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NCO Financial Systems

The Worst Debt Collection Agency
by Vaughn Aubuchon

This web page summarizes the worst debt collection agency of all, NCO Financial Systems, and offers websites where you can get help for stopping harassment from unscrupulous, third-party debt collectors.


Are you being tormented by an obnoxious debt collection agency?
You must take action.


8 years, they are BACK!
Wed. Nov. 26, 2014 --->
"Vaughn Aubuchon ... You should not listen to this message, so that other people can hear it, as it contains personal and private information. This call is from ACS systems. This is an attempt to collect a debt, by a debt collector. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Please contact us about an important business matter at 866-269-1726, Again, that WID number is E8672498. When calling, please reference WID E8672498. If you would like to speak to a customer care representative now, have your WID number ready, and please press 1."

ACS in in cahoots with NCO Financial Systems.




NCO Financial - How to Stop Them
Comparison to the Others

NCO Complaints

NCO Financial Systems Complaints
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NCO Financial Systems Complaints
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NCO Financial Systems Complaints
The Better Business Bureau


Why Did I Make This Page?

Month after month, I get AT LEAST TWO computer-generated phone calls EVERY DAY from NCO Financial Systems. That's why I took the time to make this page.
They are attempting to collect an alleged 1996 credit card debt I DO NOT owe.
- I did not owe the debt, and I DO NOT owe the debt.

- Additionally, the statute of limitations has long since expired. NCO Financial Systems attempts to collect TIME-BARRED DEBT through ceaseless, pounding harassment.

Due to their continuing, over-the-top debt collection harassment practices, I decided to join others who have told their stories online, so that there is more awareness of this relentless pounding tactic. This is the worst collection agency in the USA.
Want proof? Keep reading.

Who Are They? - Top Ten List

Here is a list of the top 10 worst collection agencies in the United States, from Bud Hibbs - America's Consumer Credit Expert.
Here is Bud's February 2009 list -

Special Category - Marauder - Indian Wells, CA - Ryon Gambill
1. Fred Hanna
- Marietta, Georgia
2. Unistates - bankrupt
3. Unifund - Cincinnati, Ohio
4. Meridian Management - Ponte Vedra, FL
5. Mann-Bracken - Formerly Wolpoff & Abramson - Rockville, MD
6. Midland Credit Management - San Diego, CA
7. NCO Financial Systems - Horsham, Pennsylvania
8. LVNV Funding - Greenville, South Carolina
9. Coastal Asset - AKA Shekinah - Huntington Beach, CA
10. Asset Acceptance Corporation - Warren, Michigan
11. Collect America - Denver, CO
12. Aurora, Gold - East Aurora, NY

Here is Bud's list from 3 years ago -
1. Giove Law Offices - Buffalo, Amherst, Rochester, West Seneca, Niagara Falls, Snyder, NY
2. Wolpoff & Abramson - Rockville, MD
3. NCO Financial Services - Horsham, Pennsylvania
"More Complaints Daily than the Other Nine Combined" Bud has dropped this comment.
4. Shekinah, Inc. -        Huntington Beach, California
5. Unifund CCR Partners - Cincinnati, Ohio
6. LVNV Funding, LLC Resurgent Capital - Greenville, South Carolina
7. Frederick J. Hanna & Associates - Marietta, Georgia
8. Collect America, LTD - (CACV) & (CACH)
9. Asset Acceptance Corporation - Warren, Michigan
10. Bronson & Migliaccio, LLP - Buffalo, NY

Harassment Phone Numbers

The company never identifies itself. My caller ID always says "Out of Area".
There are many NCO numbers. The following are the numbers that have hounded me personally:

800-685-4343 -
Harassment Number - #1

800-445-4918 -
Harassment Number - #2

888-550-4514 -
Harassment Number - #3

Here is the autodialer message transcription -
"This is an important message from NCO Financial Systems, Incorporated.
The law requires that we notify you that (unintelligible) debt collection company.
This is an attempt to collect a debt, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Please call Julio Elaine back today, at 1-800-445-4918.
Once again, the number is 1-800-445-4918.
Thank you.
CPS123 is your ID code.
Again, your ID Code is CPS123" (ID code changed)
Wednesday 10:38 AM, Feb. 21, 2007 (followed by many other "silent" calls - no message, just harassment hang-ups)


Cease and Desist Letter

the harassment must stop, once you send a "Cease and Desist" letter. You must send this letter by Certified Mail (PS Form #3800) with a Return Receipt (PS Form #3811), to prove that it was sent, and that it was received.

Cease and Desist letter
from I Hate Debt

Cease and Desist letter from Credit Clean

Document all harassment that occurs after you send the letter. You may be entitled to a cash award, if it can be shown that the company acted in bad faith, and continued to violate Federal law, after the order letter was received.

((Why have I not done this earlier? Laziness, and I thought I would just let them waste their time, was the best way to respond. But this has gone too far. It is ridiculous beyond belief. I have sent the Cease and Desist letter. I am reporting below the
timeline of events after I mailed the letter. My phone ANNOUNCES that I record all calls (time-stamped.))

You Must Have Proof

Here are the 2 Post Office forms that you need -

Postal Service Form 3800
USPS Form 3800 - Certified Mail Receipt

Postal Service Form 3811
USPS Form 3811 - Domestic Return Receipt

In addition, you will probably have to
Send a Cease and Desist Order
     - to Merchants' Credit Guide -

Merchants' Credit Guide Co.
223 W. Jackson Blvd., #900
Chicago, IL 60606

Call Log of
Collection Calls from NCO Financial

400 - 450


File a formal online complaint with the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett.
Unfortunately, your complaint may result in such "non-actions" as this -

Tom Corbett caves in, and endorses NCO - NCO Sweetheart Deal - Jan. 27, 2006
NCO Financial Systems was allowed to deny the accusations, and continue business as usual. The Commonwealth's case was negotiated by Senior Deputy Attorney General Thomas J. Blessington, who gave NCO his "blessing". What a crock! TOAB.
File a formal online complaint with the Federal Trade Commission of the United States.
Federal action is required, to stop this illegal activity nation-wide. The Feds are your best bet. They need to be buried in complaints. This, and only this, will precipitate Federal action. Maybe, even enforcement.



Pseudonyms - a.k.a. - NCO is also known as -
NCO Financial Systems (51K, was115K Google results, when searched using parentheses)

NCO Financial Services (17K, was 50K Google results, parentheses)

NCO Portfolio Management (7K, was 13K Google results) - Parent Company - "Purchaser of delinquent accounts"
"Harasser of the masses" might be a more appropriate tag line.

Pseudonyms - a.k.a. - MCG is also known as -
Merchant's Credit Guide (800 Google results)
CFB Financial III, LLC (615 Google results)
Apparently, "The Henchman's Henchman", MCG is used for the purpose of continued harassment.


NCO Financial Systems and Merchant's Credit Guide are driving people crazy, with their over-the-top debt collection practices. They are going too far. Apparently, they always do. This would be an excellent subject for

John Stossel of ABC News -

Congress needs to

"POUND away, until they pay, whether they owe or not."
. . . their unspoken motto

The common tactic they use, as reported on various websites, and the Pennsysvania lawsuit, is "Debt Date-Changing". They LIE, and CHANGE the date of many debts, so that the debt appears to be MUCH newer than the ACTUAL DEBT OCCURRENCE. "Corbett said that the alleged violations included engaging in or using unfair or
deceptive debt collection acts and/or practices, and engaging in or using false, deceptive, or misleading representations ... "

They do this to avoid the "Statue of Limitations", under which these debts legally belong. If you ask for "Proof", they obviously cannot provide it, so they respond with intimidation and threats, to illegally get you to pay them. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. It is unconscionable for the United States Government to continue to allow these unbridled, illegal attacks upon U.S. citizens, by powerful U.S. corporations.

The data on this page was found on the web. Although every attempt has been made to verify the accuracy of statements on this page, errors can occur. The opinions stated above are the opinions of the webmaster, and he alone.


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