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National Enquirer Lies

by Vaughn Aubuchon

The front page (June 29, 2015) -

National Enquirer LYING Headline
"Natalie Wood's Body Exhumed!"
That is a LIE!
No "Murder Case Breakthrough."
That is NOT her cemetery.
That is NOT her coffin.
No evidence "Skull was bashed in."
Nobody has "Nailed the Real Killer."

"This is how Natalie's exhumation WOULD be done."
PURE BULLSH|T on the cover!

Extorting money
under false pretenses

They have collected my $4.99 for the headline, which is patently FALSE.
Eff the National Enquirer.
They are lying scum.
This chicanery SCREAMS for a class-action lawsuit.


I thought that they were a cut above.
They have dropped to the level of "Midnight", the "Globe", and "World Weekly News", who publish stories only an idiot would believe..

They have dropped all pretense of actually presenting facts. They are now fabricating bullshit stories, and CLAIMING that they ACTUALLY HAVE OCCURRED.

Natalie is buried at Westwood Memorial Park. The photo is clearly of some OTHER cemetery. LIARS!

Did they screw you too? Let's sue the hell out of them. We can get an attorney who will do it for 50% of the take. SOMEBODY will want to get into their deep pockets.

I don't want any money, I just want to see them WIPED OUT for their unchecked, unconscionable dishonesty.

I will never buy the stinking rag ever again.
I will badmouth them forever, going forward.
I will tell everyone I know what a piece of crap they are. If they continue to dispense vomit, I will be all over them.



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