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Aubuchon Family

Old Highway 99
Selma, CA

The Aubuchon Family in Selma, CA
(This page is not intended for small screens.)
by Vaughn Aubuchon

California Highway 99 Nostalgia and the
Aubuchon Family in Selma, CA

Fresno County
Back in 1953, when it was
Highway 99, Selma, Calif.

Now, it's 2550 Whitson St., Selma, CA 93662


June 11, 2012

Old Wilshire Service Station, Selma, CA2550 Whitson Ave., Selma, CA -
The Old Wilshire Service Station (A)
Since 2006, the wooden fence around the property has been removed, and the storage yard and auto garage (B) have been cleared.
Bill's old house (C) remains boarded up.
UPDATE: In 2012, Google street view shows that the big sign has been removed.
UPDATE: In 2017, Google street view shows NOTHING but an open field. Everything is gone, buried in the past.

This 2006 photo below shows little change in 53 years.
(Until you walk in at ground level.)
I can still recognize the place,
unlike other places, that have been hammered by the changes of time.
Oleander no longer fills the highway center divide.
Comments in red made after visiting on the ground March 07, 2006, 50 years later. What had been an oasis, has returned to desert.

Old Highway 99, Selma, CA

Google Satellite Photo and Map
"OLD H99" refers to the old Highway 99, which is now Whitson St. On the top right of the photo, W. Front Street can just be seen along the railroad tracks.

Bill's son was named Gary Aubuchon (b.1934?). He took my grandpa and I fishing for catfish, and got stuck in the thumb pretty badly - I have been unreasonably respectful of catfish stickers ever since.

"A" is the old Wilshire Service Station, run by my Grandpa Fred's brother, William Aubuchon. (empty, all glass broken out)
"B" denotes the auto garage for repairs. (frequented by the homeless)
"C" was Uncle Bill's house. (boarded up)
"D" was an orchard with every kind of fruit tree there is, it seemed. (not a single tree remains)
"E" was great-grandma Mary Eliza Aubuchon's house (now just a junk pile). All around the house and along the driveway "F" were grape vines of every type - Muscat, Thompson Seedless, Tokay (all gone) - plus oranges, nectarines, peaches, plums, pomegranates, apricots (all gone). In August, eat what you want, it's the CENTRAL VALLEY, everything's ripe - great fun as a kid. "S" denotes the storage yard.

At night, Uncle Bill would take us into the auto garage, and dazzle us with his special rock collection. The rocks looked like regular rocks, until you turned out the light and turned on the ultraviolet light. The tungsten and other ores fluoresced in beautiful pink and green colors. A dazzling show for a young rock collector such as myself.

Aunt Elizabeth Stone, with her hoarse voice and infectious laugh. lived in a house right across Thompson Ave. where it says "Elizabeth" on the vacant field. Her husband Bill Stone was tall and quiet - smoked a pipe, and was a pipe collector. Liz, however, was quite verbal. Bill was a custodian at Fowler High School. They had a big fig tree in their back yard, with great figs. Their son Leroy Stone met an early demise (1930-1965). Bill, Elizabeth and Leroy Stone are all buried in the West Selma Cemetery on South Thompson Ave., right next to Fred and Eliza Aubuchon.

Buried in the Floral Ave. Cemetery (north cemetery) in Selma are -
William Aubuchon (86) (1910-1996) and
Mayme Aubuchon (84) (1915-1999)

William Aubuchon headstone, Selma, CA

Selma, CA

Ah, the memories. The HEAT, the trains, the agricultural smells, the crickets at night, fresh fruit everywhere. Nesbitt's Orange and Nehi Grape in the drink cooler, just below the "A" in the top photo. Ten cents for 8 ounces - the price was low, but the bottles were small. RC Cola (Royal Crown) was the best deal, because you got more (12 oz.?).

And there was adding ice, and taking turns on the ice cream crank, on the cushiony, spongy Bermuda grass, with the sprinkler running nearby. And the crickets just starting up. And the train whistle getting closer.

Back in 1952, 1953 and 1954, when I was 8, 9, and 10 respectively, my grandfather, Frederic L. Aubuchon (II) used to take cousin Tony and me fishing with him to Big Creek, Shaver Lake, Huntington Lake, Dinkey Creek, etc.

On the way, we would visit his mother, Mary Eliza Lajeunesse Aubuchon. She lived in Selma, CA, in the old house marked "E" in the photograph at the top. I remember her as very old, quite short, and very sweet. She was in her 80's. Her father and mother were Basil Lajeunesse and Mary Scott. I was told that Mary Scott's parents were burned out (killed) by Indians in Wyoming. I wonder if this earlier generation
Basil Lajeunesse from Wyoming was related? He too was killed by Indians, but in Oregon.

Who were Fred Aubuchon's (I) parents? Where were they from?
What was his first wife's name? And the names of their 11 children?

Fred Aubuchon - Vaughn Aubuchon - Eliza Aubuchon - Selma, CA
Fred Aubuchon, Vaughn Aubuchon, Liza Aubuchon - 1952
Grapes on the left, fruit trees in back, house on the right
Many thanks to Sammi Lamar (Eloise Samantha Pethel - "Ladybug")

John Pethel - Vaughn Aubuchon - Trout - 1955
John Pethel (Tony) and Vaughn Aubuchon - 1955
This trout photo was taken several feet away from the photo above.
Many thanks to Sammi Lamar (Eloise Pethel - "Ladybug")
Unfortunately, John passed away in 2011.

Buried in the
"West Side" Selma Cemetery located on S. Thompson Ave, are
Mary Eliza Lajeunesse and Fred Aubuchon I. They had 8 children, listed below by date of birth, along with spouse and grandchildren information.

Fred Aubuchon headstone, Selma, CA

Eliza Aubuchon - Fred Aubuchon - 1930
Liza and Fred Aubuchon in 1930
Eliza was 56 and Fred was 68.
Is that a 1926 Maxwell automobile?
Many thanks to Sammi Lamar and Ed Houston for this splendid quality photo,
an unexpected crowning glory for this web page.
The matriarch and patriarch of the family! (added 8-22-08)


Mother and Father


Fred August Aubuchon
(born Florissant, MO)


Father -
August Regis Aubuchon
b. Aug. 17, 1834 (31)
d. May 25, 1910
Age 75

Mother -
Caroline Benoist Aubuchon
b. Jan. 25, 1841
m. Sep. 30, 1856 (53)
d. Apr. 16, 1928
Age 86

Florissant, Missouri and local area
Fred August and 1st Wife's Children
My father informed me that Fred was previously married to another woman, who bore him 11 children.
Was she Mary Tison?
Here are 6 of them (maybe) that lived -

1. Augustina Elizabeth Aubuchon
(1884 - ????)
2. R. Sylvester Aubuchon
(1888 - ????)
3. Frederick Stephen Aubuchon
(1890 - ????)
4. Delia Louise Aubuchon Murphy
(1891 - 1979)
5. Lafayette Michael Aubuchon
(1891 - ????)
6. Lavina Corinne Aubuchon Webster
(1892 - 1978)
Much of this data may be incorrect. Various sources submit conflicting name and dates data to ancestry sites. Unlike the Bible, there is no Council of Nicene to canonize the conflicting data contributed by thousands of ancestry buffs. One must suspect the accuracy of every piece of historical information.

Brothers and Sisters
Louise Marie Aubuchon
(Aug. 26, 1857 - Nov. 21, 1916)
Caroline Aubuchon
(Nov. 17, 1858 -1939)
Fred August Aubuchon
(Jan. 2, 1861 - 1937
(Toussaint) Michael Aub.
(Nov. 28, 1862 - Jan. 28, 1939)
Seraphim Lee Aub.
(Nov. 1, 1866 - Jan. 1, 1874)
Seraphine Cornelia Aub.
(Mar. 28, 1869 - Jan. 24, 1978)
Zeller Roger Aub.
(Aug. 3, 1875 - Mar.25, 1948)
Charles Aubuchon
(1879 - xxxx)
(All graves above - St. Ferdinand
Cemetery, Hazelwood, MO)

First Wife = Mary Tison ?

33 ?
1895 ?

Married Nov. 7, 1882
Father - ???
Mother - ???


Were there TWO Frederick August Aubuchons, both born in 1861 1862?
With the SAME parents? Highly unlikely.
Did one die in 1895, and the other in 1937? I am sure about the 1937 death.
I suspect that the 1895 data is BOGUS.
Tison is also Tyson and Teson.

First marriage was in 1882, when he was 20.
First child of first marriage was Augustina in 1884
Last child of first marriage was Lavina in 1892.
Could his first wife have died in 1895? It would make sense.
Remarried to Eliza in 1897 - first child of second marriage in 1900.
Am I making all this up, through creative thinking? Maybe, I'm not sure.

Many thanks to Barbara Hughes for providing most of the data above. Some of her conclusions are different.




** S.S. # - Interment


Fred August Aubuchon
(born Florissant, MO)




Before Soc. Sec.
West Side Selma
Father - August Aubuchon
Mother - Caroline Benoist

Selma, CA

Fred and Eliza's Children
Listed below on left 1 through 8.

*Eliza LaJeunesse
(born Florissant, MO)



Married Aug. 14, 1897
Clayton, MO
Father -
Basil LaJeunesse
Mother - Mary Scott

1. Frederic L. Aubuchon

m. to
Emma Louise Packer
E. Louise Aubuchon

Packer Family page





560-14-4501 -
St. Helens

540-78-1953 -
St. Helens

Fred Sr. worked for the Southern California Edison Co. most of his life.

Los Angeles, Oregon
Son Fredric P. Aubuchon (1920-2018) (Oregon)
---- son, useless, no-good, SOB Vaughn, CA,
---- ad. daughter Nina, OR and
---- ad. daughter Marcella, ID
Daughter Jeanne Pethel (1924-1978) (Clovis)
--- son John Pethel, CA (May 24, 2009)
--- daughter Sammi Lamar, FL (Dec. 13, 2013)

2. Elizabeth B Aubuchon

m. to Roy Lee Shelley
** (1929)
Elizabeth B. Shelly
** (Shelley in S.S. records
      Shelly in Cal. records)





552-18-7136 -

Selma, CA

Son LeRoy (Shelly) Stone (1930-1965) 549-38-1033,
m. to Barbara Parker , who became Barbara Stone, who became Barbara Hughes

m. to William J Stone (1941)
Elizabeth B. Stone




556-22-5224 -

Two kids -
Daughter Debbie Stone, then Debbie Hansche, and
Son Richard Stone

3. Mary Aubuchon

m. to Earl Lloyd (Red) Kimrey
Mary Kimrey







Fowler, CA
Three Daughters -
Betty E. Kimrey m. Ralph (Duke) Kuhl, and
became Betty E. Kuhl (1925-1997)
Mary Lou Kimrey (1929-1945) and
Joy Kimrey m. Lester (Bud) Conley
and became Joy Conley (1934-2004)

4. Mike A Aubuchon

m. to Ada M
Ada M. Aubuchon







Fresno, CA
Daughter Ellen Aubuchon m. Preston Streit (Fresno) -
Son Richard Aubuchon, helicopter pilot in Apple Valley m. to Rosemary Xxxxx

5. Florence Aubuchon

m. to Marion (Budge) Cutright
Florence Cutright





Died before SS#

Died before SS#
(The first SS numbers were issued in Nov. 1936.)

Lakeport, CA
Both died in an auto accident on Aug. 28, 1936
Hit peach truck head-on
Daughter Florence (Buddie) survived, and married Harold Barnes (San Jose, Lake Tahoe)
----- Two daughters
----- Karen Barnes and
----- Sharon Barnes

6. William Aubuchon

m. to Mayme E Burgeson (1934)
Mayme E. Aubuchon





551-16-0095 -

569-92-3355 -

Selma, CA
Son Gary Wayne Aubuchon (1935,
m. to Nancy (Johnson) Aubuchon
---- son Allen W. Aubuchon (1962),
---- daughter Janet L. Aubuchon Darling (1964), and
---- daughter Gail R. Aubuchon Perez (1966)

7. Stephen Aubuchon

m. to Beauna V. Fly Lovelace

Buena V. Aubuchon





552-18-7135 - ?

547-20-3089 - ?

Fowler, CA
Stephen's three step-children -
Larry Lovelace Aubuchon (1937-1984),
Ethel Lovelace (now Jackie Johnson) and
Susan Lovelace Aubuchon (1944-1967)

8. Harry Aubuchon

m. to Blanche Harriet Christiansen
Blanche H. Aubuchon





560-14-4500 -
559-28-7165 -
San Francisco

Harry worked for the Southern California Edison Co.

Auberry, Big Creek, Visalia, CA
3 Sons -
Pat Aubuchon,
Eddie Aubuchon (Shaver Lake) and
Jon Aubuchon

m. to Lucille J. Schuller

Lucille J. Aubuchon
- 1-06-73
AKA Lucille J Fischer






(1909 s/b 1919?)

Tulare, CA

Harry remarried Lucille J Schuller after Blanche passed.

*I am assuming that the headstone is correct. The California death records show both "Liza" and "Elizabet". Throughout this exercise, you should see what they do with "Lajeunesse" - LAJEANUSS (Stephen) - LAJUESS (Bill) - JUANESS (Harry). Every conceivable misspelling you can think of. When doing genealogy, one must be imaginative and flexible, or you can easily draw wrong conclusions. In one case, I even saw "Young". Close translation perhaps, but that is not what we are looking for. Expect to see anything.

I still can't find Ada in the
California Death Records. What was her maiden name?
** Upon death, the US government publishes the SS number of the deceased online, in the Social Security Death Index. The number then becomes very useful for genealogy purposes, and is the reason I included them here.







300 - 780

I had always thought that Frederic II told me he was born in Auberry, California. I was wrong - I was wrong about various other facts above. My dad Fred P. Aubuchon has confirmed his dad Fred L. Aubuchon was born in Washington state. He is buried at Yankton Cemetery in St. Helens, Oregon, along with his wife Louise.

MANY THANKS to Barbara Hughes, for all her corrections and additions.
The information above would not be half as good without her input - knowledge and effort.

MANY THANKS to Jackie Johnson, for all her additions.

MANY THANKS to Janet Darling, for her info about Gary's kids.

Aubuchon Family Photo, Selma, CA - Aug. 1936
Click on Photo Below to Enlarge
Aubuchon Family - Selma, CA 1936
Bill (26)
Mayme (21)
Steve (24)

Florence (28)

Fred (36)

Mike (29)
Louise (34)
Elizabeth (34)
Mary (31)
Liza (62)

Jeanne (12)

??? (10)?
Ellen (?)
Betty (11)
Ada (28)
Mary Lou (7)

Names in blue suggested by Barbara Hughes

??? (5?)?

??? (6)?

80 - 700









Judging the age of my Aunt Jeanne (1924) to be 12 here, I guess the year to be 1936.
Also, Florence is in the photo, and she died in an auto accident on Aug. 28, 1936.
Gary would have been 1 year old, and is not in the photo.
Who took the photo? Who is not in it? Fred (senior), my dad Fred, Budge, Harry, and Bill Stone.
We will never know. Photo provided by Fred Aubuchon, Ontario, OR.


Other possible Aubuchon relatives in the Fresno, CA area - (anybody know?)
Amanda L Aubuchon - Fresno, CA (age 30)
Annette D Aubuchon - Auberry, Clovis, Fresno, Tollhouse, Visalia, CA (age 45)
Christopher Aubuchon - Fresno, CA
Clifford E Aubuchon - Sanger, CA
Dirk H Aubuchon - Visalia, CA (age 41)
Eddie L Aubuchon - Friant, CA (Harry's son?)
Gail R Aubuchon - Selma, CA
Heather J Aubuchon - Clovis, Fresno, CA (age 42)
James Aubuchon - Fresno, CA
Jenifer L Aubuchon - Clovis, Prather, Tollhouse, Visalia, CA (age 60)
Jessica Aubuchon - Fresno, CA
Kellie A Aubuchon - Visalia, CA
Lawrence M Aubuchon - Clovis, CA (age 45)
Leslie Aubuchon - Clovis, CA
Michael R Aubuchon - Fresno, CA (age 57)
Robert Aubuchon - Fresno, CA
Russell Aubuchon - Fresno, CA
Ryan Aubuchon - Clovis, CA

For other Aubuchons, check out
Intelius People Search,
who recently got in hot water by selling everyone's private cell phone numbers.

Other Aubuchon Websites
There is the hardware store icon of New England, the Aubuchon Hardware chain.

Fresno, CA
Fred Aubuchon - People's Ice Company - Fresno, CA - 1919
Fred Aubuchon (center) - People's Ice Company, Fresno, CA - circa 1919
A bigger section of the original photo is shown below.
Many thanks to Fred P. Aubuchon of Ontario, OR for the photo.

Click on Photo Below to Enlarge
People's Ice Company - Fresno, CA - 1919 Ice Wagons
Fred Aubuchon (center) - People's Ice Company, Fresno, CA - circa 1919
Fred Aubuchon is in the center of the 12 employees shown.
The original photo is 42" wide, contains 49 employees, and 22 ice wagons (19 horse-drawn, 3 Fords).

Southern California Edison Company - 1922 - Fred Aubuchon
Fred Aubuchon (center) - Southern California Edison Company - circa 1922
When the "stern look" was fashionable. A bigger section of the original photo is shown below.
Many thanks to Fred P. Aubuchon of Ontario, OR for the photo.

Click on Photo Below to Enlarge
Southern California Edison Company - 1922
The Southern California Edison Company in Fresno (guess) in about 1922 (guess).
Fred Aubuchon is on the far left. Mike Aubuchon is 9th from the left - 16 employees are shown.
The original photo is 19.5" wide, and contains 38 employees.
I will sell it to the Edison Company for $10,000,
if they put it online.
The quality is quite high.




Bill Stone, Elizabeth Stone, Debbie Stone, Selma, CA
Bill Stone and Elizabeth Stone - 1953?
along with granddaughter Debbie Stone (Hansche). Thank you, Debbie.





Frederic Aubuchon - 1953 - So. Cal. Edison Co.1953 - Yours Truly and Grampa Frederic L. Aubuchon
(Does anyone recognize the site in the photo above?)
Technically, my father Fred Aubuchon is the third (III).
Fred Aubuchon the II, my Grandpa, worked for the Southern California Edison Company all his life. In Grandpa's youth, he had worked the Sierra high voltage towers. In 1926 (when he was 26), he took 16,000 volts to the shoulder. He would let me feel the hole in his shoulder, and show me his messed up index finger.
Luckily, he never did it again.

Grampa lived at
6308 Mary Ellen Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91401
and before that at 11811 Ayres Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Upon retirement, he moved to Aubuchon Dr., St. Helens, OR,
where his son Fredric P. Aubuchon was a developer.

I started school at 3345 Mentone Ave., Los Angeles .

I went on to live at 3559 Veteran Ave., Los Angeles,

where I attended Charnock Road Elementary School.

Later, I lived at Route 1, Box 475, St. Helens, Oregon.

Then. it was
Aubuchon Drive, St. Helens, OR.

I used to visit my uncle's ranch, in Myrtle Point, OR.

Have you tried playing with Google Maps and/ or Google Earth? What a blast! Now you can visit your old home town by simply using your computer mouse - and get a hawk's eye view.

I grew weary of electronically visiting my Palms, Los Angeles childhood haunts - nothing is recognizable - solid apartments from Sepulveda to Jasmine, from Venice to National.

But this! This is different. Fifty-two years later, and there are the same buildings I remember as a child, thanks to Google Maps plus satellite COMPOSITE view.

Downtown Selma, CA - 19541954 Business District, Second Street, Selma, CA

Second Street, Selma, CA - 19181918, Same View as above, Second Street, Selma, CA

Lame Duck Motel - Selma, CALame Duck Hotel, Highway 99, Selma, CA

Westside Grammar School, Selma, CAWestside Grammar School, Selma, CA

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