957...Robert Obermeier - 2002

1957 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2002
Robert Obermeier
- Then and in 2002

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High School Class of 1961
(no photo)
1957 8th grade - Our superiors :
Sharon Asher, Betty Jean Higgins, Gaylord Landreth,
John Mickey, Robert Tice, LeeAnne Willhoft

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High School Class of 1963
(no photo)
1957 6th grade - Our underlings :
Elaine Footh, Pat Harbison, Robert Higgins,
Donald Mickey, Larry Olson
Janice McCutcheon Peterson?

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High School Class of 1964

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Yankton Grade School 1954 Second Grade

1954 2nd grade -

Back Row - Gary Tice, Mac Asher, Larry Asher, Jim Wright, Jim Sparks

Middle row - Miss O'Rourke, Gary Werings, Becky ____, Kay Luttrell, Stan Mallory, Ronnie Reines

Front Row - Eddie ____, Sharon Harrison, Shirley Duren, ____ ____, Mike Middleton, Charlie Briggs

Many thanks to Les Watters who provided the great photo and information.

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Yankton Grade School, Oregon 1908
Yankton Grade School - Class of 1908
Some had shoes

Yankton Grade School, Oregon 1958
Yankton Grade School gets a light green paint job in 1958?.

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Yankton Grade School, Oregon 2002
Aug. 9, 2002 - Thank you, Sharon Olson-Oliver

Jack DeLashmutt - Yankton, Oregon

Jack DeLashmutt
1958 Oregon Teacher of the Year, Age 37




Yankton Grade School
St.Helens, OR

Sharon Olson, Lauralee Middleton, John Howard, Don Howard


Yankton Grade School
St.Helens, OR

Jack DeLashmutt,
Oregon Teacher of the Year


St.Helens Junior High School, St.Helens, OR

Val Humble, Pat Cassidy, Art Brasmer,
plus the Yankton kids


Hamilton High School, Los Angeles, CA

Dan Aron, Michael Bullock, Dan Moser,
Joan Adelman, Evy Benjamin, Karen Roth,
Sheldon Koiles, Dieter Guerke


Hillsdale High School. San Mateo, CA

Dick Vermeil, famous football coach, started here - He was the football and basketball coach.
Ron Fisher, Louis Schick, Mike Young, Rick Schweiger, Greg Strong, Kris Cavalli, Jamie Barnard, Barbara Lucy, Joan White and John White


St.Helens Senior High School, St.Helens, OR

Sharon Olson Oliver, Lorrie Wegner Obermeier

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Sharon Olson Oliver



Lorrie Wegner Obermeier



Les Watters





Class of 1962 -
St.Helens High School, St.Helens, OR - Reunion Photos

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