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Phone Bill Cramming

ILD Teleservices Enables
Telecom Fraud

by Vaughn Aubuchon

A.T.&T. to pay 105 Million to Resolve Wireless Cramming Investigation
          ... FCC, Oct. 8, 2014


Summary :
1. Fraudulent Service Fees Are Charged by Phony "Merchant" Services.
ILD TELESERVICES "washes" the fraudulent fees, and sends them to AT&T.
3. A.T.&T. puts the phony charges on your bill, "by law"
("don't blame us")



Cramming is the practice of placing fraudulent, unauthorized charges on your phone bill, which you did not order, and you do not want.

ILD Teleservices -
Fraud Enablers

ILD Teleservices (International Long Distance Teleservices) placed a phony charge of $15.95 on my April phone bill.
When I called, "Alma" insisted that I had "Signed Up Online" for a service called "Family Contact". I never did any such thing. This witch continued to insist that I had signed up for the service. In spite of the fact that all she does every day is listen to these complaints. A little disingenuous maybe? How about BOLD FACED LIAR! She knows damn well what is going on.

Millions of Victims
Most people just pay, because they assume that it is a legitimate change. It is not. It is telecom FRAUD, pure and simple.
This is happening to 1000's of AT&T phone customers. You must watch your bill like a hawk, and contest any phony charges. ILD is depending on the fact that many AT&T customers will not notice.

The Complaints Against ILD
How many online complaints are there? You tell me -
ILD Teleservices Complaints - Google says 9,120
ILD Teleservices Complaints - Yahoo says 3,690
ILD Teleservices Complaints - Bing says 2,120

Telecom Regulation -
We Need It Again

The banks, mortgage companies, and securities firms have recently screwed us all. The telecom companies are doing the same thing, due to the deregulation policies of George Bush. THIEVES RULE! Congress must pass legislation outlawing these thieving scoundrels.

ILD is also known as ILD Telecommunications, and ILD Teleservices. They are based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.


UPDATE - For the SECOND MONTH IN A ROW, AT&T has crammed my phone bill.

April bill -
$15.95 phony charge from ILD

May bill - $12.95 phony charge from ILD
AT&T is run by IDIOTS! "Well we couldn't screw him for $16 in April, but maybe we can screw him for $13 in May." AT&T is the enforcer of telecom fraud!

ATT bill with fraudulent ILD charges

Note the fraudulent ILD Teleservices charge of $12.95 above, where it says "HERE".

Also note that whatever services you are being charged for, ARE NOT STATED! Not only are the charges fraudulent, but you MUST CALL to find out. EVEN AFTER YOU FIND OUT WHO THE "MERCHANT" IS, you will not be able to contact them, by design. You will be met with answering machines that don't work, disconnected numbers, fake numbers, and broken voice mail.

If you do get through, they insist that you somehow signed up for the service on the Internet, when in fact, you never did any such thing.

Flawed System

AT&T allows ANYBODY to claim that you signed up for their services, through ILD, even though you did not. Then AT&T charges you for whatever amount the thieving "merchant" says you owe.

ATT Cramming Diagram

Here is How They Defraud You
(diagram above from AT&T) -

The FRAUD PERPETRATOR - MANY unscrupulous merchants LIE, and insist that you signed up for their services. In my case, I was told by ILD that the "merchant" was "Family Contact". This is probably also a lie, since I have never heard of them, and they are NOT on the web.

The FRAUD ENABLER - Due to telecom deregulation, the 3rd party fraud enabler ILD is UNJUSTLY allowed to send these fraudulent charges to AT&T. As the middleman, ILD provides a "Fraud-Laundering" service. They are the filter between the crooks and AT&T.

The FRAUD ENFORCER - AT&T DOESN'T CARE that you are being screwed. The so-called "merchant" is NOT EVEN NAMED on your bill! Unconscionable! The merchant can be anybody. AT&T DOES NOTHING to verify the charges, or even the "Merchant". AT&T mindlessly adds the charges to your bill, and expects you to pay them. Not in this lifetime, you thieving scoundrels.

Fraudulent Merchants List

So, who are the PHONY merchants responsible for these fraudulent charges?
Here are a few compiled from the first 20 pages at Consumer Affairs ILD Teleservices Complaints. They have 133 2,009 pages total, as of Feb. 16, 2015.

Comtel Web Host Mth
Contact Messaging Services
Contact Message Systems, LLC
Direct Hosting
Directory Assist charge
Enhanced Services Billing, Inc.
Family 911
Family Connect
Family Connect 911
First Fairfield Internet
Flash webinet mth svcfee
Foneright, Fone Right Voicemail
Info Dial USA
Infodial Unlimited Long Distance
Integrated Area Inet svc
Intellicall Operator SVCS
Lunic Voice
Members Edge LLC
Member's Edge Voicemail
MyIDWatch, My ID Watch

NetWatch, Net Watch
New Link Network
OAN Services
OAN Voicemail
Online Yellow Pages - Monthly Fee
Optic Inet Protocol
Optic Internet Protocol
Tan Personal 800 Svc
Total Members Edge
Transcendent Corp.
US Credit Find
US Prizes
Voicemail Direct USA LLC
Voicemail Professionals
World Web Pages

Check your monthly telephone bill for ANY CHARGES from ILD. The fraudulent charges may come from a "merchant" named above.
If you don't check, you may be letting thieves steal your money!

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Proposed Legal Action -
Write Your Congressman


Why should "mystery merchants" be allowed to ILLEGALLY charge you money, for bogus services?

Why is ILD "allowed" to bill you for the fraudulent charges?

Why is AT&T "obligated" to bill you for the fraudulent charges?

US citizens are now PREY. There is no oversight. Criminals are in charge.

The lobbyists have turned logic upside down.
Complain to your congressman. Tell them you are sick of being MARKETING PREY.
Without new regulations, the problem is only going to get worse.

Unauthorized Increase

October Fee Increase! A NEW Travesty

A.T.& T. illegally raised my rates, without authorization, and without notice.
"Complete Choice Basic" - was $21 - NOW - $23 - NO EXPLANATION
Who authorized this increase? NOBODY!


The opinions above are those of the author alone, and no one else.
I found all the public company information above by using Google search.
Although the author has tried to be as accurate as possible, errors are possible.
I was crammed. So, I made this cramming web page, to tell everyone about my experience.

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