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Fast Food Salt Content

by Vaughn Aubuchon

The following chart below compares the amount of salt in food from fast food restaurants in California. Take note of the high amount of salt in these products.

Millions of Americans are harming their health, by eating too much salt-loaded food from fast food restaurants.

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Salt in Baked Beans & Chili Beans

Salt in Breakfast Cereals


   Individual American
   Daily Salt Consumption

Average Daily Consumption

3,500 mg

Old Guideline Maximum

2,300 mg

New Guideline Maximum

1,500 mg

The new guideline is especially recommended for those with hypertension, are over 40, or are African-American.

   Fast Food - Salt Content
   Comparison Chart

     (worst near the top - better near the bottom)

   Chili's (Mind-boggling!)




Skillet Queso w/chips

4,770 mg

Chicken Club Tacos

4,770 mg

Buffalo Chicken

5,350 mg

Buffalo Chicken Crisper Bites w/ BC

5,370 mg

Texas Chili Fries
w/ Jalapeno Ranch

5,450 mg

Texas Chili Fries
w/ Chili & Jalapeno Ranch

5,950 mg

Southern Smokehouse Burger
w/Ancho Chile BBQ

6,310 mg

Jalapeno Smokehouse Burger
w/Jalapeno Ranch

6,710 mg

   Taco Bell




1/2 lb. Beef & Potato Burrito

1,720 mg

Fiesta Taco Salad

1,780 mg

Zesty Chicken Border Bowl

1,800 mg

Chicken Fiesta Taco Salad

1,830 mg

Grilled Stuft Burrito - Steak

1,930 mg

Southwest Steak Border Bowl

2,120 mg

Grilled Stuft Burrito - Beef

2,120 mg

Grilled Stuft Burrito - Chicken

2,160 mg

   Burger King




BK Triple Stacker

1,390 mg

Double Whopper w/cheese

1,530 mg

Triple Whopper w/cheese

1,600 mg

TenderCRISP Chicken Sandwich

1,640 mg

BK Quad Stacker

1,740 mg

TenderCRISP Garden Salad

1,740 mg

A1 Steakhouse XT Burger

1,930 mg

Country Pork Sandwich

3,310 mg





Fiery Buffalo Wings Value Box

1,580 mg

Crispy Twister with Crispy Strip

1,600 mg

Popcorn Chicken Large

1,600 mg

EC Thigh Value Box

1,600 mg

Double-Down with Grilled Fillet

1,760 mg

Chichen Pot Pie

1,760 mg

Popcorn Chicken Value Box

1,900 mg

KFC Famous Bowls
Mashed Potato with Gravy

2.260 mg





Premium Chicken BLT c.

1,400 mg

Premium Chicken Club

1,410 mg

Premium Chicken BLT g.

1,440 mg

McSkillet Burrito w/s

1,470 mg

Chicken Selects

1,680 mg

Big Breakfast

1,680 mg

Deluxe Breakfast

1,790 mg

Gourmet Hot Pretzel

2,010 mg





Meatball Sub

1,360 mg

Subway Melt Salad*

1,410 mg

Red Wine Vinaigrette Club

1,520 mg

Italian B.M.T. Salad*

1,590 mg

Dijon Horseradish Melt

1,620 mg

Cold Cut Trio Sub

1,680 mg

Subway Melt Sub

1,730 mg

Italian B.M.T. Sub

1,900 mg

1. Items with over 1,700 mg salt are shown in RED.
2. The amount of sodium in Chili's meals is mind-boggling. It is almost unbelievable! Chili's is an excellent place to eat, if you have a death wish! LOOK AT THOSE NUMBERS!!!
3. * Salad dressing NOT included - add another 400-600 mg

230 - 450



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The author has no medical training. No advice is intended.
Although the author has tried to be as accurate as possible, errors and misstatements are possible.
Consult your doctor for personal nutrition advice.

I could not find a chart like the above. So, I assembled this list of fast food salt content, to help myself compare excess salt from fast food restaurants. I hope that it helps you.


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