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Food Labels - Truth in Labeling

by Vaughn Aubuchon

What is in your food that you don't know about?
Why won't the government demand disclosure of all food ingredients?



Typical Food Nutrition Label
Typical US Government Approved
For many "low-level" ingredients,
there is no mention.
The government has subscribed to
the manufacturers deceptive concept -
Less than a certain, arbitrary
amount equals zero
And made it law.
So you don't get to know.


1. Grocery Store Foods Contain Secret Ingredients
Which fine legislators passed all the public-be-damned laws which state that -

"If a food product contains less than a certain amount of an ingredient, then the manufacturer can
PRETEND that the product contains NONE of the ingredient, and NOT EVEN MENTION it! "Unacceptable!

Examples -
Saturated Fat - less than 0.5 grams is redefined as ZERO on the label.
Trans fatty acids (TFAs) - less than 0.5 grams is redefined as ZERO on the label.
Cholesterol - less than 0.2 grams is redefined as ZERO on the label.
Official Government Redefinition of ZERO -
(Rounding Rules for Declaring Nutrients)

Since when, is less than 0.5 grams equal to zero. Not in my math book.
Let's say a package contains one-half gram of
badstuff, but it is not on the label. Let's say you eat 10 packages.
According to the package calculations, you have consumed NO
badstuff whatsoever. WRONG! In reality, you have consumed 5 GRAMS of badstuff. Unacceptable!

This arbitrary minimum amount is set by the food manufacturers, through lobbyists. The manufacturers tell the lobbyists what limits they want (corresponding, of course, to the amount of that particular crud in their product. There are THOUSANDS of additives (EAFUS, link below) put into your foods that are not listed on the labels, because of the arbitrarily set "upper limits" of zero. Unacceptable!

"The public doesn't matter, we must maximize our profits, at any cost."
The Government used to represent the people - now it represents corporations.

We don't decide. They decide. What goes down your throat. Without your knowledge.


2. Failures -
Asia and Europe, will sell us anything the government allows. No protection here.

Safeway will sell us anything the government allows. No protection here.
Safeway bakeries use azodicarbonamide (ADA) - a controversial approved dough conditioner -
From the FDA Science Forum, Category I, #241 - ". . may result in semicarbazide residues in bread "(scroll down to #241). "SEM (SEMicarbazide) has been found in food products made using flour in which azodicarbonamide has been added as a dough-improver, a practice that is not permitted in the EU". For many chemicals, Europe gets better consumer protection than the United States.

State and Federal Governments WON'T ALLOW us to know. No protection here.

3. Why? Corporate Power -
Money is everything - business as usual in America.
Lobbyists block much-needed laws, which CAN ALLOW US to see what we are being served.
I want to know what is in EVERYTHING I EAT. I don't want some pathetic non-label, purposely omitting ingredients, leaving me to guess just what crud may be "unmentioned". New "contributing factors" to cancer continue to be discovered.


4. EAFUS -
Want to blow your mind? Check out EAFUS - Everything Added to Food in the U.S. - You must have a fast computer, AND a fast internet connection - this file is HUGE. My favorite is castoreum - an extract from the hind end of a male beaver - used as a flavoring. How about acetone, AzoDicarbonAmide (a personal favorite), BENZENE, borax, butane, butylated hydroxytoluene, chloroform, for starters. Have fun.

EAFUS tells us all the weird stuff that goes into our food, but they don't tell us WHAT FOODS contain them. I wonder if someone has compiled a list of "the worst of the worst" food additives on the EAFUS list? Who has the time to go through the whole thing?

Don't forget to check out the US FDA Food Additive Status List - new crud.

And check the GRAS exemptions - US FDA Foods Generally Recognized As Safe
I see they have added carbon monoxide, pork collagen, hydrogen peroxide, tasteless smoke, and tetrafluoroethane. Goody. All generally recognized as safe as he||.

Food nutrition labels do not list all the lesser ingredients -

After all, a "small amount" equals none, right?

Think about what your children are eating.

The author is not a nutritionist.
Statements on this page may NOT be correct.

These are just my personal thoughts.
The sole purpose of this page is to encourage further research on your part.

I hope that you have found this Food Truth-In-Labeling page helpful.
Thank you very much for your time.


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