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LG 24M47H Monitor Review

For Use with a Desktop Mac
by Vaughn Aubuchon



Here is a review of the new 2016 LG 24M47H computer monitor for use with the DVI port on an old Mac G4 computer.

1. The "
Easy Setup Guide"

2. The
24M47H User's Manual

3. My Mac FW-800 Setup Description
   -- Computer
Interface Cable - Possible Boot Solutions

Monitor Description and Review

Screen Resolution Table

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1. The "Easy Setup Guide"

This document is NOT so easy. ONE sheet covers 11 monitors and 9 languages. Poorly.

Step 6 is called - "Macintosh Users"
(Although it is the 2nd largest section, it is ironic that it contains entirely erroneous information).

"The CD-ROM automatically boots when inserted into the CD-ROM drive, showing its main screen."

The next line states -
"When using windows, the program should start automatically."
This is the MAC SECTION. Why is windows even mentioned? There should be NO WINDOWS files involved.

This is followed by -
"1) Open the Mac folder by double-clicking the desktop icon."
There is NO "Mac folder". There are no Mac files on the CD-ROM whatsoever.

The LG documentation is totally divorced from the actual software operation. Apparently,
--- Engineering does NOT talk to marketing
--- Peer review does NOT occur
--- There is NO proofreading
--- There is NO MAC TESTING

If LG is going to specify Mac functionality, they need to try MUCH HARDER. Their current efforts are woefully inadequate.

I have had a positive view of LG products. But this has opened my eyes. They are NOT good at EVERYTHING.
Particularly horrifying is the first thing when you boot the CD - "Set the default Web browser to Internet Explorer". This is NO LONGER the 20th century. Who uses IE these days? Certainly, NOBODY who uses a Mac!



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2. The LG 24M47H
User Manual


The "On-Off Switch/ Joystick Control"
This is documented on Page 18 of the Language/Owners Manual provided on the CD ROM supplied by LG.

I could not even turn the display on, until after reading the "Easy Setup Guide". The power switch is located on the bottom, in the middle, directly under the LG Logo. Push it up to turn it on. It is also a 4-direction joystick, which introduces the "Main Menu" Mode. Push it away from you, OR, pull it toward you, and you get -

The "Main Menu"
LG 24M47H Main Menu

To select (OSD) Menu Mode, push the joystick to the left.
To select
Input Mode, push the joystick to the right.
To select
Picture Mode, push the joystick away from you.
To turn
Monitor Off, pull the joystick toward you, OR,
Push up and hold.

The "joystick" might be better-named as the "joy stub". It takes some practice to get used to it, without mistakenly pushing it up unintentionally.

The term "OSD" is used throughout the "Owner's Manual", starting on page 3, but is never defined. I am guessing that it stands for "Owner Settings Definition", and represents everything that is not "Main Menu".

Navigate vertically by
Pushing = Up
Pulling = Down

OSD Menu Mode -
Do this - (pull - left)
Page 19 of the manual
Quick Settings


Contrast (greyed)
Ratio (greyed)
Smart Ener. Sav.



Page 20 of the manual

"Color Wizard" is mentioned once, and not described, except briefly on page 21.

Do this - (pull - left - pull)
Page 21 of the manual

Picture Mode
Color Wizard

Picture Adjust
Super Res.
Black Level

Display (greyed)


(7 items)

Greyed out

(pull - left - pull - pull)
Page 23 of the manual

Power LED
Auto. Standby
Resolut (greyed)
OSD Lock


Auto Configuration
Page 24 of the manual
(pull - left - pull - pull - pull)
Page 25 of the manual

(Greyed out)

Do you want to reset your settings?



Input Mode -
(pull - right)
NONE - Doesn't work
without multiple inputs.

Wiggles around a lot, black screen, blue screen, brings you back to where you started, and does nothing, because HDMI is the only input. If VGA input is connected, you will probably see this choice, as well.

Picture Mode -
(pull - push) Page 26
Reader 1
Reader 2


Whatever you want
Best for newspaper
Best for cartoon
Best for photos
Best for video
Best for games

If you are not in Menu Mode, then the joystick controls the sound volume on the Audio Output jack -
  - Lowers the sound volume when you Push Left
  - Raises the sound volume when you Push Right

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3. My Old G4 Description

Mac G4 M8570 MDD FW800
M8570 - MDD - Mirrored Drive Doors

Product # =
Model # =
Model ID # =
Processor =
HD     =

RAM  =
Software =
Video Card =

Old Monitor
(ADC port) =

New Monitor
(DVI port) =

M8570 (MDD)
PowerMac 3,6
Dual G4 1.25 GHz
WD320 - Tiger 10.4.11
WD500 - Leopard 10.5
2G (maximum)
Tiger OSX 10.4.11
ATI Radeon 9000 Pro

Apple Cin. HD 23" Display

LG 24M47H
LG 24" Full HD LED Mon.

After many hours of fruitless efforts, the new monitor STILL does not work, unless the original Apple Cinema ADC monitor is present.

This is a big problem, because the original monitor is exactly what I am trying to replace. Apparently, the problem lies with my original ATI Radeon 9000 Pro video card, or the PMU, or the PSU, or some other d@mned thing, heretofore unmentioned and undiscovered.

If YOUR suggestion solves my issue, I will send you $50 in a heartbeat (Nov. 5, 2016). I need to boot my Mac with the LG monitor on the DVI port, AND the Apple ADC port DISCONNECTED. Right now, the G4 will only boot with the ADC port connected to a monitor.

First Things First

Links for my FW800 Mac G4 Computer

Resetting the PRAM on a Mac G4
Reboot, while holding down Command, Option, P, R
Release all 4 keys on the 2nd start-up sound.
(Batt. voltage must be near 3.6V to maintain parameters)

Resetting the PMU on a Power Macintosh G4

Neither of these solved the problem.

Possible Boot Solutions

1. Mac wont Start if ADC is not Connected

Mac MDD Won't Turn On

My G4 MDD Won't Turn On

A Possible Fix for MDD that Won't Turn On

Possible Adapter Solutions

5. Belkin F2E9142-WHT - Apple Monitor Adapter
Obsolete, very rare, expensive

Using a DVI monitor w/PowerMac G4 FW800

Apple A1006 Apple Monitor Adapter
Obsolete, very rare, expensive
Intended for DVI-to-ADC - not what I want

Possible Video Card Change

Another possible solution is to simply replace my ATI Radeon 9000 Pro with a different video card. I am looking into this.
9200? - 9600?

Video cards also supplied with this Model -
NVIDIA GeForce4 MX - - - - ATI Radeon 9700 Pro

NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti

Pins 3 and 11 - The Mac Elite



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Interface Description
Insignia - 6 foot DVI-D-to-HDMI Cable
from Best Buy $34.99 (Oct. 2016)

Insignia 6-foot DVI-to-HDMI Cable
DVI-D Male Connector . . . . . HDMI Connector
plugged into video card . . . . . . plugged into LG monitor

This works very well. Although the M8570 Radeon card has a DVD-I output (Integrated analog and digital).
The HDMI only requires Digital signals (DVI-D). The DVI-D Half-link connector plugs into the Mac DVI-I port, and works just fine. The HDMI plug output plugs into the back panel input of the LG monitor.


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4. Monitor Description and Review

LG Electronics 24M47H-P 24" Class Full HD
LED Monitor (23.6"Diagonal)
from Costco $ 100 (Oct. 2016)
LG 24M47H 24" LED Monitor

Links for this Monitor

LG 24M47H Monitor Page at LG
One control - right under the logo

LG 24M47H Monitor Page at Amazon ($ 124)
Shows 6 controls along the right bottom - NOT!

LG 24M47H Monitor Page at Costco (Just $ 100)

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My Review Rating


The 6 preset "Picture Modes" are great fun to play with.
And for the price? OUTSTANDING!
It works GREAT on my old Mac G4, and looks way better than my old, much used Apple 23" Cinema HD Display (

CON (General):
It is so lightweight, it feels cheaply made, which it is, of course. Maybe they should put a chunk of iron inside the base, just for perception. Use the excuse of "stability".

Inserting the power plug feels like you are going to break the input panel, because it bends inward so much. There is no support right at the point where you are going to be pushing.

The power adapter plug is MASSIVE, and covers 3 sockets on my power strip. I have NO IDEA why they think this is necessary. Weird, that they would not think about this (plays well with others? NO!) Two cuts with a hacksaw might fix this.

CON (Mac):
I thought that a visit to the LG website would provide more comprehensive information. It does not. These folks seem documentation shy. There is NO MENTION of Macintosh whatsoever. Which means that Step 6 of the "Easy Setup Guide" is
ENTIRELY WRONG. Nothing described there exists. This will drive Mac users crazy.

Mouse Issue on Mac (Major)
When you move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen, it disappears! Continuing to move the (unseen) cursor upward with the mouse, takes the cursor up about 3 screen-heights. Moving it back down again allows you to measure this, by observing just "how far up" it went.

If you then click the unseen cursor, you have just entered the Mac Finder Mode. The cursor should be constrained to prevent it from going off the top of the screen, as it is on ALL MAC MONITORS from Apple. This is a constant irritation. Your mousing must be far more precise with this monitor. One bad click above the screen requires cursor recovery, which involves downward mouse movement, and 2 MORE clicks to recover, and do what you intended to do in the first place (click in the menu bar).

Screenshot Issue on Mac (Minor)
Cannot capture the LG Menu described on Page 21 of the Owner's Manual.. It captures whatever else is in the shot, but cannot see the menu. You cannot produce a graphic showing the menu screen.

My Review Scores

***** - Price
  **** - Functionality
    *** - Software
      ** - Hardware
        * - Documentation


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5. Screen Graphics
Resolution Table
ADC Connector
LG Full HD
DVI Connector


640 x 480
640 x 480 (S)

640 x 480
640 x 480 (S)


720 x 480

800 x 500
800 x 512


800 x 600
800 x 600 (S)

800 x 600
800 x 600 (S)


1024 x 576 (I)

1024 x 656



1024 x 768
1024 x 768 (S)

1024 x 768
1024 x 768 (S)


1280 x 720

1280 x 820


1280 x 960

1280 x 960 (I)


1280 x 1024

1280 x 1024


1344 x 756 (I)

1344 x 860


1344 x 1008

1344 x 1008 (I)


1600 x 900 (I)

(My Old)

1600 x 1024



1600 x 1280

1600 x 1280

(My New)


1920 x 1080

I = Interlaced
S = Stretched

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LG 24M47H Monitor Review on Mac


Although the author has tried to be as accurate as possible, errors are possible.

I made this page to help me research the replacement of my ancient Apple 23" Cinema Monitor with a new LG 24" HD display. I hope that it helps you.

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