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Doris Stephens
A Page of Remembrance

by Vaughn Aubuchon

Doris Dillingham photo - 1924

Doris Dillingham - 1939 Hamilton High yearbook pics

Doris Dillingham wedding photo - 1941
Close-up wedding photo - 1941

Doris Aubuchon with me photo - 1945

Doris Aubuchon with Robert Stephens photo - 1949
Doris Aubuchon with Robert Stephens photo - 1949

St. John's Hospital cousins photo - 1950
St. John's Hospital entrance photo - 1950

Mom and I at Clifton's Restaurant photo


Tuesday Dec. 13, 1921 - - - Wednesday Mar. 1, 2006

Doris Dillingham - 1924 Doris Mae Dillingham - 1924, Aged 3
Grew up at 3345 Mentone Ave.
Palms, Calif., Los Angeles Zone 34

1939 Hamilton High, Los Angeles Yearbook photos

Doris Dillingham 1939
Doris Mae Dillingham - Senior Picture

Doris DillinghamDorothy Dillingham
Doris and sister Dorothy in Glee Club

Doris Dillingham at Venice Beach
Doris with friends Marjorie and Janet at Santa Monica beach
It was just 4 miles to Venice Beach - take the Venice Blvd. red car.

Doris Dillingham at Crystal Lake, CA
Doris Dillingham with the Jewkes sisters at Crystal Lake, CA
The Jewkes family lived at 3515 Mentone Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Their father was
Delos Jewkes, a Basso Profondo singer.

Dorothy Dillingham 1939
Sister Dorothy Dillingham - Junior photo 1939
Dorothy married Tom Guerin and moved to Myrtle Point, OR.

Aubuchon-Dillingham Wedding

Doris Dillingham - Fred Aubuchon Wedding photo

Doris Dillingham Wedding Photo - West Los Angeles, CA 90034
Little Chapel of the Dawn (kitty-corner from St. John's Hospital)
June 2, 1941 - Six months before Pearl Harbor
For more wedding photos, visit the Wedding of Miss Doris Dillingham.

Doris and Fred Aubuchon
Doris Dillingham and Fred Aubuchon

Doris Aubuchon - Vaughn Aubuchon - 1945
Doris Aubuchon holding me at 11811 Ayres Ave.
in Los Angeles, CA - 1945
The cross street behind us is Granville Ave.
Pico Blvd. is one block to the left.

Doris Stephens, Robert Stephens
Doris Stephens, Robert Stephens, Buick
Doris Aubuchon and Robert Stephens
Courting in 1949, married in 1950

The Three Stephens Brothers of Santa Monica, CA
Robert was born at 1513 11th Street, Santa Monica, CA
- - - Their mother's maiden name was Bertram

Birth Place
of Death
S.S. Number

Ted Stephens
2526 31st Ave.
Santa Monica, CA

Huntsville, AL,
GA or MS ?

John N. Stephens
1513 11th St.
Santa Monica, CA
(girlfriend = Tilly)

Greenfield Ave.
Los Angeles, CA
Post Office

Robert W. Stephens
3559 Veteran Ave.
Palms, CA

Santa Monica
Oceanside, CA

150 - 720








Anne Guerin, Cheryl Guerin
St. John's Hospital front door - 1950
Cousin Anne, me, and cousin Cheryl
Cheryl Guerin and Anne Guerin are the daughters of my mother's sister Dorothy Guerin,
who all lived on the
Guerin Ranch at Myrtle Point, OR.

St. John's Hospital Entrance, Santa Monica, CA - 1950
The main entrance to St. John's Hospital
in Santa Monica, CA - 1950
1328 22nd St., Santa Monica, CA 90014
(Now renamed St. John's Health Center)

A rather impressive front door, wouldn't you say?
More like a cathedral, than a hospital.
In this 1950 photo, I'm on the left, cousin Anne is in the middle, and cousin Cheryl is on the right.
My mom Doris Stephens worked here for 13 years with Gwen Dorset,
as a Medical Records Librarian.
I asked mom to bring home some big words for me to learn.
hydrancephalo-meningocele, and panhystero-salpingo-oophorectomy
were two of my favorites.
Excellent spelling skills were required for Medical Records Librarians.
Dr. Huerta delivered me here in April 1944.

The shot above is the same as the very first scene featured in the Bowery Boys
1950 movie, "Blues Busters", where Satch (Huntz Hall) was having his tonsils out,
which resulted in his acquiring a crooner's singing voice.
Not only was I born here, but I also had my tonsils out here, as well, in 1952.
Through the magic of movies, a hospital in Santa Monica, CA can easily
become a hospital in New York City, NY.


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Vaughn Aubuchon and Doris Stephens at Clifton's Cafeteria, Los Angeles
Mom and I at Clifton's Brookdale Cafeteria in downtown Los Angeles in 1951
Clifton's is still operating at 648 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014
I remember the fragrance of fresh gardenias,
and the "Talking Redwood Booth" ("Little Chapel"),
high up in the restaurant.
Visit their website for true nostalgia.

Later photos of Doris Stephens can be seen at -

3559 Veteran Ave., Los Angeles, CA

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