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Why Wells Fargo Sucks

Summary of Online Comments
by Vaughn Aubuchon

Here is a page describing the sheer, utter and total incompetence of Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo Complaints

2. How People Feel About Wells Fargo

Ranking/ Review Sites


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Lawsuits Against Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Inherited IRA Horror

Wells Fargo Image Parodies

Wells Fargo Lawsuits in Santa Cruz, CA

How Wells Fargo Weaseled Its Way Out of Fraud Penalties


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1. List of Wells Fargo
    Complaints from -
This one site alone lists over 1,240 1,342
1,628 2,183 3,466
3,700 Wells Fargo Horror stories,
described on 125 133 163 216 347
368 pages.
(Sept. 17, 2016)
The rate of new comments is accelerating.
The complaints are -

Abusive employees,
Abysmal phone service,
Bad attitudes,
Degradation and insults,
Different story from each employee,
Frequent "memory failure" of employees,
Ignore customer instructions,
Immoral - no ethics,
Infinite hold when calling in, dropped phone calls,
Liars! Say one thing, and do another,
Never return phone calls,
Refusal to correct errors,
Rude customer service responses,
Unapologetic (never admit error),
Unresponsive, evasive,
Will not solve problems, even when it costs them nothing


Accusations of racism,
Botched IRA transfers,
Ceaseless telemarketing calls,
Credit limit lowered, without notification,
Deceptive practices,
Delayed deposits,
Delayed disclosures, to generate OD fees
Delayed transactions,
Delays in crediting deposits, to generate OD fees,
Disappearing funds - no explanation,
Hoarding funds by grossly delaying payments,
Loan modification stalling,
Overdraft generation through shady techniques,
Racist, predatory lending,
Record your call, but you can't record them!,
Reduced credit limits without notification, OD fees
Re-sequences debit card transactions from highest to lowest so as to maximize the number of overdrafts and the amount of overdraft fees it charges debit card customers - class action lawsuit,
Robo signers,
Save money deals, that are actually more expensive,
Selling useless insurance, which will never pay out,


Contrived fees,
Excessive number of fees,
Exorbitant fees,
Hidden fees,
Unexplained fees,


Illegal foreclosures,
Illegal tax deductions,
Illegal transfers - World Savings to Wachovia,
Illegal transfers - Wachovia to Wells Fargo,
Phony credit card charges,
Securities laws violations,


Faulty document review,
Inaccurate documentation,
Inability to perform IRA transfers properly,
Poor record keeping,
Poor security,
Lost paperwork,
Lost computer records,
Mortgage modification fiascoes,
Transaction errors,
Wachovia records cannot be found,

I just wanted to leave, but I couldn't even do that, without getting a knife in my back


Comments from alleged former Wells Fargo employees -
"Clients are now prey"
"Extreme greed"
"Extreme pressure to sell" on employees,
"I hated my job there"
"Constant pressure to sell"
"Fired for helping customer"
"Forced extra hours for lack of sales"
"Must sell everything to every customer"
"Most stressful place I ever worked"
"I was ashamed to work there"
"Fired without notice or cause"


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  2. How People Feel
      About Wells Fargo

Note the following results for Google searches, for the 4 largest banks in the U.S.

Search Term

Search Results


wells fargo thieves


citibank thieves


bank of america thieves


chase bank thieves


The searches above were performed on April 27, 2011. It looks like Wells Fargo may be the MOST THIEVING BANK of all, as indicated by popular acclaim.
Do the searches yourself.

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  3. Wells Fargo
       Rating/ Review Sites


Wells Fargo at -
1,557 2,830
4,862 complaints

Wells Fargo at Complaints -
1,320 complaints

Wells Fargo at Pissed -
383 573 1,146
1,325 complaints

Wells Fargo Rating At Customer Service Scoreboard
Overall rating = "
1,315 negative comments/1,351=
97.34% Negative
Survey of North American Banks
Wells Fargo had the highest ratio
of Hate/ Love
rankings at 7.2/ 1.
Chase = 5.6
Wachovia = 5.0 (consumed by Wells Fargo)
Citibank = 3.1

Wells Fargo
Exposé Sites

Hells Fargo on Twitter

The Wells Fargo Watch -
Corporate fraud, predatory lending

Philadelphia Man Forecloses on Wells Fargo

GONE - (gone)

Hells Fargo on Facebook

Wells Fargo Reviews at -
95% negative


Wells Employee Speaks -
"How We Screw You"

Wells Fargo Mortgage Fraud -
A Nevada Case

Wells Fargo
Mortgage Modification Scam
Profiting from Pain


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5. Wells Fargo Sucks


550 - 600


Trademark Notice:
"Wells Fargo" is a registered trademark of Wells Fargo and Company (WFC).
This website is in no way affiliated with Wells Fargo and Company, and the "Wells Fargo" trademark is used solely for informational purposes.

This web page summarizes comments about Wells Fargo Bank found on public Internet websites. The opinions expressed on this web page are those of the author.
This page represents FACTS. All reported errors will be corrected after verification.
The US government needs to bring back rigid bank regulation, to prevent continuing and further abuses. It is the abandonment of regulation that has caused all our recent financial system woes. Once again, certain MINIMUM STANDARDS for banks must be established and maintained. Please support Elizabeth Warren.


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