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It has gotten to the point where I could easily spend all day, every day doing nothing but email. I choose not to do this. Since I am now self-employed AND retired, my life will no longer be ruled by the tyranny of the "inbox".
I am basically an introvert, and not a "Chatty-Cathy."
Delayed Diligence: I may go for several days, without looking at my email at all.

Here are my Email response priorities -
1. Google, FBI, FTC, etc.- - - hours - low volume
2. Friends and relatives - - - - days - - low volume
3. Errors on my websites - - - days - - low volume
4. Email from nice people - - weeks - - high volume - I wish I could answer all.

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Email SPAM
If your message is legitimate, and not spam (unsolicited, unwanted email), I will usually, eventually get back to you. As they annoyingly say, "We apologize for any possible inconvenience." Particularly obnoxious spam will be addressed.

Website Errors
I DO respond quite well to any errors reported. There have been several. Many fine folks have taken the time to send me corrections, which I verify and fix ASAP.

Link Requests
Sorry, I do not respond to link requests.
I do not grant links for the asking. I do not believe in reciprocal links.

Linked In
I have received MANY invitations to LinkedIn. There is always JUST ONE option - "Confirm you know Joe." I do NOT know Joe. LinkedIn advises never to click, if I do not know Joe. So, just what is the point of all the Spam from LinkedIn?

After many invitations, I STILL am not LinkedIn, since they offer JUST ONE option - "...if I know". What a screwed-up message, and waste of time.

So, to -
Amit Bhawani, Dean Schlosberg, Kent Georgi, Lance Ledet, Greg Long, Mel Batterman, Rick Starr, and all the others whom I DO NOT KNOW, you need to give me a second option, other than asking me to LIE, and say that I know you!

Because this is so screwed up, I have ZERO interest in "LinkedIn". I have more interesting ways to waste time, thank you very much.

AD REQUESTS - No Thank You
Google and Media dot supply all my advertising needs.
I do not want the time-sink and hassle of individual advertisers, unless you have a particularly interesting offer.

Ask for phone # - I find robo-spamming telemarketers intrusive, annoying and illegal. I d@mn them all to he||. I hate their guts.

If you call me, you MUST ring SIX times, AND leave a message. Robocallers give up after 5 rings.

NEW - My ringer is always turned off.

NONE of the following Caller IDs will EVER be answered -

There MUST be a NAME, AND I must recognize it.
This is due to all the
spoofed Caller ID spam robo-calls I get.
I have registered with the US Government
DO NOT CALL LIST, which is a joke that isn't funny at all.

Snail Mail Address

Vaughn Aubuchon
P.O. Box 172
Soquel, CA 95073

If email is not secure enough for you, you can always anonymously mail your information to me.

370 - 450

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Have a Great day!
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