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  Google (16)

My Scraped Content
Those who have stolen from me stole my content - Blood Pressure Range.

My Stolen Content

List of my content thieves

AdSense-AdWords Block Diagram

AdWords relationship to the AdSense PPC program

AdSense Heat Map 2

The Google AdSense heatmap revisited

AdSense Penalties

A summary of AdSense penalties - speculation

AdSense Stop Words

AdSense stop words list - prevent PSAs

Adsense Targeting

A summary of AdSense targeting attributes

Adsense Tips

A summary of Google AdSense Tips

AdSense Top-Paying Adwords

A summary of some top-paying keywords

AdSense TOS Changes

Changes to the AdSense Terms and Conditions

Adsense vs. YPN Network

A chart comparing Adsense and the YPN PPC program

Google Certified Ad Networks

A summary of Google AdSense Certified Ad Networks

Google Data Centers List

Google data centers locations with IPs

Google SEO Ranking Factors

Google webpage Ranking Factors plus comments

Google "User Ad Interest" Categories

Google User "AD Interest Categories" for AdSense

Google Webmaster Forums Review

Google Forums listed by popularity

  General Internet (18)

Adobe Reader Fix Sheet

How to make Acrobat Reader work reliably

CPM, PPC, and PPA Ads Compared

A risk analysis of competing internet ad types

Comcast Cable Speed Tests

Varies by a factor of 10 - HUH?

Domain Name Registration

Select an alternate domain name registrar

eBay Buyers Guide

A new eBay user guide, with buying tips

How to Surf Google News

Helpful hints on how to surf Google News

How to Surf the Internet

Helpful hints on how to surf the Internet

Hughesnet Internet Access

Direcway satellite Internet access Notes

NEW - India Disclaimer

This is a California website.

Internet Ad Networks

A summary chart of internet ad network alternatives

Internet Diagram

Central Office, backbone, bridges, routers

NEW - Large Desktop Pages

Pages not suitable for mobile viewing

Microsoft PubCenter Help List

Microsoft PubCenter Help Topics Summary List

Modem Speeds Summary

56K, ISDN, Cable Modem, DSL, etc.

Mountain Internet Access

Satellite or dialup - take your choice

Social Bookmarking Sites

A list of top social bookmarking sites

Social Netwoking Sites

A list of top social networking sites

Verizon Wireless Internet

A review of the Verizon USB720 Wireless Modem

  SEO (12)

HTML Color Chart

The original 81 color HTML palette

Internal Linking Structures

Flat and pyramid website internal linking structure diagrams

Page Load Speeds Compared

Some top companies load speeds compared

Search Engine Comparison Page

Compare the major search engines, with comments

SEO Conferences

A list of SEO/ SEM conferences for 2007/2006

SEO Experts

A subjective list of SEO experts

SEO Optimization

Good SEO vs. Bad SEO

SEO Rule #1

The number one rule of Search Engine Optimization

Web Stats Compared

This site's stats from various web stat providers

Web Metrics Companies

How the "measurers" rank each other.

Yahoo Data Centers

A list of Yahoo data centers by IP

YPN Subcategories List

A list of the Yahoo YPN Subject Categories

  Spam (6)

eBay Humorous Ads

Oh, my! Ebay will advertise anything!

Spam Email Report

An analysis of my personal, recently received spam email.

Spam Filter Words

A few suggested spam filter words

Lottery Email Fraud

Thirteen examples of lottery email fraud

Nigerian Email Fraud

Seven examples of recent Nigerian email fraud

Phishing Email Fraud

Three phishing examples - eBay, PayPal, and Visa


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