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Wells Fargo Sucks
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Here is a page describing the sheer, utter and total incompetence of Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo Complaints

2. How People Feel About Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Parody Graphics

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Wells Fargo Inherited IRA Horror

Wells Fargo Lawsuits in Santa Cruz, CA

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1. List of Wells Fargo Complaints from

Wells Fargo -
This one site alone lists over 1,240 1,342 1,628 2,183 Wells Fargo Horror stories, described on 125 133 163 216 pages. The rate of new comments is accelerating. The complaints are -

Abusive employees,
Abysmal phone service,
Bad attitudes,
Degradation and insults,
Different story from each employee,
Frequent "memory failure" of employees,
Ignore customer instructions,
Immoral - no ethics,
Infinite hold when calling in, dropped phone calls,
Liars! Say one thing, and do another,
Never return phone calls,
Refusal to correct errors,
Rude customer service responses,
Unapologetic (never admit error),
Unresponsive, evasive,
Will not solve problems, even when it costs them nothing

Accusations of racism,
Botched IRA transfers,
Ceaseless telemarketing calls,
Credit limit lowered, without notification,
Deceptive practices,
Delayed deposits,
Delayed disclosures, to generate OD fees
Delayed transactions,
Delays in crediting deposits, to generate OD fees,
Disappearing funds - no explanation,
Hoarding funds by grossly delaying payments,
Loan modification stalling,
Overdraft generation through shady techniques,
Racist, predatory lending,
Record your call, but you can't record them!,
Reduced credit limits without notification, OD fees
Re-sequences debit card transactions from highest to lowest so as to maximize the number of overdrafts and the amount of overdraft fees it charges debit card customers - class action lawsuit,
Robo signers,
Save money deals, that are actually more expensive,
Selling useless insurance, which will never pay out,

Contrived fees,
Excessive number of fees,
Exorbitant fees,
Hidden fees,
Unexplained fees,

Illegal foreclosures,
Illegal tax deductions,
Illegal transfers - World Savings to Wachovia,
Illegal transfers - Wachovia to Wells Fargo,
Phony credit card charges,
Securities laws violations,

Faulty document review,
Inaccurate documentation,
Inability to perform IRA transfers properly,
Poor record keeping,
Poor security,
Lost paperwork,
Lost computer records,
Mortgage modification fiascoes,
Transaction errors,
Wachovia records cannot be found,

I just wanted to leave, but I couldn't even do that, without getting a knife in my back.

Comments from alleged former Wells Fargo employees -
"Clients are now prey"
"Extreme greed"
"Extreme pressure to sell" on employees,
"I hated my job there"
"Constant pressure to sell"
"Fired for helping customer"
"Forced extra hours for lack of sales"
"Must sell everything to every customer"
"Most stressful place I ever worked"
"I was ashamed to work there"
"Fired without notice or cause"

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2. How People Feel About Wells Fargo

Note the following results for Google searches,
for the 4 largest banks in the U.S. -
Search Term

Search Results

wells fargo thieves


citibank thieves


bank of america thieves


chase bank thieves


The searches above were performed on April 27, 2011.
It looks like Wells Fargo is the MOST THEIVING BANK of all,
as indicated by popular acclaim. Do the searches yourself.

Wells Fargo Rating/ Review Sites

Wells Fargo at - 1,526 1,557 2,830 complaints

Wells Fargo at Complaints - 1,000 complaints

Wells Fargo at Pissed - 364 383 573 complaints

Wells Fargo Reviews at - 95% negative

Wells Fargo Rating At Customer Service Scoreboard
Overall rating = "
TERRIBLE" Survey of North American Banks
Wells Fargo has the highest ratio of Hate/ Love
rankings at 7.2/ 1.
Chase = 5.6
Wachovia = 5.0 (consumed by Wells Fargo)
Citibank = 3.1

Wells Fargo Exposé Sites

Dump Wells

Hells Fargo on Facebook

Hells Fargo on Twitter

Wells Fargo Mortgage Fraud - A Nevada Case

Wells Fargo Mortgage Modification Scam - Profiting from Pain

The Wells Fargo Watch - Corporate fraud, predatory lending

Wells Employee Speaks - "How We Screw You"

Wachovia Lied

Other Helpful Websites

Wells Fargo Contacts - A Google Webpage

Wells Fargo Injustice - A Google Website

Philadelphia Man Forecloses on Wells Fargo

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3. Wells Fargo Parody Graphics

Wells Fargo Embargo - Stagecoach
1. Wells Fargo Embargo - Boycott Wells Fargo
Don't Be Stupid - Move Your Money - Leave Wells Fargo NOW!
Image from Tactical Magic
(NOTE: I do not hold the rights for this image,
which I doctored up a bit for impact, to be used in a more general manner.
The text I removed was -
"No Profits from Prisons" (top), and
"STOP the WAR by bringing WAR PROFITEERS to a halt!
WELLS FARGO is heavily invested in Guantanamo Bay,

Less specific (single issue), but more iconic.
I have not linked to,
because the site is the slowest I have ever seen.
Excellent idea, but horrible, unusable hosting.

Wells Fargo - Home Carnage
2. Wells Fargo - Home Carnage Sign
Where Mortgage Means Carnage
Loan Modification Predators
Wells Fargo Screws Customers, Using TARP Money.

Wells Fargo - Someday We'll Foreclose on Your Home
3. Someday, We'll Foreclose on Your Home
Mortgage Modification Shenanigans
Purposeful loss of documents through company procedures
Black Hole Documentation

Wells Fargo - Bring Back Regulation
4. Wells Fargo - Bring Back Regulation
The Big Banks are Running Hog-Wild
Deregulation Has Turned Well's Customers Into Prey.
Through deregulation, Reagan gave us the S & L Crisis.
Through further deregulation, Bush gave us the Housing Crisis.

Without regulation, the robber barons displace democracy.
Bring back the 1933 Glass-Steagall act,
which was repealed in 1999.

Wells Fargo - Leader of the Pack
5. Leader of the Pack at Wells Fargo
John Stumpf - Chairman, CEO and President
Putting A Face on It - Chief Carnage Overseer
They took $25 Billion from TARP to Buy Wachovia -
taxpayer money was used to continue screwing us.

They milk you as a customer, and milk you as a taxpayer.
In 2010,
John Stumpf paid himself $8,500 per hour -
796 times what his tellers make - with YOUR money!

Wells Fargo - Worst Fiduciary
6. Worst Fiduciary Ever - Wells Fargo
Kiss Your Money Good-Bye.
Your Money Magically Becomes Their Money.
Wells Freaks, Wrongful Finance, Wrangling Filchers
Wangling Finaglers, Wily Fraudsters

Fails of Wells Fargo
7. Failures of Wells Fargo
Although Finite, Too Numerous to Count
Accounting, Customer Service, Fees, Mortgages, etc.

Hold Wells Fargo Accountable

8. Hold Wells Fargo Accountable
Wells Ignores People, and They Do Whatever They Want.
Phony Charges, Unfixed Errors, Deceptive Practices

One team, twice as wrong - Wachovia - Wells Fargo
9. Wells Fargo - Wachovia Merger
One team, twice as wrong.
Wells Fargo Rubber Stamps Wachovia's Errors,
and Ignores Customer Complaints.

Wells Fargo - Wells Fastgo
10. Your Money at Fargo Is Fast to Go
Now You See It, Now You Don't.
High Fees, Hidden Fees, Contrived Fees

CA License Plate - F Wells Fargo

11. California License Plate - F Wells Fargo
Californians Love Wells Fargo - Like the Plague.
There is a Collision or Detour At Every Turn.

Wells Fargo - What the F?
12. Wells Fargo Symbol - What the F ...?
No justice or accountability at Wells Fargo.
Errors, hidden fees - Where Did the Money Go?

Wells Fargo - Stumbling Bunglers
13. Wells Fargo - Stumbling Bunglers
Staggering Incompetence - Can't Even Transfer Money Properly.
Failed Transactions, Zero Accountability, Ignored Responsibility
Twenty-two year old untrained "Financial Specialists"
This isn't some damned game - "It's my MONEY", damn it.

Wells Fargo LIARS
14. Wells Fargo - LIARS
If a Wachovia employee screwed up, they just LIE about it!
It will go away. Wells corporate will back you up,
as they did in
my case.

Wells Fargo - Together we'll foreclose
15. Wells Fargo - Together we'll foreclose
"First, Wachovia sold you the sub-prime mortgage.
Then, we bought Wachovia at a fire sale. You paid.

Now, nodody gets a break - we foreclose. You lose."
They take your money, then they take your property.

Wells Fargo Robo Signers

Smells Fargo - Dirty Cargo
16. Smells Fargo - Dirty Cargo
Running Roughshod Over Customers for Over 100 Years
Wells Fargo Stinks - Prison Profiteers
Wachovia Stank -
Money Launderers

Wells Fargo Bunk - The Bank of Bunkum
17. Wells Fargo Bunk - Shun Wells Fargo
When bank = bunkum, Insincere talk
When policy always requires denial.
The customer is always wrong.

Wells Fargo Customer Service - The Hand
18. Wells Fargo Customer Service (from ???)
Conflict Resolution, Wells Style - Talk to the Hand.
On second thought, don't bother.
You will get nowhere.
Infinite hold, computer is down, never get the same person twice, etc.

Wells Fargo Voted WORST in Customer Service

WFC - We Fleece Customers
19. WFC - Well's Fargo NYSE Stock Symbol
"We Fleece Customers"
Every Way They Can Think Of
Accounting, Fees, Mortgages, Repos, etc.
WFC policy = We F*** Customers.

Wells Fargo - PRIVATE Bank or PIRATE Bank?
20. Wells Fargo - Private Bank or Pirate Bank?
Pirating Funds from the Customer Accounts
Creative Accounting, Fee Schemes,
Subprime Mortgages, Robo Signers, etc.

Wells Fargo - Confiscating Homes We Don't Own
21. Wells Fargo - Confiscating Homes We Don't Own
Loan Modification Denials, Illegal Foreclosures
Subprime Mortgages, No Ownership Documents, Robo Signers, etc.

Wrongful foreclosures and improper mortgage practices.

Wells Fargo - Hell's Cargo
22. Wells Fargo - Hell's Cargo
Time to Hold A Wake for Your Taxpayer Funds
TARP was used to drive Wells Fargo from red into the black.

Whether Lib or Bagger, That Was YOUR Tax Money.
This Should RILE You! - A Horror Story
23. Wells Fargo Warning
"Most Dishonest and Shady Banking Organization"
How a diligent father got worked over

Shameful Wells Fargo Bank behavior

Wells Fargo Gives Bank Robbery A New Meaning
24. Bank Robbery - A Whole New Meaning
When Banks Rob Customers
Creative Accounting, Funds Theft, Illegal Foreclosures


Wells Fargo - Grab the Money and Run
25. Guided By History
A Long Tradition - Take the Customer's Money and Run
Where customers are prey - Big bank predation
Creative Accounting, Funds Theft, Illegal Foreclosures

Screwed by
26. Screwed By Wells Fargo
Even More Screw Jobs Listed
Illegal billing, Locked Account, ARM Ripoff
"Forced to bargain for your funds"

Wells Fargo Stagecoach to Hell - Discrimination
27. Stagecoach to Hell
Wells Fargo Sued for Discriminatory Lending
Prime = Whites only, Subprime = Colored welcome
"Blacks and Latinos no longer excluded."

Predatory Lending in Baltimore, MD
Predatory Lending in Memphis TN
Discriminatory illegal lending in Illinois

Wells Fargo - Delayed Deposits
28. Wells Fargo Deposits
Wells Fargo Disingenuous Incompetence - Gypped by Design
"You Have to Use This Approach, and Hope for the Best"
Wells Fargo Has Been Sued for Purposefully Delaying Deposits,
As Part of Their Fee-Generation Schemes.

Wells Fargo Chumpionship
29. Wells Fargo Chumpionship
The House Always Wins - The Customers Always Lose.
Hardly A Contest - Just A Formality
The money goes in, but doesn't come out.

Screwed by Wells Fargo
30. Wells Fargo Screwed
Screwed by Wells Fargo
Heartless, in Your Face - Straight Through the Chest
You are nothing but fodder for the machine.

Wells Fargo Fraud
31. Wells Fargo Bank Fraud
Wells Fargo - Cashes Check, Closes Account, Steals $10,000
The Federal Comptroller of the Currency Failed - Closed the Case.
But "7 on Your Side" Prevailed.
Lesson - The Government Will Screw You, Too!

Screaming publicity may be your ONLY hope for redress.

Mortgage Modification Scam
32. Mortgage Modification Scam
The "Too Big to Fail" Myth
Congressional Shills, Elizabeth Warren Attacks
Corporate Fraud, Secret Contact Information

Who are you going to trust?

John Stumpf - Robber Banker - Looted Funds
33. John Stumpf Robber Banker
Looted Public Funds
A protester holds an image of Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf
during a rally down Wall Street, to call attention to big bank bailouts,
and cuts in jobs and education in New York, Thursday, May 12, 2011.

Wells Fargo Prison Profits
34. Wells Fargo Prison Profits
National Prison Industry Divestment Program
LA groups are demanding that Wells Fargo divest its holdings in the GEO Group,
a private prison company that runs immigrant detention centers and
the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp for the U.S. government.

Wells Fargo - Stumpf Is Stumpfd
35. Wells Fargo - Stumpf Is Stumpfd
CEO Stumpf Can't Understand - Limits on Bank Fees "Make No Sense"
"What's Next?", quipped John Stumpf.
The Government Setting Prices on Goods?
Sorry John, that's not quite the same thing.

Too Big to Jail - Wells Fargo
36. Too Big to Jail?
When and HOW will the skullduggery ever CEASE?
What must be done is clear.
Long Prison Terms, with No early release.
Without teeth, there is no bite.

Roses Are Red - Wells Fargo Sucks
37. Roses Are Red
Have You Read the Text at the Top of This Page?
If so, you must come to the same conclusion that I have.

List of Parody Graphics
1. Wells Fargo Embargo
2. Wells Fargo - Home Carnage
3. Someday, We'll Foreclose on Your Home
4. Wells Fargo - Bring Back Regulation
5. Leader of the Pack
6. Wells Fargo - Worst Fiduciary
7. Failures of Wells Fargo
8. Hold Wells Fargo Accountable
9. One team twice as wrong
10. Wells Fargo - Wells Fastgo
11. CA License Plate - F WELLS F
12. What the F...?
13. Wells Fargo - Stumbling Bunglers
14. Wells Fargo Liars

15. Together We'll foreclose
16. Smells Fargo - Dirty Cargo
17. Wells Fargo Bunk
18. Wells Fargo Customer Service

19. WFC - We Fleece Customers
20. The Pirate Bank
21. Wells Fargo - Confiscating Homes
22. Hell's Cargo
23. - A Father's Story
24. Bank Robbery - A Whole New Meaning
25. Wells Fargo - Grab the Money and Run
26. Screwed By
27. Stagecoach to Hell
28. Wells Fargo Delayed Deposits
29. Wells Fargo Chumpionship
30. Wells Fargo Screwed
31. Wells Fargo Fraud
32. Mortgage Modification Scam
33. Looted Public Funds - Robber Banker
34. Wells Fargo Prison Profits
35. CEO Stumpf is Stumpfed
36. Wells Fargo - Too Big to Jail?
37. Roses Are Red

Which graphic would you like to see as a Bumper Sticker?
Some are more cerebral than others.

About the Graphics
ALL the above graphics on this page,
that have been created by me,
may be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time,
forever in perpetuity, for free.

If you see a graphic you like, TAKE IT! It is yours.
I created #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #16, #19, #36 and #37.

EXCEPT for the Wells Fargo Embargo image (#1).
I have found the
source of that excellent image,
and have tried asking for permission to use it, with attribution,
but the email address is broken.

Graphics #1, #5, #7, #9, #15, #17, #18, #20, #21, #24, #25, #29, #33 and #35 were
found online, and modified by me. If you require the removal
of a modified graphic which you created,
a simple email request will do the job.
Or, if you prefer, I will give you a do-follow link instead,
because I believe that our interests may coincide.
Graphics #3, #22, #23, #26, #27, #28, #30, #31, #32 and #34 were copied unchanged (resized).

Should you doubt the veracity of any of these graphics,
simply browse through the complaints enumerated above,
and read my own story
here. The proof is in the pudding.
I can also provide far more examples, and will be doing so.

The most common Wells Fargo font is Clarendon.
Wells Fargo also uses the Archer font.

Chart of Parody/ Satire Images






78.7 KB
4.3 KB
27.8 KB
5.6 KB
12.6 KB

1. Wells Fargo Embargo
2. Wells Fargo - Home Carnage
3. Someday, We'll Foreclose on Your Home
4. Wells Fargo - Bring Back Regulation
5. Leader of the Pack

1. Embargo - Move Your Money
2. Home Mortgage Carnage
3. Billboard - Someday, We'll Foreclose on Your Home
4. Bring Back Glass Steagall Act, dumped in 1999
5. John C. Stumpf, President, CEO



4.1 KB
54.3 KB
5.5 KB
6.4 KB
6.8 KB

6. Wells Fargo - Worst Fiduciary
7. Failures of Wells Fargo
8. Hold Wells Fargo Accountable
9. One team twice as wrong
10. Wells Fargo - Wells Fastgo

6. Wells Fargo - Worst Fiduciary
7. Frederic Remington image
8. Don't let 'em skate for improper deeds
9. Wachovia, Wells Fargo Merger
10. Money Goes Fast



9.0 KB
2.5 KB
4.7 KB
4.2 KB
6.4 KB

11. License Plate - F WELLS F
12. Wells Fargo What the F...?
13. Wells Fargo - Stumbling Bunglers
14. Wells Fargo Liars
15. Together We'll foreclose

11. CA License Plate - F WELLS F
12. Huh? Wha.?
13. Incompetent, untrained employees
14. Liars - They will say anything.
15. A True Partnership



4.0 KB
7.5 KB
28.0 KB
4.9 KB
12.9 KB

16. Smells Fargo - Dirty Cargo
17. Wells Fargo Bunk
18. Wells Fargo Customer Service
19. WFC - We Fleece Customers
20. The Pirate Bank

16. Nefarious Dealings
17. Bunkum from bankum
18. Talk to the Hand - I Can't Hear You
19. WFC - Wells Fargo Stock Exchange Symbol
20. Private bank or Pirate Bank?



18.2 KB
15.7 KB
14.2 KB
38.2 KB
8.0 KB

21. Wells Fargo - Confiscating Homes
22. Hell's Cargo
23. Wells Fargo Warning
24. Bank Robbery - New Meaning
25. Wells Fargo - Guided by History

21. Wells Fargo - Confiscating Homes
22. Wells Fargo hearse skeleton horses
23. A Father's Horror Story
24. What "Bank Robbery" means now
25. Grab the money and run



7.5 KB
54.8 KB
9.6 KB
12.3 KB
18.8 KB

26. Screwed by
27. Stagecoach to Hell
28. Wells Fargo Delayed Deposits
29. Wells Fargo Chumpionship
30. Wells Fargo Screwed

26. Powered by the People
27. Lending discrimination
28. Fee-generation scheme
29. When customers always lose
30. Straight Through the Chest



12.3 KB
8.2 KB
35.8 KB
28.5 KB
10.6 KB

31. Wells Fargo Fraud
32. Mortgage Modification Scam
33. Looted Public Funds
34. Wells Fargo Prison Profits
35. Stumpf is Stumpfed

31. Wells Fargo steals $10,000
32. Terrified of Elizabeth Warren
33. Robber Banker
34. Prison divestment program
35. Can't understand fee limits



8 KB
8 KB

36. Too Big to Jail?
37. Roses Are Red

36. Too Big to Fail. but NOT too big to Jail?
37. Roses Are Red - You Are So Screwed


Sources of Images Viewed Above -
A - Created from scratch by me (11)
C - Copied unchanged from the web (11)
M - Modified by me, borrowed from web (13)

Enforcement -
If any person is enforcing a copyright for any images in Classes C or M, please email me -
#1 - I will remove it immediately, or
#2 - I will provide attribution PLUS a do-follow link to your page containing the original graphic.
The choice is yours. Some folks prefer glory, attribution and strong backlinks over exclusivity.

Any removed image will be replaced by a graphic stating "Image removed by request". The link will also be removed. Sometime thereafter, the entire reference will be removed.






Trademark Notice:
"Wells Fargo" is a registered trademark of Wells Fargo and Company (WFC).
This website is in no way affiliated with Wells Fargo and Company, and
the "Wells Fargo" trademark is used solely for informational purposes.

This web page summarizes comments about Wells Fargo Bank found on public Internet websites. The opinions expressed on this web page are those of the author.

This page also parodies and satirizes Wells Fargo logos and symbols.
Such freedom of speech and fair use are protected by U.S. law.
Images on this page are intended to be sufficiently outrageous, by means of humorous, satiric, or ironic imitation, so as not to be confused with any original artwork.

This page represents FACTS. All reported errors will be corrected after verification.
The US government needs to bring back rigid bank regulation, to prevent continuing and further abuses. It is the abandonment of regulation that has caused all our recent financial system woes. Once again, certain MINIMUM STANDARDS for banks must be established and maintained. Please support Elizabeth Warren.

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