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Old Aubuchon Family Photos
from Los Angeles

by Vaughn Aubuchon

Aubuchon-Dillingham wedding photo - 1941
Jeanne Aubuchon photo - 1941

Aubuchon Family Oregon photo - 1956
Fred Aubuchon photo - 2005

Packer home photo, San Fernando Valley


June 2, 1941
Aubuchon-Dillingham Wedding Photo
West Los Angeles, CA 90034

Aubuchon-Dillingham Wedding photo

The Western Los Angeles Star-News caption reads -

WEDDING PARTY - Beautifully appointed was the wedding of Miss Doris Dillingham and Frederick Aubuchon last week. The wedding party pictured above included, left to right, Miss Jeanne Aubuchon, sister

of the bridegroom, Miss Janice Jewkes, Miss Marjorie Haws, and Miss Dorothy Dillingham, sister of the bride, Mrs. and Mr. Aubuchon, Robert Stevens, Richard Salsbury, and Sam Joseph.

Couple Married In Impressive Church Service

In an impressive church ceremony Thursday evening at 8 o'clock in the Little Chapel of the Dawn in Santa Monica, Miss Doris Dillingham became the bride of Fred Aubuchon. Rev. George Orloff, pastor of the Emmanuel Congregational Church read the service in the presence of more than one hundred guests.

During the service, Glen Pearson sang "I Love You Truly".

The bride was lovely in a gown of white marquisette, fashioned with a fitted bodice of taffeta. Her waist-length veil was arranged with a cap effect, and topped with natural flowers.

She carried a shower bouquet of white roses and gardenias.

Her sister, Miss Dorothy Dillingham, was maid of honor, gowned in pink marquisette with touches of blue. She wore a net hat to match, and carried talisman roses.

Robert Stevens served as best man, and ushers were Richard Salisbury and Sam Joseph.

After the service, a reception was held in the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Dillingham,
3345 Mentone Ave.

The couple left on a wedding trip to Oregon, but stopped near San Francisco on Saturday to attend the graduation exercises at the girl's school where Mr. Aubuchon's sister, Miss Jeanne Aubuchon, was graduated. Miss Aubuchon served as bridesmaid at the wedding, and returned to school for the commencement exercises.

Upon their return, the newlyweds will reside in West Los Angeles where they purchased a new home on Stoner Ave. Mr. Aubuchon is employed with Douglas Aircraft, where his bride is also a secretary in the executive offices.

Doris Dillingham/ Aubuchon
Frederic Packer Aubuchon

Dec. 13, 1920 - Mar. 1, 2006 (age 86)
Dec. 17, 1920 - Apr. 2, 2018 (age 97)

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The Couple Close-Up
Doris Dillingham - Fred Aubuchon
Matching Eyes?

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The Eyes
Doris's eyes
Fred's eyes
Matching Eyebrows?

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Jeanne Aubuchon Pethel
Jeanne Aubuchon, sister of the bridegroom
Mother of Tony Pethel (John Anthony Pethel) and
the Ladybug (Eloise Samantha Pethel - Sammi LaMar)

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Aubuchon Family Photo
Brooks Road, Box 475, St. Helens, OR
Los Angeles Aubuchon family photo
Left to right
Frederic P. Aubuchon, Fritz the dog,

Louise Aubuchon, Vaughn Aubuchon,

Frederic L. Aubuchon

(father, hunting partner & pedigreed bird dog from the pound, grandmother, me, grandfather)
Grampa and Grandpa were visiting from 6308 Mary Ellen Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91401.

Regarding Fritz, I remember one day when we were behind the house.
Fritzy was sleeping soundly under the silver maple (photo above).
Suddenly, from a sound sleep, his head shot to attention, nose held high, sniff, sniff, sniff .
He got right up, trotting straight into the wind,
toward the plum tree, along side the north strawberry patch.
A few seconds later, CAA - CAA - CAA - CAA - CAA - off went the pheasant.
Then he trotted back, and laid back down, to return to his sleeping duties.
The grouse and pheasants didn't stand a chance of escaping detection.
Some dogs are whacko for birds.
I guess that's why they call them "bird dogs".


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Fred Aubuchon Photo
Ontario, OR
Fred Aubuchon - Oregon
Dad - Fred Aubuchon
As Fritzy was wacko for the birds, Dad is still wacko for the fishin'.
Me too. There's fish? Let's go!

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San Fernando Valley - old Packer home
San Fernando Valley Home, near Van Nuys, CA (circa 1950) of
Orren Packer and Josephine Powell Packer, formerly of Texas.
They were the parents of Emma Louise Packer
(later Sister Louise Aubuchon, Minister,
International Foursquare Church)
who was the mother of
Frederic Packer Aubuchon (my father), and
Jeanne Aubuchon Pethel (my aunt)

in the San Fernando Valley,
Please email it to me.
I will send you $50.
I will take a photo with Google street-view,
and add it here, for comparison fun.


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 Sammi LaMar

Lived in Van Nuys - last seen or heard from in 1954 - exactly 50 years

Update: Sammi passed away Dec. 18, 2014 from leukemia, in Tarpon Springs, FL.

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