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Palms, Los Angeles History

3345 Mentone Ave.,
Los Angeles, CA 90034

(This page is not intended for small screens.)
by Vaughn Aubuchon

This page describes Grandma's home in Palms, CA (Los Angeles) where I grew up at ages 3 through 8 (1947-1952).


Central Palms Neighborhood Layout

1. House Photo - 1956

  9. Palms Elementary

2. House Occupants

10. Palms Market

3. Back Yard photo

11. Sanborn Block Map - 1910

4. Pigeon Coop

12. Palms WPA Map - 1939

5. Last photo

13. West Los Angeles Map - 1959

6. House Floor Plan

14. Dorothy Neumann - Neighbor

7. Lot Layout

15. Palms, CA History

8. Block Layout

16. Palms Old Street Names


17. Notes

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     1. Single Family Home
         1910 to 1956

3345 Mentone Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034
3345 Mentone Ave., Palms District,
Los Angeles, Zone 34, Calif.
Avocado, Bougainvillea, Japanese Boxwood

3345 Mentone Ave., Front Door
Blowup of Photo Above
Phone number was VE 8-5062 (VErmont prefix)

     2006 - Apartment Complex
3345 Mentone Ave., Los Angeles, CA
In 1950, the McConnells used to live in the small, old 2-story apartment building, in the center of the photo, with the darker colored roof with white dot on top, just across the alley from 3345 Mentone Ave.

Grandma told me that at one point, Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan) used to live directly across the alley, at 3344 Keystone Ave.
The actress Dorothy Neumann lived at 3351 Mentone Ave. (next door), before she moved to Queensland Ave.
I wish I could see the same photo in 1910, 1920, 1930, etc.


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     2. The Residents

3345 Mentone Ave. Head of Household

Harrie C. Dillingham
Harrie Clifton Dillingham - 1906-1908
Age 18, 19 or 20 - Army photo from the Philippines
They have Harrie spelled incorrectly over at
Nor did they get the address correct -
it is the suburb of PALMS, not Culver City, although only 4 blocks away.

Susan Steeves - Harrie C. Dillingham
Susan Steeves - Harrie C. Dillingham
Grampa's first wife - My wild guess = 1914
He would have been 25, and she would have been ??.
They had one daughter, Ruth Dillingham,
whom I met (and discovered) at his funeral.
She lived in San Jose, CA.
Many thanks to Anne Guerin of Oregon,
and Donna Conway of B.C., Canada.

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3345 Mentone Ave. - The 1920's, 1930's and 1940's home of -

Family Member


Harrie Clifton
H. C. Dillingham

Nov. 11, 1888
Waukesha, Wisconsin -

Aug. 1979 -
Roseburg, OR
Interment -
Rink Creek Cemetery

Father - Nathan Dillingham
Madison, WI
Mother - Stella Cunningham
Madison, WI

Warner Brothers
Grampa was formerly married to Susan Steeves of B.C., Canada.


Ella Mae

Oct. 19, 1896*
Aug. 15, 1897**
Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Apr. 13, 1991 -
Myrtle Point, OR
Interment -
Rink Creek Cemetery

Father - Benjamin Chapman
Born April 15, 1854, Ontario
Mother - Maria Hoare
Born April 14, 1863, Ontario

Married 1919?


Doris Mae

Dec. 13, 1921
Santa Monica, CA -

Graduated Hamilton High 1939

Mar. 1, 2006
Interment -
Forest Lawn,

Husband -
1941- Fred Aubuchon
Oregon Developer
1950- Robert Stephens,
RCA manager

Mrs. Doris Aubuchon

Mrs. Doris Stephens



Dec. 31, 1922
Santa Monica, CA -

Graduated Hamilton High 1940

Oct. 1980 -
Myrtle Point, OR
Interment -
Rink Creek Cemetery

Husband -
1943- Tom Guerin,
Oregon rancher
Graduated Hamilton High 1937

Mrs. Dorothy Guerin

* This date is listed in the SS Death Records.
** This date is given in the 1901 Canadian Census.

Harrie Dillingham was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 1988. In his early years, he played piano in silent movie houses. He served as Treasurer for the Orpheum Theatrical Co. of Vancouver, BC. He worked for MGM on Washington Blvd. in Culver City in the 1930's. In the 1940's, he worked for Warner Brothers in Burbank. He retired from Warner Brothers in 1954. He was a life-long Mason on Motor Ave. and Woodbine St., and served as Grand Master. I attended dinners and breakfasts there.

Stella Cunningham became Stella Dillingham, and later became Stella Chilcote, after she remarried.
In 1954, Warner Brothers held a picnic in Calabasas, CA. It was incredibly hot. Everyone just stood by the drink truck. I got to shake hands with Randolph Scott, and I got his autograph. It was a big thrill for me at 10 years old.

Ella Mae
The parents of Benjamin Chapman were Emanuel Chapman and Ann Snell, both born in England.
The parents of Maria Hoare were George Hoare and Ann Patten.

Ella Mae Chapman had a younger sister, Cora Ethelwin Chapman, who was born May 6, 1898, and died of disease in Chilliwack on March 6, 1912, at the age of 13. Grandma never spoke of her to me. AKA Corina, Corria

I found out recently that grandma also had 2 older brothers. She never told anyone, but someone hinted that she hated their guts, for very good reasons.

Good-bye Los Angeles
In 1957, Harrie and Ella Mae moved to
Myrtle Point, OR. The house was sold, and replaced by the current 8-unit apartment complex.



140 - 740





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     3. Back Yard Photo - 3345 Mentone Ave.

Harrie Dillingham family
1950 - Dorothy Dillingham Guerin, Harrie C. Dillingham, Stella Chilcote
Anne Guerin, Cheryl Guerin, Vaughn Aubuchon

St. John's Hospital Entrance in 1950
My cousins and I at Mom's workplace.

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     4. The Palms, CA - Pigeon Coop

3345 Mentone Ave. pigeon coopMy pigeon coop, with custom extension -
pigeon door at upper right top

My friends Earl, David and I used to stuff 4 birds at a time into our jackets,
then ride our bikes a few miles away, and release the birds, or sometimes along the way.
Pigeons have a sense we know little about - ALL pigeons are homing pigeons.
Throw them up, and they start making clockwise circles, until at one point,
they shoot off a tangent of the circle, headed straight home.
I had racers, fantails and tumblers.
Only a hawk could prevent a bird's return.

Where did all those doors come from?
The shiplap came from my grandpa.
The chicken wire was appropriated from an abandoned farm on the NW corner of Rose Ave. and Overland Ave.,
just below the open hill with the nunnery at the top - all residential now.
Swamp grass and sweet anise. A great place for kid's "forts".

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     5. The Last Photo from Palms, CA

3345 Mentone Ave., Los Angeles last photo
1957 - Tom Guerin, Oregon cattle rancher and my uncle - Me - Bill Jewkes (son of J. Delos Jewkes 2 blocks down)
Bill later drowned on my uncle's ranch during a big flood,
while trying to rescue cattle down by the Coquille River channel,
when he fell off his horse in the raging waters.

"Good bye yellow brick road
Ya can't keep me in your suburbs ... I'm goin' back to the farm . . ."
Grandma and Grampa Dillingham move to the
Guerin Ranch in Myrtle Point, Oregon.
Bummer. The house was razed shortly thereafter for the current 8-unit apartment complex.
That tire is now in somebody's bedroom.

"You can't go home - home isn't there any more" . . Tom Wolfe
"Just a faded rose of days gone by" . . . Delta Dawn

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     6. The 1910 House Floor Plan
            at 3345 Mentone Ave.

3345 Mentone Ave. - Floor Plan
Scale: 1 inch = 5 feet

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     7. The Lot Layout -
           3345 Mentone Ave. - circa 1956

3345 Mentone Ave. - Lot Layout

Scale: 1 inch = 15 feet

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     8. The 3345 Mentone Block
           The Palms - Block E, Lot 8

Mentone Ave., Los Angeles

Scale: 1 inch = 150 feet
Mentone Ave. residents in 1950s -
Dillingham (Warner Bros.), Hayes, McConnell, Nevin,
Dorothy Neumann (actress), Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan of the 30's and 40's)
Mentone Ave. was never a "Blvd." as shown in this LA county assessor's map.
However, it was "3rd Avenue" in 1886 up to 1910 and beyond.
Does anyone know?

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The Judith Weston Studio was the location of the old Palms Masonic Lodge, at Woodbine St. and Motor Ave.

I also used to live at 3432 Motor Ave., when the garage burning incident occurred. I was playing over at my friend's house, Donald McCuaig. There was a big pile of grass clippings.
Somehow, we got a box of stick matches. We found out that it weas really cool to light a match, and immediately jam it into the wet grass, for a great white smoke bomb effect.

It was really cool, until the fire truck sirens went off at around midnight. Burnt the garage half down. I caught he|| for that.

My Saturday afternoon at the Palms Theater was not to be, that Saturday. Instead, I had to sit in a corner of the kitchen, facing the wall, sitting on a stool. There was a bucket of water beneath my feet, and my punishment was that I had to light every single match in a big box of Ohio stick matches, until it burned my finger, and fell into the bucket.

Missing the Saturday afternoon movies was the REAL punishment, though. Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, Rocketman, etc.


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     9. Palms Elementary School

Palms Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA2006 aerial photo of Palms Elementary School

located at Motor Ave. and Palms Blvd. (formerly Stilson St.)
My mother attended this school from 1927 to 1935.
I attended from 1950 to 1953.
My kindergarten room was the leftmost/ bottommost room in the
big c-shaped red-roofed building in the middle.
Palms Elementary School seems timeless - looked just the same to me in 1986 as in 1950, and now in 2006 from the air (minus the huge pepper trees plus the added bungalows).

The Palms Market is the white-topped building at the lower intersection.
Ah, thoses were the days - no cares, no worries.
And beautiful Jerry Ann Stack - my first love at 10.
I used to ride my bike past her house on Cardiff Ave.
And lots of Dodgeball, long before it became politically incorrect.

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     10. The Palms Market

The Palms Market, Motor Ave., Los AngelesPalms Market on Motor Ave. at Tabor St. - 1986
recent photograph facing east in the afternoon (from A9 Maps - non-commercial fair use)

Surreal to me. Little change in 56 years, that I can remember. (2006-1950-?)
After school in the spring time, we had dirt-clod fights directly behind this market (Safeway).
Grab a bunch of grass, pull it out of the ground with a big wad of wet dirt attached,
and bombard each other. Mom did not approve.
Palms Elementary School is directly to the left.

And the 24-hour coin laundry on the right - used to be a drug store (Owl? Rexall?)
It had huge glass jars of red, blue and yellow waters,
representing curative liquids, I guess.
The internet has informed me that these were
Show globes.

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     11. 1910 Sanborn Map
              The Palms - Mentone Block -

3345 Mentone Ave. - 1910 Sanborn Map

Here is a 1910 map showing 3345 Mentone Ave. in yellow, which was 3345 Third Ave. at the time.
The McQuaig house had already been built, just across Woodbine St. (Del Mar) from the First Congregational Church (Heat: Stove, Light: Kerosene).

Keystone Ave. (2nd Ave.) and Cyprus Ave. (Palms Blvd.) are also shown.

Many thanks to Peter Nurkse, H.R.E., Historical Researcher Extraordinaire, for the map, for which he personally dug through a dusty, old resource . . . or, something like that.


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     12. 1939 WPA Map
              The Palms - Neighborhood -

1939 Palms WPA map

Yellow= Single Family, Red= Commercial, White= Vacant, Orange= Multiple family (I see one on "Westwood")
The lot filled in with
BLACK is 3345 Mentone.
Scale: 1 inch = 300 feet

Mentone Ave.: Janet Hallberg,
Delos Jewkes (deep bass singer) became a lounge singer in Las Vegas at the age of 80,
(Children were Janice Jewkes, Bill Jewkes, and others)
Don McQuaig (auto dealer, Novato, CA), McGregor

Keystone Ave.: McConnell, Weismuller
Motor Ave: Deadrick (real estate)
Overland: Brown, Harold Harby (politics), son "Thorny" artist

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     13. The Palms District -
              West Los Angeles, Zone 34 - Circa 1959

Los Angeles, CA Map - 1959
Scale: 1 inch = 1 1/2 miles
Ten miles, directly to the East (right), is downtown Los Angeles (about 7 inches).

Palms, CA Railroad Map - 1907
1907 Railroad Map
illustrating the early importance of Palms,
relative to Santa Monica and the Los Angeles downtown.


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14. The Palms, CA - Actress
Our Next-door Neighbor - 3351 Mentone Ave., Los Angeles, CA

Actress Dorothy Neumann
Actress Dorothy Neumann (1912-1994)
Above she is shown as "The Crone of Cawdor"
in a Bewitched episode from 1967.

Motion Pictures (40s, 50s, 60s), TV (60s, 70s, 80s),
Turnabout Theater (40s and 50s)
"Turnabout, turnabout, turn your troubles inside out
If you heart is sore and heavy
Join this topsy-turvy bevy,
Turn about, turn about, turn about."

Dorothy resided at 3351 Mentone Ave., in the early 1950's.
Later, she moved to Queensland Ave.


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15. Palms History

The Palms, CA main street is Motor Ave.

Motor Ave. is the direct route for connecting Fox Studios on Pico Blvd. with the MGM studios (now Sony) on Washington Blvd. in Culver City.

Palms was the FIRST suburb,
located between Santa Monica and downtown Los Angeles.

The old Palms Borders -
West - Overland Ave.
North - National Blvd./ Exposition Blvd.
East - Durango Ave.
South - Venice Blvd. (except for 9 blocks, Washington Blvd.)

I loved the Saturday matinee at the Palms Theater at 3751 Motor Ave. at Venice Blvd.
Inexplicably, I still remember the owners - Jim Allen and Merritt Stone.
And the
Palms Bicycle Shop across the street (still there).
And the
Palms Post Office on the corner, formerly a bank.

The old Masonic lodge building was replaced since I last saw it in 1986, at the corner
of Motor Ave. and Woodbine St., with
Judith Weston's Acting Studio (now closed).
The old library on Woodbine Street is now a park.

1925 - Palms Library - Small Palm trees

1945 - Palms Library - Big Palm trees

I used to play on the Pacific Electric Railroad Tracks along Exposition Blvd., behind the Palms Lumber Company on National Blvd. at Motor Ave.
This was called the Pacific Electric
Santa Monica Air Line.

The Historic Palms Train station was the home of my Boy Scout Troop #49 in 1956.
Passenger service on this line had ended in 1920, but there were still plenty of freights to flatten my pennies (until Sept. 1953).



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     16. Palms, CA Street Names
                 Current Names vs. 1886 Street Names

Avenues running North and South

Streets running West to East
New Name
Old Name (1910)
New Name
Old Name (1910)

Overland Ave.

First Ave.

National Blvd.

Santa Monica Rd.
Railroad Ave.

Keystone Ave.

Second Ave.

Rose Ave.

Palm Ave.

Mentone Ave.

Third Ave.

Woodbine St.

Del Mar Ave.

Motor Ave.

Fourth Ave.

Palms Blvd.

Cyprus Ave., Stilson,
Ocean Park Blvd.

Vinton Ave.

Fifth Ave.

Tabor St.

Villa Ave.

Jasmine Ave.

Sixth Ave.

Regent St.

Eucalyptus Ave.

Empire Ave.

(no street)


Josephine Ave.

Clarington Ave.

Seventh Ave.

Venice Blvd.

LA Pacific Railway

Dunn Ave.

(no street)



Hughes Ave.

Valley Ave.

Washington Blvd.

Ballona Rd.





190 - 640

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17. Palms Notes

There is a 1910 Sanborn map of Palms, CA, (1 inch= 50 feet!).
Sanborn is the king of old US city maps (Fire Insurance purposes) since 1886.
The map can be purchased from
Sanborn EDR in Connecticut.
It can be viewed online if you have an LA library card.
It can also be viewed in person at Berkeley, Northridge and Stanford, but cannot be photocopied.
I would love to get a high resolution copy, and put it here.

Anyone ever seen a 1890 Palms map?
I would love to show it here! Send me a copy, and I will make you famous!
Here are a few historic photos of Palms, CA.


1928 - 3679 Mentone Ave.

Father Divine Incident

1937 - 3371 Mentone Ave.

Berean Chapel Foresquare Church
Mentone Ave. at Woodbine St. There appears to be snow on the ground in Los Angeles -
1922, 1935, 1947, or 1949? I guess 1935.

1941 - Palms Post Office

Photos above provided by the LA County Library - non-commercial, Fair Use.

From 3345 Mentone Ave., I moved to 3432 Motor Ave. (shown on map above), then to
1966 Preuss Road at Guthrie near Robertson Blvd., and then on to

3559 Veteran Ave., Los Angeles, CA in Westside Village, just west of Palms, CA.

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