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Old Packer Family Photos
from Los Angeles

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by Vaughn Aubuchon

1. Orren and Josephine Packer early photo - 1915?

2. Orren and Josephine
Packer anniversary photo - 1950

Packer home photo, San Fernando Valley - circa 1940

4. Orren Packer with
Rosalind Russell - 1945

5. Emma Louise Packer
Elopement photo - 1919




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Orren Packer and Josephine Packer
1. Orren Packer and Josephine Packer - circa 1915
Date and location unknown - either Texas or Los Angeles.




Orren Augustus Packer

Oct. 30, 1873

Los Angeles, CA
July 18, 1951
Age: 78

Grip at Warner Brothers -
SS 559-10-2247
Father: Joshua Packer
Mother: Emma Wilkinson

Josephine R. Powell (Packer)

Nov. 17, 1890

Seal Beach, CA
Oct. 8, 1969
Age: 78

Housewife - SS 559-54-5322
In Cal. Death Records as "Josephin"
Father: George W. Powell
Mother: Louise Bush

My mother's father was ALSO a grip at Warner Brothers - they must have known each other.
The parents of George W. Powell were Fletcher Powell and Sarah Cravette.
The parents of Louise Bush were William Bush of Texas and Jane Chambers.
"Dama" told me this info when I was 11 (1955), and doing a genealogy chart.





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Orren Packer Anniversary Photo - 1950
San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA

Orren Packer and Josephine Packer Anniversary photo

2. Josephine Packer - Orren Packer 45th Wedding Anniversary Photo - circa 1950

Back Row: Debs Packer, Deb's son-in-law, Deb's daughter, Charles Gains, Eleanor Gains, unk woman, Mariana Aubuchon, Fred Aubuchon, Louise Aubuchon, Fred Aubuchon Sr., unk woman

Front Row: Vaughn Aubuchon, Deb's granddaughter, Emily Packer, Josephine Packer, Orren Packer, Deedee, Deb's grandchild, Jeanne Pethel, John (Tony) Pethel, unk girl

Many thanks to Sammi Lamar and Ed Houston for this fine photograph.
Which one is Roberta Guy? Which one is Murial?

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San Fernando Valley - Orren Packer home
3. Packer Residence - San Fernando Valley Home, Van Nuys, CA - circa 1940
Residence of Orren Packer and Josephine Powell Packer, formerly of Texas.
They were the parents of Debs Packer, and Emma Louise Packer
(later Sister Louise Aubuchon, Minister,
International Foursquare Church)
who was the mother of
Frederic Packer Aubuchon (my father), and
Jeanne Aubuchon Pethel (my aunt).
Tell me where this house is, and I will send you $50.
I will photograph it, and post the photo here.

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Rosalind Russell - Orren Packer - Benjamin Parks

4. Orren Packer with Rosalind Russell - 1945
Unknown man, Orren Packer, Rosalind Russell, Benjamin Parks, Unknown man

At a celebration honoring World War I Veterans
After the completion of the Warner Brothers movie "Roughly Speaking" in 1945,
starring Rosalind Russell, Jack Carson, Robert Hutton, Andrea King, Donald Woods,
Craig Stevens, Alan Hale
Director: Michael Curtiz

Many thanks to Sammi Lamar and Ed Houston for this fine photograph.

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Emma Louise Packer - Fred Aubuchon

5. Emma Louise Packer and Fred L. Aubuchon - 1919
Both are in the anniversary photo at the top of the page.
My father is
Frederic Packer Aubuchon. Here is a photo of my father's parents, at their elopement.
Fred was 19 and Emma was 17. Ahh, sweet bird of youth.
What a photo.
Many thanks to Sammi Lamar and Ed Houston for this fine photograph.

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