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Link Requests (I don't respond.)

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About My EMAIL

I try to be as responsive as I can.

Email SPAM
If your message is legitimate, and not spam (unsolicited, unwanted email), I will usually, eventually get back to you. As they annoyingly say, "We apologize for any possible inconvenience." Particularly obnoxious spam will be addressed.



(831) - 5 8 8 - 7 0 8 3

Please leave a message.
Legitimate callers leave messages!


Snail Mail Address

Vaughn Aubuchon
P.O. Box 172
Soquel, CA 95073

If email is not secure enough for you, you can always anonymously mail your information to me.


Website Errors
I DO respond quite well to any errors reported. There have been several. Many fine folks have taken the time to send me corrections, which I verify and fix ASAP.

Link Requests
Sorry, I do not respond to link requests.
I do not grant links for the asking.
I do not believe in reciprocal links.

The cold truth is that I promote MY web site, NOT yours.
I select who I link to, NOT YOU.

Why not? You may have a great page -.
But I do not have the hours to -

1. Vet you, and your history
2. Vet your politics
3. Vet your motive
4. Vet your website
5. Vet your article
6. Police your link
7. Monitor your link performance

The last time I broke my own rule, to a sweet talking lady, I ended up with a Japanese pr0n link, 1 week later.
Capeesh? This must never happen again.

In addition, I grow weary of link rot. Now, instead of providing a link to where I want, I replace it with a link to a specific SERP result, which prevents me from having to continually fix links that have gone bad. It is much easier to just let Google and Bing fix it for me. They are in the business of keeping track of links. I AM NOT.

I broke down. I am now all-in on LinkedIn.
Abandoning hermit mode, which had been SOP for me. Having been an engineer, social interaction had not been my strong suit.

New attitude. Wanna link? OK. You got it.


370 - 450

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Have a Great day!
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