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Google Florida Update
Dictionary Filter Chart

Last updated 2-16-04
(Text description below chart)

The Chart Explained in Words
Decision Box



Search Phrase Entered

A 2-word phrase is entered into the Google Search Box, with a given site in mind.
- Yes, it can be a 3-word-phrase, or just a single word if it is obviously commercial.
All the tests apply to the INDEX page of "Some Given Site" that you are looking at.


English Test

Currently, only English language sites are subject to the filter.
If the site is NOT in English, then there is no filtering (one French word exception noted).
If the site is in English, go to the next test.


Dictionary Test

Is the 2-word search phrase listed in the Florida Dictionary of "Poisoned Commercial Words"? (which many feel are taken directly from the AdWord Database)
If they are not, then there is no filtering.

If the words ARE in the dictionary, go to the next test.


Commercial Test

Is the site listed in a commercial category of the Google Directory (derived from the ODP (Open Directory Project) at, whether it is a commercial site or not?

If the answer is yes, then the next test is, "Are you in Froogle?"
If the answer is yes, the site is FILTERED no matter what.

If the answer is no, go to the next test.


Hilltop Test

The new HILLTOP ALGORITHM is applied.

Is the site itself an "Expert" site, as defined by the Hilltop dissertation?

or, for the condensed version -

(At this writing, these sites are down right now. Is the demand too great upon the university server, or did Google remove the content? For now, the cache is still there. I saved a copy, you may want to do the same.)

If the answer is yes, there is no filtering.

Does the site have many links from the same domain?
If the answer is yes, the site is FILTERED no matter what.
This is an attack on Affiliates and Link-Farms.

The following work in combination:
Do you have a lot of links from "Expert" sites?
Do you have lots of links from -edu, -gov and -org sites?
Are your links very diverse - many links from many DIFFERENT sites?
If the answers are yes, in some aggregate form, then there is no filtering.

If the answer is no, go to the next test.


SEO Test

THIS is THE ONE that got MOST of us Mom-and-Pop types.

Has the site been "over-optimized" FOR THIS PHRASE, according to the old rules of Search Engine Optimization?
the basis for which are here -
along with "best practice", Google-conforming, NON-SPAM SEO techniques.

These are the previous text factors that we are the most familiar with -
Title, description meta, keyword meta, body repetitions, H1, anchor, alts, etc.)

If the answer is no, there is no filtering.
If the answer is yes, the site is FILTERED.

Having lots of poisoned-pairs in the top 4 or 5 of your meta tags can't be good (a total self-hosing, IMHO, as well as high density for the keyword-pair in question.)
This WAS great for Google (but not now), and still is for most of the other Search Engines.

Many are currently testing all the numerous combinations of -
in this tag, not in that tag, in the other tag, not in the blah-blah tag, keyword density, etc., for the 2-WORD TERM that was typed in at the beginning.

As time goes by, and people assemble more and more data, and Google slows down on the "Tweaking rate", the patterns will eventually emerge, producing the all new -

"De-optimizing Optimization Rules" . . Whaaaa? . . .

Stay tuned.

Notes :

Dictionary Words

What are the poisoned words that are in the dictionary? Go to -

Type in your "suspected word pair".
Read the results.

Try typing in each word individually.
This will give you all the other combos that you might want to see.

Scroogle is dynamic. It changes every 30 minutes, based upon continuing searches.
Results older than 24 hours are discarded, or at least taken off-line.
If, by chance, nobody has typed in the combo that you are looking for in the last 24 hours, it won't show up.
That's why you must make YOUR OWN list.
Add to it, but don't subtract from it.

If you are not sure about a word pair, try it on the Hitlist.
Then check back after an hour, but before 24 hours.
If it is a filtered combo, you will see it.

The list is being spoofed by Google "pranksters" who want to make it look ridiculous.
However, if you look hard, the fake-word-pairs are pretty idiotic, and therefore obviously recognizable as having been planted. Ignore them.
There IS wheat amongst the chaff.
Everything you need to know is there if you just look for it.

You may think that the words are getting too bizarre, and therefore not real AdWords.
If you doubt this, take ANY word-pair from the Hitlist,
and type it into the Google Search box.
What do you see on the right hand side of the SERPs?
The words are real.

HOW LONG will we have access to the words?
Sure. They are going to change.
But 90% of them are there now. (Another guess)


To find out how many of the previous Top-100 Pages, containing a specific poison-term, were tossed out by the filter, just type in the poisoned-words at -


Remember - This chart implies a test of JUST ONE search-term at JUST ONE site.
A change in one or the other means going through the WHOLE CHART again.
Different terms can produce different effects, at each step.
It's easy to confuse one causality with another.


Boy, this guy sounds pretty authoritative.
That's not so, these are ALL GUESSES.
However, they did not come out of thin air, but are based upon chatter at Webmaster forums,
most notably this one at SEOchat.


The tests may not occur in the order shown.
But what I have shown in the chart seems to fit most situations fairly closely.


Encouraged. Begged-for. DEMANDED! (Sorry, just kidding.)
Please take your pot shots over at SEOchat.
No censorship over there. The facts are all on the table.

Thank you very much.


Why would someone do this? Maybe I'm the joke.



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I am not privy to any inside information.

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