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Class of 1962 - Reunion Page

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by Vaughn Aubuchon

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     Sept. 2013 Reunion - 51st Reunion

        At the Sunshine Pizza parlor, St. Helens, OR - Sept. 4, 2013
Class of 1962 - 2013 St. Helens, OR Reunion PhotoLeft side of table: Elon Felton, Kathie Sherlock Harris, Jack Overstreet, Dian Jensen Roe,
Right side of table: Sirje Sillamaa Carl, Lorrie Wegner Obermeier, Jeanette Van Dolah Mattson, Valerie Barbeau Eberley

Quite a bit of attrition - only 8 students in attendance
(Lorrie - Thank you for the names)

Sept. 2014 REUNION
The 52nd reunion will be held on Sept. 14, 2014.
Keep in touch with Lorrie for details.


Sept. 2009 REUNION
The latest from Lorrie -
Now, there is a 1962 Class blog -

Here is a quote from the blog - "All St. Helens High School classmates from 1960 through 1969 are invited to a reunion, Saturday, September 12, 2009 at the St. Helens Elks Lodge. The event begins at 4:30 pm."

Old Reunion Reminder R1 - 2007

July 2007 Reunion
Be there, or be square.
A message from Lorrie Obermeier - Feb. 28, 2007

July 21, 2007

It is time for our 45th class reunion. We have secured the St. Helens Moose Lodge for the evening. If you feel this is short notice, your 50th reunion will be held July 21, 2012.

We are contemplating between three dinners. Please choose the one you feel we should serve and the one with the most votes will win.

1. Roast Beef, mashed potatoes or baked, vegetable, roll, salad and light dessert.

2. Swiss Steak, mashed potatoes or baked, vegetable, roll, salad and light dessert.

3. Turkey dinner, mashed potatoes, vegetable, dressing, roll, salad and pumpkin pie.

The cost will be $10.00 per person.

The Moose Lodge will serve breakfast the next morning starting at 9:00am. It will be open to anybody.

You may e-mail, call, or send a note to let me know of your choice for dinner.
If you have e-mail, please send it to me. Then I can let you know what is happening using e-mail.

Lorrie Obermeier
440 Matterhorn Drive
Park City, UT., 84098

503-369-0927 (cell)
(I haven't used this yet, hope it works)

Choice 2 would be

We will start at around 6:00pm. Dinner at 7:00pm. Unless someone has a better idea. We are open for options.


Best Western Oak Meadows Inn . .
503-397-3000       St.Helens     
    Toll-free number . . . 800-528-1234

The Village Inn   . . . . . . . . .  
503-397-1490        St.Helens

Barnstormer Bed and Breakfast . .
503-543-9240        Scappoose

Malarkey Ranch B & B . . . ..
503-543-5244        Warren

The Moose Lodge - Has some electrical hook ups, but no sewer.

Scappoose Bay Marina may have hook ups. It is across from the Moose Lodge.  

I know there are a few spots at the
St. Helens Marina, but they are usually full.  

If I can find any more places, they will be included in the next letter.

Missing Classmates

Penny Chin

Nancy Chapman

Nancy Farrington Sumpter

Phillip Gragg

James Howard

Barbara Johnson Frisbee

Howard Nauman

Randy Nolander

Linda Peoples Brooks

Bill Tupker

Marvin Werings

Irene Williams

Vaughn, I don't like the danged HTML treatment -
please give me the original .doc MS Word document, so I can PRINT IT OUT!



2007 45th REUNION DATE!

As of now, Lorrie has booked the Moose Lodge in St. Helens for July 21, 2007. She hasn't any other details yet. Jaynie Miller Clark is getting back to Lorrie about the food and $$.

Lorrie is having computer problems (Who isn't? Ha!) If you are not having problems, something is wrong.

For those who wish to participate, or if you have questions, you may want to email Lorrie. She can be reached at
lorrie at (please remove the space-at-space and replace with the @ character - I don't want to have Lorrie get spammed).

For intercommunication purposes, I will update any email address on the
1962 Class Roster page.

Just send an email to Vaughn. Thank you.



Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year

2007 Reunion - All the Young Lions

Since Lorrie has moved to Utah, she probably won't be organizing a 2007 45th reunion. I am not aware of anyone else who will be doing this.

If someone wants to set a date and/or place in summer 2007, just email me with the information, and I will put the details here. Sharon, thanks again so much for the photos of my old house on Brooks Road (now Jaime Drive).


In Memoriam
Trudy Williams Lufkin
Today, I received an email from Sharon Olson Oliver informing me that Trudy Williams Lufkin passed away on May 3, 2005. A celebration of her life was held Saturday, May 6, 2005 in St.Helens. Among the many attendees were Sharon Olson Oliver, Dave Oliver, Lorrie Wegner Obermeier, Joyce Ditto and John Weatherbee.


In Memoriam
Today, I received an email from Sharon Olson Oliver informing me that David Printz passed away at home on Oct. 28, 2004. His health had been deteriorating for several months. Our thoughts and prayers are with David's family at this time.

There will be a memorial service for David on November 19, at 2:00 PM at the Multnomah Athletic Club located at 1849 SW Salmon St. Portland, OR. It is near the PGE Park.

If you would like to send a card, here is Linda Printz's address:
6546 SW Hickman Lane, Portland, OR 97223-3422.

David Printz
David Printz 1944-2004

Sharon also informed me that Lorrie Wegner Obermeier is moving to Utah.
Thank you Valerie for the email and photos of David.


Newspaper Clipping of 1962 SHSH Graduates

370 - 450

Class of 1962 - St.Helens Senior High School - St.Helens, Oregon
July 20, 2002 - 40th Reunion Photo

St.Helens High - Class of 1962 - 2002 Reunion
St.Helens 1962 Class - 2002-Reunion

Total = 50 alumni from the Class of 1962 (Note: Lufken above should be "Lufkin")

24 women - 26 men

Alphabetical by First Name:

2002 Reunion
Women Attendees
Alta Olsen George, Denice Anderson Karstetter, Dian Jensen Roe, Diane Hicks Mertens,

Dolores Apple Sorenson, Donna Zielaskowski Sheldon, Jane Shearer Weissenbacher, Janice Gump Yuly,

Jeanette VanDolah Mattson, Joyce Ditto Johnson, Lauralee Middleton Ihler,

Lorrie Wegner Obermeier,
Louise Housley, Pat Cassidy Hughs, Pat Armstrong Kingsland, Raynette Pierce Lewis,

Rita Gillette Thompson, Rosalie Bogardus Finch, Sharon Olson Oliver, Sharon Peterson,

Trudy Williams Lufkin, Valerie Barbeau Eberly, Verla Powell Woolstenhulme, Willa Stellflug Clark

2002 Reunion Men Attendees
Art Sherwood, Bob Covel, Dan Mock, David Oliver, David Printz, David Thompson, Dick Jacobus,

Elon Felton, George Gortler, Glen Keudell, Homer Bazler, Jack Finigan, Jack Olson, Jack Overstreet,

Jim Wootan, Joe Sheldon, Ken Orr, Kurt Eisenschmidt, Larry Lampman, Larry Meissner,
Leonard Marson,

Norman Hall, Pete Paulson, Roger Oukrop, Steve Semling



Signed up with (email addresses available if you sign up for $30):
Women: Carol Gentsler, Diane Hicks, Dolores Apple, Donna Zielaskowski, Lorrie Wegner,
Patricia Cassidy, Sharon Olson, Vicki Popejoy,

Men: Donald Halstead, Joseph Sheldon, Mike Klein, Norman Hall, Randy Ammon, Vaughn Aubuchon,

Yet to be located for the 2007 reunion:
Women: Betty Nelson, Clara Guisinger, Joy Burk, Linda Peoples, Nancy Farrington, Penny Chin,
Men: Dale Werings, Harvey Basler, Howard Nauman, Randy Nolander,
Len Monroe was the school principal, Wayne Forte was superintendent.

Click here for complete
Alphabetical List.html
with emails

The Last reunion was on the 3rd Saturday of July (21st) 2007,
Lorrie Wegner-Obermeier for details

Many thanks to Lorrie Wegner-Obermeier* for the photo, corrections and additional info,
and to
Sharon Olson-Oliver, for all the photos that she has provided.

To anyone:
Are there any photos available of previous reunions, Class of 1962, St.Helens High School?
Such as 10th, 20th, 30th, etc?
It might be fun to compare them!
If you have one, I will scan it and put it here.

Here is the 35th Reunion photo (from 1997)! Thanks again, Lorrie.


St.Helens High - Class of 1962 - 1997 Reunion
St. Helens High, St. Helens, OR - Class of 1962 - 1997 Reunion

Can you name them? - 19 women - 25 men

ROW 4: David Patton, Bernice Clark Markey, Willa Stellflug Clark, Barbara Hutton Kawamoto, Jaynie Miller Clark, Rita Gillette Thompson, Donald Halstead, David Printz, Art Brasmer, Leonard Marson, Howard Naumann.

ROW 3: Kurt Eisenschmidt, Denice Anderson Karstetter, Alta Olson George, Joanne Chappo Rauch, Claudia Wickman, Raynette Pierce Lewis, Val Humble, Joyce Ditto Johnson, Trudy Williams Lufkin,
Elon Felton (a little behind Trudy), Dick Jacobus, Mike Kline, Steve Semling (a little behind Mike).

ROW 2: Sharon Olson Oliver, Lorrie Wegner Obermeier, Dan Mock, Jim Warburton, George Gortler,
Dorothy Sutton Graybill, Susan Tustan Briggs, Glenn Keudell, Valerie Barbeau Eberly,
Sirje Sillamma Carl, Larry Lampman.

ROW 1: David Oliver, Bill Craver, Larry Meissner, Charles Brady, David Thompson, Alice Thompson Bair, Mike Bair, Roger Oukrop, Jim Wootan.

My time in St. Helens was not so great. After 50 years, I FINALLY told my father what I think of him.
My religious upbringing in St. Helens, OR.

My heart attack and stroke
(Aug. 11, 2013). Truth be told, I dodged a bullet. I now take losartan and diltiazem. Take your blood pressure medication, or suffer, like I did.

Take your coumadin, if you have A-Fib, or you will have a stroke.
Coumadin for A-Fib is bullcrap - a medical racket. I switched to1/4 aspirin a day, years ago, and couldn't be happier.


Top 100 Song Hits of 1962

Other St.Helens High School Class Websites:

I noticed that the Class of 1972 needs a little competition, webwise!
Wow! Pretty slick.
(many thanks to Glorene for the lion graphic above)

The Class of 1982 is also active:

How many of the 1962 kids had kids in this class?
Let's see . . . Married at 19, pregnant at 20 ... yeah, that should work.
I'll say . . . 4. Just have to compare all the names . . .

And how many of THEIR kids just graduated in 2002?


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