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For news that you won't see on CNN,
Fox News or MSNBC.
by Vaughn Aubuchon

Are you tired of being spoon-fed the same propaganda, day after day? The same old "sound bites" over and over again?
Are you aware of all the LIES that are being accepted as FACT? Do you care?

Have you considered listening to differing viewpoints from alternative news media?
Try These! Then, make up YOUR mind for YOURSELF.
I hope that you find these alternative news media resources useful.



United States-based
Want to see no evil? Then don't look here.
Can you handle the truth? Then read on.

Alternative News Media Sites -
No Favoritism is Implied

URL plus Link



Common Dreams News Center

Crooks and Liars


Democracy Now

Fact Check - Annenberg

Free Speech TV

Huffington Post

In These Times

Institute for Public Accuracy

Media Channel.Org

Media Matters Action

Media Transparency Wiki

Noam Chomsky, M.I.T.
Professor of Linguistics
America's Foremost Media Intellectual

The Noam Chomsky Archive

Project Censored

Half-Way In Between
Left and Right

PBS - Public Broadcasting Service
Oftentimes brilliant programming,
sometimes conservative-slanted agenda

Oftentimes brilliant when covering live news,
sometimes conservative-slanted agenda

Other Related Sites

The Onion -
Laugh your butt right off!
"America's Finest News Source"
You need a sense of humor for this one.

Google> Media Watchdogs


250 - 450

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Foreign-based News Sources
How do THEY see us?

Al Jazeera -Qa'tar -
English Version

BBC News - World -

Haaretz - Israel -
English Version

Le Monde - France -
English Version

Russia Today
Channel 103 on S.F. Bay Area Comcast
Check out the Russian perspective - no commie stuff

The Guardian - Great Britain

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Mainstream Media Sites
Embrace this stuff at your peril.


Fox News - Unfair and unbalanced
Study - Fox News viewers know less than those who watch NO news


Mainstream Media Sources
Skip the spin, just show me the news-wire source.

AP - Associated Press

UPI - United Press International

Reuters News Service

"a senior White House official"

Karl Rove? - GOP Political Advisor

"highly placed sources
at the Pentagon"

Gen. Huffnpuff? - "well-informed Pentagon official"
Pure BS - Get out the snow-blower.


250 - 450

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Pure Bullspit Sites
Designed to separate you from your money.

The ultimate conservative BS site

This site has NOTHING to do with news, just money.
Endless, obnoxious videos, (1/2 hour long) that serve pure cr@p.
Unsubstantiated claims, covered in whipped cream BS, then "Send Us Money". The narrator always sounds just like a carnival barker, making wild claims, designed to make you feel like an idiot if you do not respond immediately.

Try a few Google searches - newsmax liars, newsmax ads

Newsmax Privacy Policy

"We will do anything and everything we can think of to violate your privacy". (paraphrased) Read it yourself.

Pure, ultra-conservative BULL.

Over 1/2 hour of hyper-bullspit. "You have been specially selected".
Only $140 per bottle for vitamin D3. Such a deal. serves many newsmax ads.


250 - 450

The opinions stated above are my own, and not of my ISP, or anyone else.
If you disagree with any of the above comments, that is great - you are thinking.

The sole purpose of this page is to OPEN YOUR EYES, and encourage further research on your part.
Draw your own conclusions from the websites listed above. I wish you Godspeed in your quest for truth and knowledge.
Thank you very much for your time.
Watch that second step on your way out. Don't get tripped.

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