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About My EMAIL


I try to be as responsive as I can.

Email SPAM
If your message is legitimate, and not spam (unsolicited, unwanted email), I will usually, eventually get back to you. As they annoyingly say, "We apologize for any possible inconvenience." Particularly obnoxious spam will be addressed.


(831) - 4 6 4 - 8 6 8 4
(since Nov. 2008)

My landline is now restored!
Please leave a message.

Legitimate callers leave messages!

There is no cell service where I am, due to Soquel Creek valley in the Santa Cruz Coastal Mountain Range.



Snail Mail Address

Vaughn Aubuchon
P.O. Box 172
Soquel, CA 95073

If email is not secure enough for you, you can always anonymously mail your information to me.

(This is where you send the appreciative, contributional, physical, monetary, drafts (checks) to me, to make me rich, since AdSense has died. Not tax deductable.)

Or, should I start a religion, and demand tribute? Tax deductable. I KNOW I can invent better stuff than L. Ron. Dunno. I'm working on it. Paid access? I might make a few pennies. Aint'a quite'a gonna do it.

Sell naked pics of myself? I would be jailed overnight for inducing multiple suicides. Not an option.

Invent some kind of snake oil? I could do that, and sell it too. But no inspiration there. Charlatanism ain't my bag.

Some really rich guy needs to come along and poke me with a stick - probably my only hope - you can't know what you don't know, unless luck steps in, somewhere along the line.


Website Errors
I DO respond quite well to any errors reported. There have been several. Many fine folks have taken the time to send me corrections, which I verify and fix ASAP.

Link Requests
Sorry, I do not respond to link requests.
I do not grant links for the asking. I do not believe in reciprocal links.

I broke down. I am now all-in on LinkedIn.
Abandoning hermit mode, which had been SOP for me. Having been an engineer, social interaction had not been my strong suit.

New attitude. Wanna link? OK. You got it.



370 - 450

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Have a Great day!
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