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My Atrial Fibrillation Data - 2
Heart Arrhythmia Information -
Personal Data

by Vaughn Aubuchon

My Atrial-Fibrillation Highly-Opinionated Opinions - A lay person who knows a little too much, and asks too many questions.

2. My Personal Atrial-Fib Data
NEW - July 20, 2009 -
My Daily BP and A-Fib data from 2005 to present in an Excel file - Warning - Very Large - over 3 Meg. - A new measurement methodology is presented. See if you can find the map. (Only the "Personal Data Column" has been cleared, which included daily personal info, daily stressful events, and diary-type info.)

3. Atrial Fibrillation Information

My Personal Data

My Personal Regimen

My Personal Results




My Personal BP/ Arrhythmia Data

Nobody ever shows any data - that drives me nuts.
Here's some of mine, to help illustrate what I am talking about.
This data was taken with an Omron Wrist Monitor #HEM-608.
Note that each "reading" consists of 4 consecutive measurements, of blood pressure and pulse.

My BEST Week - before A-Fib began (Feb. 2003)

A-Fib record - best week

My WORST Week - after A-Fib began (May 2003) (arrhythmia-wise, not pressure-wise)
A-Fib record - worst week

Using A Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor
Buy a blood pressure monitor and use it religiously - I use an Omron Wrist Monitor #HEM-608.
Above, I show a week before I had A-fib, and a week after I gave myself the A-Fib.
I take 4 successive readings, an average of 4 times daily.
The 4 readings in-a-row give a relative indication of HRV.
Before I had A-fib, I would get a pulse of 70-72-70-71 (delta=2 or 3, sometimes 1).
Now I get 68-85-72-75 (delta=17), for example.
When I took the Propran@lol, it was delta=26 (weekly average, shown above).
It is now down to 15.

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The Cause of My A-Fib
I gave myself the A-Fib.
I guzzled too much fine wine in too short a time period
( 2 or three bottles, 2 days in a row).
(known as "Weekend Heart" or "Holiday Heart" to doctors)
Patients usually show up on Monday morning.
I used to make wine. I thought wine was a part of life.
I swore off wine for a long while.
I have resumed drinking wine in moderation.
With booze, you lose.

My Personal Heart Regimen

It is YOU who must take responsibility for your own health.
My strategy is general strengthening of the heart,
avoidance of known antagonists,
and supplementation with known benefactors.

: Apples, avocado, bananas, broccoli, carrots, celery, grapes,
oats, orange juice, tomatoes - everything raw, if possible.
Eat wild salmon, if you can find it (but not the farmed salmon).

My worst possible food is salt. Salt is your enemy.
All prepared foods in the market are JAM-PACKED with salt,
not to mention TONS of Other Crap -
U.S.D.A. EAFUS List - Everything Added to Food in the United States.
Be patient. It's a huge file, but well worth the wait.
Some ingredients listed are UNBELIEVABLE!

Be careful of "reduced fat" foods - that usually means extra added salt.
Read the labels. And, oh yeah, READ THE LABELS!

Inactivity is your enemy. Stop fretting, start moving.
Although I still am working on high diastolic morning pressure (100),
I can now drop my daytime pressure at will, with exercise, to as low as 80/50, when I choose.
But it is the "most-of-the-time" pressure that really matters.

The AF is a lot harder to deal with.
When cure may not be an option, then quality becomes paramount.
DISTRACTION works wonders for me. Become intensely involved with something that interests you.
Try to reduce the number of waking seconds that the wiggulation highjacks your mind into thinking about it.
DENY it your attention.
Dwelling upon it will not make it go away - taking your mind off of it, can only be positive.




Blood thinner - Morning highest risk
Especially Monday mornings


2 x 50mg

Two 50mg pills a day

Fish Oil

4 x 500mg

Omega 3 - EPA - DHA

Flaxseed Oil

1 tbl.

Omega 3

Amino Acids



Some say it's good.



I like the vanilla liquid.



Some say it's good.


Hawthorne Berry

2 x 550mg

Twice a day - A European standard



All you can stand - 3 cloves?



Best trace element source



2 x 333mg

Twice a day



Avoid too much iron. The body has trouble eliminating it. Doctors draw your blood to reduce iron in the body.


2 x 133mg

Twice a day - critical to heart rhythm





Vitamin C

2 x 500mg

Twice a day

Vitamin E


Be careful - I discovered that 800mg was over the top, and actually increases BP, a LOT.


1 mega vita

A, B complex, D, etc.



Beware the Niacin Flush! Kinda fun. Your body turns beet red, you itch all over, and somebody is sticking needles in your arms and legs. Only happens the first time, unless you up-your-amount. Reputedly harmless.

Folic Acid


Nervous system chemical.



250 - 450

I used to swill it all down with copious amounts of Tonic water (contains Quinine Hydrochloride).
(Doctors tell us that there is very little Quinine in Tonic water - NOT true.)
If you don't believe me, just call the 800 number on the bottle - "20mg per 6 fluid ounces".

Quinine has been shown to be an anti-arrhythmic medication,
in some cases
spontaneous remission.
It is made from the bark of the Peruvian Cinchona tree.
It is most famous as the cure for malaria.

One liter per day will give you 113 mg Quinine per day (33.8oz. divided by 6, multiplied by 20).
Prescription Quinine Sulfate comes in 260mg tablets and 325mg capsules.
Therefore, 2 liters are approximately equivalent to one prescription tablet.
Three liters are approximately equivalent to one prescription capsule.
Check it out. Believe what you choose.

Tonic Water - NO GIN

by some -
per Oz.
per 8 Oz.
per 6 Oz.


2 liters
35 MG
? MG

Lowest Sodium

Canada Dry Diet

2 liters
6 MG
50 MG
20 MG

Owned by 7-Up

Safeway Select Diet

2 liters
9 MG
45 MG
? MG

Highest Saccharin

Schweppes Diet

2 liters
5.1 MG
65 MG
20 MG

Lowest Saccharin
Also owned by 7-Up

Other - ?

low MG
low Na
30 MG-?

Anybody - ?

Only diet brands are listed. There is too much sugar in the non-diet brands.
You don't want to be guzzling liters of carbohydrates.
Since we are more concerned about sinus rhythm and body weight than c*ncer, go for the saccharin.
Read this :

"Strictly controlled and statistically exploitable studies show
COMPARABLE EFFICACY of QUININE and other Class I medication."
You may also want to investigate the association of Torsades de Pointes with the use of Quinine.
I simply dismissed it - you may feel differently.

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My Personal Arrhythmia Record -
Average Weekly HRV

Here is a summary of my weekly average HRVs - Heart Rate Variability - over a 24 month period.
These readings were taken with an Omron Heart Rate Monitor.
I seem to have skipped "persistant", and went straight from "paroxysmal" to "
PERMANENT" in March 2003.
Although my situation has seemingly "settled-in" (abnormal, but consistent), I remain a captured slave of AF.

HRV Summary over time

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The author has no medical training.
Statements on this page may not be correct, germane, or backed by sufficient data.
The sole purpose of this page is to open your eyes, and encourage further research on your part.
You may not need to use a Mainstream-Medical sledge hammer.

Thank you very much for your time.

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