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1. Your Ads -
Do you want to see YOUR ad on any page of this site? Just drop me an email (bottom of page).

This can be done 2 ways -
1. Private placement
     a. State what you want to pay for each
     b. Show me the ad.
     c. Any weird stuff or redirection, and
        you will be instantly gone forever.

2. AdSense - Bid through Google
     I will place an AdSense ad on the page,
     at the top, above the fold.
     You may bid accordingly.

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2. AdSense Ads -
To support this site, I have placed ONE AD on approximately 21% of the pages (95/ 460).

AdSense History -
In 2013, I averaged $493/ day.
The ads were highly targeted.
Ad coverage = 95 % of my pages.
CPM = Low double digits.

In 2018, I averaged $10/ day.
Most ads are UNTARGETED.
Ad coverage = 10% of my pages.
CPM = Low single digits.

In 2019, Google serves many, irrelevant UNTARGETED ads. I will not tolerate them. My strategy is to remove ads from all pages, that only get the cr@ppy, untargeted ads. That explains the 10% figure today.

To continue serving the low-paying, junk ads would serve ONLY THESE PURPOSES; telling the world that -
1. I don't care about visitor's experience
2. I am a hoar-dog for pennies
3. My site is garbage.

AdSense Ad Review Center -
The "Ad Review" center is a colossal joke.
OLD Data - You start at 2,000 - the more you look, it goes up to 10,000.
NEW Data - They WON'T EVEN TELL you, because there are SO MANY JUNK ADS.

NOBODY has time for this cr@p. Google has all webmasters chasing their tails.

There is but one option - remove the ad code ENTIRELY. Occasionally, I will retest the ads served on each page. If they remain BAD, I remove them within one day.

Ad Philosophy -
While Google AdSense hammers me daily to install their "auto ads" code, Google Search would castrate me, if I showed 10 ads per page, which has been reported. Google schizophrenia is real.

ONLY ONE AD is all I want on each page. If AdSense can't manage to give me JUST ONE targeted ad per page, why in the heck would I want 9 extra untargeted ads, to piff off every single visitor?
Insatiable greed will kill this company.
It's already started.

IN ADDITION, why should I give Google ANY love, when they rank my arguably BEST PAGE the WORST, of all
Major Search Engines, in the world.


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3. Pages with Ad Problems
I have several pages with good popularity, but since the only ads I get for these pages are junk, I must remove them, due to their extremely negative dilution of my overall stats (CTR, CPM, etc.)
Got any ideas? Here they are -

Math-based page - - - - - 15,000 views/ mon.
Medical page (Spanish)- 11,000 views/ mon.
Vaping page - - - - - - - - 10,000 views/ mon.



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4. Buy This Site

Offer #1.
Today, I will sell this website for $ 1M.
Tomorrow, it might be more.

Cashier's check only.


Offer #2.

What chu got?


contact info


Snail Mail Address

Vaughn Aubuchon
P.O. Box 172
Soquel, CA 95073

If email is not secure enough for you, you can always anonymously snail-mail your information to me. It never goes into an accessible, outside mailbox.

370 - 450

I will be willing to listen to any reasonable proposal. Please be specific, with all details. Thank you.


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Have a Great day!
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