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Oregon Ranch

Tom Guerin Ranch

Old Address -
Bridge Route, Box 26,
Myrtle Point, Ore.

NEW Address -
95811 Guerin Lane
Myrtle Point, OR 97458
Coos County

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by Vaughn Aubuchon


Coos County Fair

Family History

Spruce St., Myrtle Point

1950's Photos

1960's Photos

1970's Photos

Email Addresses


Tom was my uncle - he married my mother's sister, Dorothy, with whom he had 2 daughters, Cheryl Guerin and Anne Guerin.
Cattle brand = Omega Bar

Tom Guerin, Oregon Rancher, 1918-2004
Omega Bar - Guerin Ranch Cattle Brand

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Tom and Dorothy Guerin circa 1944
Just Below the Orchard at Box 26
By the time I saw the orchard, 20 years later,
it was not as lush.


Aerial photo of Guerin Ranch, Myrtle Point, Oregon
The Original 400 Acres Just South of Myrtle Point, OR
Resembles a map of the U.S.A. --->
Highway 42 is the Pacific Ocean Border,
Texas and Florida are clearly visible,
as well as the East Coast, and Atlantic Ocean.
The Canadian border is a little high and irregular, though.

The satellite photo above depicts the main body of the Tom D. Guerin cattle ranch property, about 1,600 acres, located at Myrtle Point, Coos County, Oregon. The ranch is bordered by the Middle Fork of the Coquille River on the South (black color), Sugar Loaf mountain on the East (treeline), Highway 42 on the West, and Cemetery Road on the North.

Along the bottom is the Coquille River, and Oregon Highway 42. The "old" Highway 42 (1965?) can be seen above the river, and is now named Guerin Lane. The primary beef cattle were polled Hereford, with a few Angus, Brangus. Longhorn, and Charloais. The
red dot on the right denotes the Guerin Ranch driveway.

One can see all the Guerin barns if one looks carefully - Grandma's barn, the West barn, the Stover barn, the Horse barn, the East barn, and the High barn. The ranch house burned to the ground in 1992. The "Mauna Loa" beach club which would be at the very bottom of the photo - what a great swimming hole, with giant mid-river raft.

Grandma Ella Mae and Grampa Harrie Dillingham's driveway can be seen in the photo at Box 24 (left red dot), about 1 inch to the left of the Guerin driveway. The Dillingham's moved to Myrtle Point from 3345 Mentone Ave., Los Angeles, CA in 1956. Anne has confirmed the previous owners were named Shellhammer.

The town of Myrtle Point, OR can be seen in the top left of the photo. It is located about 27 miles inland from the lumber (pulpwood) port of Coos Bay, on the Pacific Ocean.

The distance between the
red dots is about 1/4 mile.

Approximate Geodesic Coordinates -
+43.038274 N. Latitude
-124.106390 W. Longitude
"Up" on the map is "North".
Many thanks to the USGS for free noncommercial use of the photo of the giant man wearing a fez, riding a unicycle, in the lower right corner.

For a higher resolution Google Map of the ranch, in COLOR, click on this link -,+or&ll=43.038274,-124.106390

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Family History

Tom Guerin Graduation photo
1936 Hamilton High, Los Angeles
Yearbook Photo

Los Angeles , CA 90034


Tom Guerin - 1964
Tom Guerin -
Coquille Elks Club - 1964

Dorothy Dillingham
Dorothy Dillingham
Bridesmaid at my
mother's (Doris) wedding
in Palms, CA in 1941.

Ann Guerin, Vaughn Aubuchon, Cheryl Guerin
Cousin Anne Guerin,

Vaughn Aubuchon, and

Cousin Cheryl Guerin

at the front doors of St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica in 1948. My mother worked at St. John's as a medical records librarian for 13 years. The "Hospital of the Stars". I was born there, and I'M not a star! Dang.

Family Member


Thomas Dobinson Guerin

Nov. 16, 1918
Los Angeles, CA
Aug. 25, 2004
Myrtle Point, OR

Died age 86
Broken hip

Dorothy Guerin

Dec. 31, 1922
Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 1980
Myrtle Point, OR

Died age 57
Liver cancer

Cheryl Guerin
Married William Griffith

Los Angeles, CA

Portland, OR
2 sons - Jeff & Mike Heeren

Anne Guerin
Married Miles Johnson

Los Angeles, CA

Norway, OR
1 son - Grant Johnson





Myrtle Point, Oregon

Tom arrived in the early 1940s. He previously had lived on Rose Ave., Los Angeles 34, Calif., just one block west of Overland Ave., on the north (hill) side of the street, just below the Catholic nunnery, where I used to play. He, like Theodore Roosevelt, was somewhat infirm as a child, and he sought to escape the bad air of Los Angeles. The effect of the move on his health was profound and lasting, and he never looked back. I always thought of Tom as a modern day Teddy Roosevelt - overcoming early difficulties, with boundless energy and a fierce work ethic, overwhelming people with his outgoing personality.

I used to visit the ranch every summer during my teen age years (1960s - where I helped build Tom's big corral in 1960, under the direction of Ellis Dement), and I used to take my kids there during summers in the 1970's and 1980's during fair time. What an experience for city-bound folks. Horseback riding, cattle driving, corralling, cattle trucking, loading hay, throwing hay, stacking hay, unloading hay, stacking hay, tansy picking, creek exploring, castrating, pink eye, hoof and mouth, slaughter house (huge pile of skinless heads with bulging eyeballs), etc. A true horror, but the real thing.

Tom Guerin and I

Tom and I were bonded on several levels. He married my mother's sister. We both grew up in Palms, CA, a Los Angeles suburb. We both enjoyed a "pull" now and then.

We BOTH had experienced repressive upbringings, Tom from birth, and me from 12 to 18. BOTH of the repressed childhoods were due to excessive religious zeal. In both cases, the religion was the same christian denomination, the
International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, founded by Aimee Semple MacPherson.

This life is merely a test for the next life. And your station in the next life depends upon how well you avoid SIN. ANYTHING that provides pleasure is sin. Especially, sex.

No gambling, no drinking, no tobacco, no movies, no dancing, no card-playing, but most importantly, NO SEX. No sports - you know what boys talk about when they get together. Dancing is just an excuse for proximity.

Spare the rod, and spoil the child. Have a child, and crush his spirit. Deny social skill development. Well, it didn't work on me, and it didn't work on Tom.

At least I was never physically tied to a tree with a rope, as Tom was, to prevent him from encountering the devil. Some who cannot cope with physical reality are drawn to the pursuit of holiness, in the extreme.

Tom's two sisters were preachers in LA - Edythe and Beth.
Who married two brothers, also preachers in LA - Earl and Harold, respectively.

Edie and Earl Dorrance, Burbank and
Beth and Harold Dorrance, Glendale area.

I remember having to hide all the booze when they visited. And, of course, no cards, no cussing, no movies, no smoking, no sin, etc. Basically, no fun whatsoever. No kissing, no touching, no feelings. EVERYTHING that would not please the Lord. ALL had to be repressed, for fear of being cast into the Lake of Eternal Fire. FEAR of God was the cardinal rule of the day. Their mantra was CONSTANT FEAR, because human nature is vile at its core, and God is vengeful. Original sin has doomed us all.

"Although we are forced be a part of this world, we do NOT
have to be OF this world." Huh? A fantasy of pure denial.

Or, as I see it, sheer lunacy. Ignoring reality.
I never could get past a "vengeful God".
If that's the case, then I don't like him.

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Coos County Fair

And of course, the annual Coos County fair, which was held in the 4th week of August (now held in July). One could always find "Heimer" entertaining kids at the fair. Elgin Heimer was an old German socialist as far as I could determine. He lived alone, was very frugal, and walked everywhere he went, which was miles daily. His head was shaved bald, and he always wore a red plastic hat with colored buttons attached. His pockets were full of tricks for kids. Even at 85, he would stand on his head for the kids. He was the Pied Piper of Myrtle Point.

The rodeo, the parade, the rides, the food, the exhibits, the animals, the auctions, the 4-Her's (Head, Heart, Hands, Heifers) (I took liberty with "Health") all provided great local color, in contrast with my return to the frenetic work-a-day semiconductor world in Sunnyvale, California.

Familiar names were Caughell, Clarno, Barkley, Dement (Ellis, Sam, Dorothy (Cupertino girl), Diane, Danny), Endicott, Heimer, Laird, Leatherman, Mast, Mullen, Schroeder, Shull, etc.

"Booze County"

Ahh, the memories. Tom gave me my first beer in the river pasture, after loading up a load of hay. Even though I was 12, I sure deserved it that day. He wouldn't let Danny Dement or me have too many though - he would have to answer to the women.

I never met an Oregon rancher who didn't drink - and it was always beer and whiskey - still true to what was available 100 years ago.

I remember the time at a Leatherman's party that I dared Celia Caughell to grab a bottle of Jim Beam from the communal kitchen booze table - she blew my mind when she proceeded to do so immediately. That was fun. We may not have quite been teens yet. Many Oregon girls have good attitudes, early on.

And the time I had a few "pulls" of whiskey from the special fifth that Tom kept in the equipment barn. I added water to bring the liquid level up to where it had been. The next day, Tom offered a pull to the visiting Sam Dement. "BLAAHH", Sam exclaimed, as he spit the befouled booze upon the ground. "WATER", he yelled, as if he were poisoned. Tom was incredulous, so he had a pull. It was only seconds until Tom's eyes fell upon me, and the jig was up.

They didn't call Coos County "Boos County" for nothing. Beer and wine could be purchased at the grocery store, but hard liquor was only available at the strange, lime-green building in town - the Oregon State official government spirits outlet. Very weird.

Former ranch hands - John Epperson (ex-jockey), Floyd Endicott, Art Waters, Bill Jewkes from Mentone Ave. in Los Angeles, who drowned during the big flood of 19??, trying to save some bovines . . .

And Poison Oak everywhere. We used to use a "spraying trailer", pulled by the jeep. One person drove the jeep, the other sprayed vile petro chemicals (diesel oil?) from a tractor seat, hitched to the onboard pressurized tank - a stinking, dirty, bouncing ride.

A word about Poison Oak - we once burned a huge pile of long since dead Poison Oak, and apparently the smoke got into my hair. When Grandma Dillingham gave me a big hug, her chin touched my hair. She received a terrible case of Poison Oak, the oozing, dripping kind. Beware! A word to the wise should be sufficient. Dead Poison Oak smoke is just as bad as touching it, if not worse.

Another piece of the ranch property was Bone Camp, about 200 acres near Powers in Curry County, Oregon. This was not far from the historic
Dement Ranch at Eckley.

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Spruce Street, Myrtle Point,
Oregon Photos

Spruce St., Myrtle Point, OR
Spruce Street, Myrtle Point, OR - Looking West - 1915?
Note the Guerin Hotel just behind the "REAL ESTATE" sign on the left side of the photo.
The same "REAL ESTATE" sign can be seen in the painted photo post card below.

Notice how the northern side (right) of the street appears lower.

Myrtle Point Oregon - Spruce St. - 1912
Guerin Hotel on Spruce Street
(behind man on boardwalk), Myrtle Point, Oregon, 1912
This photograph was taken in front of the pharmacy, looking west.

Many old-timers are mentioned in the book
Myrtle Point Beginnings, by Curt Beckham, 1985

Guerin Hotel, Myrtle Point, Oregon
Hotel Guerin, Spruce Street, Myrtle Point, Oregon, circa 1910 - looking SW

Spruce St., Myrtle Point, OR
Hotel Guerin, Spruce Street, Myrtle Point, Oregon, - 1915? - looking West
The photographer is standing right in front of the Guerin Hotel, which cannot be seen.
Notice the building on the left with the unique top facade.

Spruce St., Myrtle Point, OR
Hotel Guerin, Spruce Street, Myrtle Point, Oregon, - 1915? - looking East
The Guerin Hotel landmark is on the right, behind the closer building with the unique top facade.
Notice the Ferris wheel set up in the street.

Spruce St., Myrtle Point, OR
Hotel Guerin, Spruce Street, Myrtle Point, Oregon, - 1915? - looking East
Here is a closer view of the Guerin Hotel and the Ferris Wheel.

Spruce St., Myrtle Point, OR
Spruce Street, Myrtle Point, Oregon, - 1915? - looking East

Spruce St., Myrtle Point, OR
Spruce St., Myrtle Point, Oregon - circa 1970 - looking west
Dirk's and the hotel on the left, and Don's Drugs, Myrtle Point Bank on the right

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The 1950's - Oregon Ranch Photos

Bone Camp Cabin, Curry County, OR
Bone Camp - Curry County, Oregon - 1955
When blown up, two women appear in bathrobes on the front porch,
I can't tell who they are. Cheryl Guerin and Anne Guerin?
Doris Stephens and Dorothy Guerin?

Doris Stephens, Vaughn Aubuchon . . . . Suzanne Stephens, Robert Stephens
My mom Doris Stephens and I

Sister Suzanne on Ali Baba with dad Bob Stephens

We all came up to visit in 1955 from 3559 Veteran Ave., Los Angeles, CA.

Vaughn Aubuchon, Suzanne Stephens
Sister Suzanne on Ali Baba, and me in 1955
All 3 photos taken in front of Guerin ranch house.
The dog was Jeff - Jeffrey Scott Guerin!

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The 1960's - Oregon Ranch Photos

Anne Guerin on Guerin Ranch

Anne Guerin on horseback

Anne Guerin on August 31, 1964 -

I can't remember the horse's name.
Anne broke the horse herself.
Looking North from the Horse Barn.

Big Steer - Guerin Ranch

Me with Big Steer in 1965

Tom bought him for fun.
He was very docile - when you are THAT big, there aren't many threats.
I was a pretty big steer (bull) myself, but not that big.

Grandpa Harrie Dillingham reading

Grandpa Harrie Dillingham reading
at Bridge Route Box 24 in 1969 (he was 81).

Doris Stephens and Dorothy Guerin's father, retired from Warner Brothers studios. They had to pull his license, when he started side-swiping cars on Spruce St. Cousin Cheryl Guerin took over the two-tone, blue and white 1955 Chevy.
My first car had been a 1955 Green and White Chevrolet Del Rey.


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The 1970's - Oregon Ranch Photos

Grandma Ella Mae Dillingham, Michelle Aubuchon, Todd Aubuchon
Grandma Ella Mae Dillingham with my kids,
Michelle Aubuchon and Todd Aubuchon in 1978.

They are standing in the Guerin Ranch driveway.
Active irrigation can be seen in the background, in the "River Pasture".
The four of us picked many blackberries in that pasture.
Grandma made a fantastic sweetened, pasteurized juice,
and I trotted them back to Sunnyvale, CA to make wine.
Of all the wines I made, none ever compared to my 13.5% blackberry.
I swear that stuff was worth $50 a bottle - Grandma wouldn't touch it.
Evil drink would not touch the lips of this Victorian teetotaller.

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Send an email to Anne Guerin

Send an email to Cheryl Guerin

Send to Vaughn Aubuchon

If someone has a picture of the old ranch house,
I would like to scan it, and put it here.

Many thanks to Darlene Mullen for her corrections.
(Sorry, I lost all your emails, and your email address, due to poor backup, and hard drive demise.)


Memories of Myrtle Point, OR provide me
with a great sense of time, and place.
The life lesson here -
"You better start drinking it all in right away,
because it will all be gone so fast,
you won't believe it."

My previously preferred epitaph was -
"Here lies Vaughn
Not A Saint
He was here
Now he ain't."

But now I am leaning toward -
"What the He|| Happened?" or,
"Where Did It All Go?"

The point being:
If there are those alive, to whom you would like to pose questions about history,
Sooner than you think, you won't be able to. I profoundly regret not having asked my Uncle Tom some of those questions.

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