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MGM Studio Lot Map

With Illustration and Comment
(This page is not intended for small screens.)
by Vaughn Aubuchon


Before I was 10 (1954), I saw many MGM movies at the local Palms Theater on Motor Ave., which was 3 blocks from MGM. Many times, Mom used to drive me past the high, impenetrable walls of MGM Headquarters at 10202 Washington Blvd. She pointed out the old colonnade main entrance where she and her high school girl friends used to beg for autographs from the stars (1937), entering and leaving the "Main Gate" (the ten Corinthian columns at Jasmine Ave.). Highly sought were Clark Gable and Myrna Loy.

Here is a GIF of the property.
CLICK on it, and you get a PDF, which can be blown WAY up, with no loss of detail. You are welcome.

MGM Back Lot - Culver City

MGM - Lorimar - Sony

Why Did I Do This?
Sony bought MGM back in 1990. One might think that they would have produced an online version of the Main Lot #1 map, by now. From ANY era. They have not. Which is staggering to me. So here I am.

I wonder why Sony hasn't done it? Surely, among the MOST WANTED graphics from MGM by old fans. What are they saving if for? Lazy? Don't care? No payback ratio? No clue? With the popularity of TCM, one might think that they would have a clue.

And what about detailed maps for Lot #2 and Lot #3, which are GONE? I thought that Sony was selling MGM history. No story here.

The buildings are shown as they currently stand. The old removed sound stages are shown in dotted lines - #18, #19 and #20. The graphic has been rotated from "north at the top" for display purposes, since the location is at a 45° angle with respect to the compass points.

There are several OLD versions online, but the quality is wholly unacceptable - You cannot read the words. It shows old building locations, but you must already KNOW what the buildings are.
Here is one of them - Seeing-Stars.

I created this map using the old online map, along with Google Maps and satellite photos. Sony provided nothing. The building numbers shown are painted on the roofs of the buildings, taken from Google "Earth View". Positions are relative, not absolute.

Building #30 is entirely encircled by "Culver Blvd.", which has confused many folks, no doubt, since you turn in from the real Culver Blvd., to the bogus Culver Blvd. within the studio. Weird.

2. My grandfather worked at MGM as a grip during the 1930's, before he moved on to Warner Bros. in Burbank, in the 1940s and 1950's. He lived just 6 blocks away, at 3345 Mentone Ave. The MGM carpentry shop was located where the Culver Parking Garage is now, as shown in the early versions of the map. Several other departments were located thereunder.


A 1925 MGM 30-minute feature telling all about the studio and employees at the time, is a must-see at Youtube. Several other versions exist, which are lower quality, and only 20 minutes long.

Stars included were -
Renee Adoree
Eleanor Boardman
Mae Busch
Lon Cheney
Lew Cody
John Gilbert
Lucille Le Sueur (Joan Crawford)
Mae Murray
Conrad Nagel
Ramon Novarro
Zasu Pitts (from Santa Cruz, CA)
Norma Shearer
Claire Windsor

MGM for 66 years (1920-1986)
Lorimar for 4 years (1986-1990)
Sony for 29 years - (1990-2019)

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